5+ Stylish 2022 Wedding Guest Trends to Try This Fall


While summer is very much still in full swing, it is never too early to start planning your outfits for the upcoming fall wedding season! 

The milder temperatures, soft tones, and the incredible natural landscapes of autumn offer endless possibilities to play with different hues, materials, and accessories. But, while there is no better time to let your fashion sense run wild, learning about this year’s wedding guest trends can help you choose the best attire. 

Start with the tips below!

Choose a Fall-Inspired Color Palette – Or Play With Contrasts

When it comes down to choosing an outfit inspired by the beauty of fall, you won’t ever be short of options. In particular, this year, you can expect floral prints and tones like mustard, emerald, plum, and burgundy to reign over most designers’ collections. 

However, a lot will remain at the discretion of the bride and groom, who might opt to offer dress code guidelines. Whether it is to compliment the ceremony’s chosen theme or to boost the aesthetics of the photos in a customizable wedding guest book, you might be asked to dress in-palette or play with contrasts. In this case, colors like magenta, hot pink, and blue might be the way to go!

Go Sustainable and Upcycle Old Outfits

Long gone are the days when a formal dress could only be worn once! As the wedding industry shifts towards sustainability, one of the main emerging trends is to reuse and upcycle old outfits – for brides, grooms, and guests alike. 

What’s more, is that an increasing number of couples explicitly ask their wedding guests to limit the ceremony’s environmental impact by wearing clothes they already have or buying outfits that can be easily worn again. 

Embrace Nature and Bring a Change of Shoes

Thanks to the unbeatable photo opportunities and enjoyable weather, fall is among the best seasons for a wedding, followed by spring and summer. And, with over 40% of receptions held during this time of the year, September and October are now topping the list of the most popular wedding months. 

However, especially if the bride and groom are planning an outdoor or adventurous reception, you should consider bringing a change of shoes to be comfortable in any situation. And, make sure your chosen outfit matches both footwear alternatives!

Layer Up – Fall Weather Can Be Unpredictable!

Hosting a ceremony in fall isn’t quite like planning a wedding during the cold season. Nonetheless, the weather – especially in October and November – can be highly unpredictable. 

So, when planning your outfit, make sure to look beyond the still-warm temperatures and photo-friendly accessories, and choose a wedding attire that allows you to stay warm, comfortable, and dry throughout the ceremony and reception. 

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If the soon-to-be-married couple is planning a wedding in a location known for its weather unpredictability, consider layering up! Adding a tailored jacket, blazer, cardigan, or scarf won’t just keep you warm, but it can also enhance your outfit.

Let Your Romantic Self Run Free

If there are some aesthetic trends transforming the wedding industry, these are cottagecore, regencycore, and bohemian themes. If you have been waiting for the perfect occasion to let your romantic self run wild, wear floral prints, use flowers as accessories, and add an extravagant touch to your outfit, this might be the perfect opportunity!

Unsure that following these trends is right for your silhouette? Consider matching boho or cottagecore-inspired accessories with a plain dress or a streamlined jumpsuit. 

Pro Tip: Find Attire Hints in the Wedding Invitation

When choosing your outfit, make sure to keep in mind the vision that the bride and groom might have for their wedding. After all, this is their special day! 

If you are unsure about what to expect, review the wedding invitation or RSVP and look for hints such as the ceremony location, time or the day, and theme. You might find out that your long gown and stilettos might not be the right choice for a barn ceremony!

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