Angel Fangs piercing: Pain, healing, price, aftercare, jewelry

Angel fangs piercing

Angel fangs piercing is a variation of angel bites piercing. Like angel bites, they are two symmetrical piercings positioned above the upper lip. What makes them different is they come down through the lip to deliver the fang look.

Keep reading to learn more about angel fangs piercing, as well as the potential pros and cons of getting this type of piercing.

What is an Angel Fangs piercing?

Angel Fangs piercing: Pain, healing, price, aftercare, jewelry

Angel fang piercings, also called vertical angel bites piercings, are located at and above your upper lip. They involve two symmetrical piercings, spaced above your top lift to the right and the left.

What makes angel fangs unique is they go down through your upper lip. So instead of just seeing two piercings, it looks like four. You may also hear them called “paired vertical upper lip piercings.”

When looking at someone with angel fangs, you’ll usually see two balls or gemstones above their lips and then two fangs coming down from the bottom of their top lip. They are named after angel bites, which don’t have the fang component.

There are a few potential pros and cons of angel fangs for you to consider.


  • They offer an edgy and bold look
  • They are a unique piercing option and can be a fun way to express your personality and style.
  • It heals relatively fast. The healing process typically only takes about six to eight weeks, as long as you take good care of the piercing.


  • The fangs, if not placed properly, might hurt your gum and bottom lip
  • Their placement on your lips may make you feel uncomfortable when you eat and drink
  • They can migrate, so the piercings may move over time.
  • The two piercings on each side of your mouth might be uneven
  • It can be difficult to find an experienced piercer as dahlia piercings are quite rare

How much are angel fangs piercings?

The cost mostly depends on the location and price of the jewelry. Most stores charge between $50-$80. Some websites list their charges, and it would be wise to go through them before visiting the store.

How long do angel fangs piercings take to heal?

The healing process typically takes about 16 weeks, as long as you take good care of the piercing. And it could take longer depending on an individual’s skin type.

Do angel fangs piercings hurt?

This piercing tends to be painful depending on the thickness of the area, but it is manageable. The pain level is slightly above average, ranging from 6 out of 10. That being said, pain tolerance varies in different people.

Eating with angel fangs piercings

Because of the unique location of these piercings, they make eating a challenge for some.

The jewelry can sometimes get caught as you chew, which can lead to chipped or broken teeth. Eating can also irritate the piercing as it heals, making it more likely for your body to reject it or develop an infection.

What to do then? Eat slowly, and think about chewing. Avoid hot and spicy food and hot drinks which will scald and/or increase swelling.

What gauge is the Angel Fangs piercing?

14 gauge (1.6 mm or 1/16-inch in thickness) is most suitable for the Angel Fangs Piercing. For this piercing, piercers will often use a slightly larger needle to make healing easier. You can switch to a larger gauge (thinner) after the piercing heals.

The larger hole allows for some swelling and prevents the healing from getting too tight as it heals.

Jewelry for Angel Fangs Piercing

Jewelry for angel fangs piercing typically looks like a curved barbell with a spike on one end. The spikes come in varying lengths and you may be able to find interchangeable designs to make adjustments. The other end of the lip ring is typically a ball or a gemstone. And also check these special rock and roll skull and bone earrings.

Make sure you are ordering the right design and size to fit comfortably through your lip. Sharp spikes or spikes that are too large could be uncomfortable or even hurt your lips. Therefore, consider the spike placement and how they will appear on your bottom lip.

BE CAREFUL. Make sure that the spikes of the curved barbell are outside of the lips so they do not hurt your gum or bottom lip.

Keep in mind you need two pieces of jewelry to wear angel fangs. You might see a single curved piece with a spike on either end, but this is for the vampire septum piercing. The angel wings will offer two vertical piercings, not just one horizontal piercing.

Does Angel Fangs Piercing Look Good?

If you’re wondering what angel fangs look like, check out images online. This will help you get an idea of their positioning and style. Hold some of your jewelry up to your own lips and snap a few pictures to figure out if they’re a piercing you can pull off.

Ultimately, angel fangs are a really unique piercing option that isn’t for everyone. However, they could be the perfect fit for you if you like the fang style and are comfortable with piercing your lip.

What to Think About Before Getting Angel Fangs Piercings

Overall, the main things to consider before getting the angel fangs piercing are:

  1. Am I comfortable having two lip piercings?
  2. Do I like the look of angel fangs?
  3. Do I like how angel fangs would look on me?
  4. Can I commit to proper cleaning and maintenance of these piercings?
  5. Am I prepared to handle the healing process for a couple of months?
  6. Will these piercings annoy me when talking, eating, and drinking?

By keeping these questions in mind, you can make a confident decision about whether or not the angel fangs piercings are right for you.

Recommended metals for Angel Fangs piercings

1. Implant-Grade Titanium

Titanium is an element that is completely hypoallergenic, so it’s probably the best material for lip piercings, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Implant-grade titanium is the purest form and will not change or corrode if it’s exposed to skin or bodily fluids. Implant-grade titanium jewelry is durable, hypoallergic, lead-free, nickel free, and non-corrosive.

Implant-grade titanium is often marketed as ASTM F-136 titanium. Compared to ASTM F-136 titanium, G23 titanium is not an implant grade of titanium.

Price Range: About $10-$20.


  • Approved by the Association of Professional Piercers
  • Won’t cause allergic reactions
  • Is scratch-resistant and won’t fade


  • Not as valuable as gold, silver, or platinum
  • Doesn’t sparkle quite as much as other metals

2. 14K or 18K Gold

If you’re looking for a glittering, valuable metal for your lip piercing jewelry, either 14K or 18K gold may be your answer.

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It is also one of the best metals for lip piercings that are highly recommended not only by piercing experts but also doctors. Its excellent quality of being inert makes it suitable for first piercings.

However, gold is a fairly soft metal, so it doesn’t stand up to scratches and excessive wear. Compared to 14K gold, 18K gold is more prone to being affected by everyday use as it is softer and is closer to being pure 24K gold.

Both of these metals include other metal types in order to make them stronger. In order to avoid skin reactions, look for nickel-free metals.

Price Range: About $30-$200.


  • One of the most valuable materials
  • Will not easily tarnish
  • Offers plenty of sparkles
  • Is easy to engrave or use to set stones


  • May contain non-hypoallergenic metals
  • 18K gold in particular is not very scratch resistant

3. Platinum

Platinum is a precious metal, so it’s one of the pricier options on the list. It’s completely hypoallergenic, so it’s safe for even very sensitive skin. Its brilliant luster makes it a good choice for those seeking a sparkly, high-end look.

Price Range: About $40-$200.


  • Hypoallergenic and non-reactive
  • Has a brilliant shine
  • Is a very valuable material


  • Is a lot heavier than other metals
  • It’s uncommon, so your jewelry choices might be limited

4. Surgical Stainless Steel

Lots of new piercings are done in stainless steel. This material is affordable and typically doesn’t cause reactions. However, it contains a small amount of nickel, so if you have a nickel allergy, it might be best to choose something else.

It is incredibly resistant to corrosion and will keep its shine for years.

If you’re considering steel, 316L or 316 LVM steel is probably your best choice. Both names stand for the same surgical steel material, but the “VM” stands for”vacuum melt,” or the way the steel is produced.

Price Range: About $10-$40.


  • Very affordable
  • Common enough that you’ll have plenty of jewelry choices
  • Extremely durable and resistant to damage and corrosion


  • May cause reactions in those with nickel allergies
  • Not considered as valuable as some other materials

How to take care of Angel Fangs piercings?

  • Take care to avoid contaminating the piercing.
  • Avoid touching it or applying makeup very close to it.
  • Avoid getting in water that might be dirty.
  • Clean your piercing twice per day using a saline/salt solution or a piercing aftercare spray.
  • When brushing your teeth and cleaning your mouth, use an alcohol-free antibacterial mouthwash.
  • And of course, make sure to avoid snagging on clothes or towels.
  • Don’t move the piercing before it heals. Pulling on a piercing early in healing is painful, but it also can get in the way of healing or damage the piercing itself.

How to clean Angel Fangs piercings?

  1. Make a salt solution by mixing 1/2 teaspoon of salt with one cup of water. Stir the solution until it dissolves. As an alternative, you can buy ready-to-use piercing aftercare sprays.
  2. If you see signs of infection, you can also use antiseptic solutions, such as betadine, isopropyl alcohol, or diluted hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Soak a cotton ball in the solution and dab it around the piercing site. Don’t remove the jewelry!
  4. Take clean gauze or tissue and pat the area dry.

Your piercer should give you detailed instructions on keeping your piercing clean once the piercing has been placed.

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