9 Spooky Decor Ideas to Try This Halloween

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Halloween is observed on October 31st in the United States, and it is a festival in which people engage in eerie and spooky activities and have a great time. Halloween has its roots in Gaelic and Celtic customs that date back more than 2,000 years. 

It also takes inspiration from the three-day pagan religious celebration held by the Celts around October 31 to commemorate the harvest. However, there has been a significant difference between how it was celebrated then and how it is done now.

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Ideas you can try

In this post, I will discuss wonderful décor ideas for Halloween that you can adopt to make it more beautiful, memorable, and creepy. So, without further ado, let us explore them.

Skulls and skeletons

One of the greatest Halloween décor ideas is to place skulls and skeletons on your table, closet, living room, or television. These will appear both awesome and spooky. You may insert a skull or a whole skeleton. Another option is to include an animal skeleton, such as that of a cat or dog.

Webs of spiders in the corner

If you want to make your Halloween decorations more realistic, put black spider webs in the topmost corner of your room. These spider webs are widely accessible in stores. You may, however, create your spider web out of cardboard and black paint. People even create their spider webs out of black waste bags.

Art Frames

Adding eerie and gorgeous framed prints to your wall is one of the most trendy ways to decorate your house for Halloween. You can obtain frames with terrifying pumpkin images, eerie words, and so on. You may modify your paints to meet your needs, and Canvaspop allows you to review your print before having it sent to your home.

Creepy Crawlies

The simplest method to add eerie style to your decor is to include a collection of creepy creatures and cobwebs. Include a terrifying imitation raven sitting on a dark spray-painted bough. Along with this, you may add amusing paper bats to your wall design or a gang of ghosts at your front door to greet guests.

Halloween-styled candies

You may also prepare Halloween personalized candy to make your Halloween sweeter and more delicious. Sugar sweets may be molded into eerie pumpkins, ghosts, and bats, among other things. This will wow both your younger and older guests. Limit the candies to 1-2 colors, ideally black and white.

Front Porch Decoration

Make sure to decorate your front porch in keeping with the theme. This themed decoration may be accomplished by bordering your entrance door with apple barrels. To create this witch-themed porch, cover pool noodles using patterned tights and add pointed boots. 

Halloween countdown Board

Another fantastic decoration option is to hang a Halloween countdown board in front of your home. This will pique the interest of not just your visitors, but also passersby, in the impending Halloween event. You may also add papered bats and cardboard-based black spiders to the board. Make it creepier, and don’t forget to add LED lights to them so they seem even better in the dark.

Customized seasonal pillows

If you own an accent chair, this is an excellent foundation for your seasonal cushions. Simply designate an accent chair as your seasonal throw cushion chair and switch out two interesting throw pillows. Apart from creepy pumpkins and skulls, these pillows may be personalized to your specifications. Consider adding eerie phrases to them as well.

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Books as Décor

If you have a favorite old book, you may use it as a Halloween decoration on your mantel. Give spiderwebs on them to add mystery to your interior home design. You may also wrap them in black paper and paint various eerie motifs on them, such as white bats and orange pumpkins.

Other Halloween Traditions

Decorating your home with snoopy pumpkins and black bats combined with cobwebs is just one way to amaze your guests on Halloween. However, as is well known, Halloween is a celebration with particular customs that are observed during this festive season. Let us explore some of these traditions.

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Trick or Treating

Costumed children walk door to door begging for candy in various homes. It is among the most well-known Halloween traditions. This approach, sometimes known as disguising, has been used throughout history. Disguising is named from the costumes that the youngsters wear to shield themselves from bad spirits. The phrase “trick or treat” is intended to terrify householders into giving out candy or small toys.

Creating jack-o-lanterns

Carving jack-o’-lanterns is an essential Halloween practice that gained popularity in the nineteenth century. Originally, people in the United Kingdom carved turnips, but in the United States, the practice evolved, and people began carving pumpkins. They were subsequently transformed into lanterns, which were used to fend off bad spirits.

Apple Bobbing

This is a typical game in which apples were usually immersed in water or strung on a thread and given the name of a man or lady. The unmarried folks would next try to chew the apple of the individual they want to marry. This is a more obscure ritual that has little or no place in modern Halloween. Its origins may be traced back to the Romans, who used to play this game to locate their true love.

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Keeping away from black cats and witches

 Bad spirits were a staple of the Halloween origin narrative, and they continue on today in the shape of black cats, witches, and other items perceived as personifications of that of evil. Scarecrows are employed on Halloween not just to scare away birds but also malevolent spirits.

Horror movies

Another Halloween costume that people like is watching spooky movies with their friends and family.It’s more of a fascination than a custom. Scary circumstances are widely recognized for releasing a flow of adrenaline, endorphins, and dopamine. These are brain chemicals that assist to increase the amount of excitement and pleasure. It is conceivable that on the night of Halloween, people would like to watch haunted movies and play horror games for fun and excitement.

I hope that all of these décor ideas will help you in getting your home ready for Halloween and making your visitors delighted. At the same time, don’t forget to try these Halloween customs to spice up your Halloween celebration.

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