​3 Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid


While there are many different kinds of marketing your company can use to grow, digital marketing is surely one of the best. It is much simpler, streamlined, efficient and affordable than many other traditional marketing options. All companies, whether large or small, can certainly benefit from digital marketing.

However, digital marketing isn’t always easy to get right. In fact, there are plenty of mistakes that marketers and companies alike can make. These can not only waste a lot of time, but can also cost a lot of money. Here are three digital marketing mistakes you should avoid when planning your next ad campaign. 

Trying To Handle Everything Yourself

One of the major mistakes that many companies make is trying to handle everything in-house. While some companies are equipped to take on all of their marketing efforts by themselves, this isn’t always the case. Companies can waste a lot of time and money trying to market without the necessary skills or experience in the space.

If you would rather leave it up to the professionals, be sure to reach out to a company like Redesign who can help you manage your marketing efforts, save you money and help ensure your online strategy is sound. Also, hiring an outside team allows you to save money on keeping your own in-house marketing division or team staffed and trained in current best practices.

Marketing is an incredibly in-depth field, and if you don’t have experience, your chances of competing against companies with more experience or a higher budget aren’t good. 

Not Clearly Defining Your Audience or Target Market

Next, another crucial mistake is that some companies do not define their target market well enough. Defining your target market is all about taking the time to learn who is likely to buy your product or service. You should know who they are in terms of their age, their hobbies, their pain points, their problems in life, their income, where they live and more. 

If you skip this step, or don’t complete it thoroughly enough, you may be wasting resources and money trying to sell your product or service to someone who will never be interested in it. Before you begin to sell and market your product, you need to have a very good idea of who will pay for it, and find ways to adequately target those individuals.

Forgetting About the Importance of Social Proof


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The importance of social proof is something that cannot be underestimated. Social proof is a concept where people rely on other people’s experience to gauge if they will do business with your company or not. In marketing, positive reviews on your products are a type of social proof.

People often look to online reviews to judge how good a product is. They are more likely to purchase if they see that others have had a good time or experience with your product. So the more positive reviews you have, the better.

In addition to positive reviews, you should also consider using testimonials or case studies to put faces or names behind the positive reviews. If you don’t have reviews on your site, and don’t post about the good things people are saying, you are missing out on some valuable content for marketing purposes.

Less Mistakes Equal Improved Results

Digital marketing can be incredibly fruitful, but not if you are making mistakes. If you can avoid these three mistakes, you will be well on your way to finding success. 

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