6 Great Career Options for 2022


Many career opportunities are cropping up in today’s digital world. As work-from-home positions become popular, job positions that were once in-person are moving to the online sphere, creating more flexibility for those interested in such career paths. As you consider various career options, consider the six ideas below for great career options in 2022. 

A Physical Therapist

As a physical therapist, you’ll help others heal from chronic pain and tension in the body. You’ll help many different clients, from athletes to those looking to fit in self-care routines. You can even travel for this position! If you’re interested in using holistic aspects of care to treat pain, physical therapy might be your ideal career path! Look into the average physical therapist salary to consider this career path more intensely.

A Massage Therapist

With more people working from home, the consequences of living sedentary lifestyles that manifest in the body leave people seeking professional care for their aching joints and muscles. As a massage therapist, you can alleviate physical pain and tension using specific techniques that release tension and muscle knots in the body. You can tailor your approaches to the needs of each client and establish steady clients working at a spa or another establishment that offers massage therapy. 

A Furniture Maker

Many people are interested in purchasing custom furniture. Décor trends like rustic minimalism have given woodworkers and furniture makers more opportunities to conduct their work and skilled trades. Each piece of furniture is its own work of art. The use of sought-after materials such as reclaimed wood and pine also gives you more opportunity to charge more for your craft. Take advantage of the opportunity to create the unique pieces you love as a rewarding career. 

A Mental Health Coach

As a mental health coach, you will help patients in a non-clinical setting overcome their emotional challenges. You will work on skills that teach clients how to improve their mindset and outlook, and how to create healthy lifestyle habits that help them advance in their careers and improve their close relationships with others. You can become a mental health coach by completing online programs that provide certification. No degree is required! 

A Fitness Trainer

Health and wellness are always essential investments. Gain clients interested in working on their health and fitness with you as their fitness instructor. Teach your clients how to stay motivated and persistent as they reach their health and fitness goals. Work from your own home gym or as a fitness trainer for an established gym. You can tailor your services to your strengths as an instructor. Incorporate your fitness routines and structures to benefit your clients and to keep yourself fit and active! 

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A Computer Programmer

The need for digital accommodations is ever-growing in today’s business world. Lead the way with your skills and expertise in computer programming! You might even tailor your services to website development or digital advertising services

Design websites, make apps, utilize efficient coding, and more by pursuing your degree as a computer programmer. You can also teach yourself to code and make apps by taking programs online, outside of school. The possibilities are endless with computer programming.

The Bottom Line

Career paths in 2022 are all about making life better! Whether it is your mission to create convenience or to help others with their health, there are many options to choose from. Consider the options above as a starting point and work your way to finding the career of your dreams! Establish a rewarding career path that feels right to you in 2022. 

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