What’s The Best Time For Switching To A Better Business Energy Supplier?

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The energy industry is deregulated. There are several suppliers on the market. This gives you the freedom to select an energy supplier with better terms. Plus, you can switch from one supplier to a better one without any issues. Switching to new suppliers isn’t that complicated. All you need is to check this link https://businessenergycomparison.com/. In this guide, you will learn about switching to a new supplier.

Your Energy Contract Is Ending

When your business contract expires, you’ll be automatically moved to a more expensive energy tariff. To avoid this, you’ll have to conduct an extensive search for a more affordable tool. There are numerous comparison tools available online that can help you do this within a few minutes.

Other suppliers might move you on to a one-month rolling contract until you officially organize a new one. If you’re planning to switch suppliers, be sure to notify your supplier about it. Most often, suppliers will require you to issue them a 90-days notice before you make a switch.

Getting New Contract

Once you commit to a contract, the supplier will contact you within ten days to explain the full terms and conditions. This includes details about their deemed contracts, switching windows, as well as, their automatic renewal policies.

Even if you aren’t fond of reading the terms and conditions, it’s worth knowing what they entail. Remember, energy providers, don’t usually offer a cooling-off period. As such, you won’t be able to change your contract once you’ve committed to it. So, make sure that you clearly understand the T’s & C’s before signing the contract.

It’s better to make a switch early than to get tied to a long-term contract with exorbitant rates. If you want to be on the safe side, be sure to compare rates and find a cheaper rate within your renewal window.

Switching Rules

Do you operate a micro business? Well, things could be slightly different for you. You’ll have a bit of flexibility when it comes to switching suppliers. According to Ofgem, microbusinesses should issue their suppliers with a one-month notice before making a switch.

Moreover, the regulator state that your supplier should contact you 60 days before your fixed-term contract ends to inform you about your annual consumption rates. The supplier should also provide details on how your current energy plan compares with the new prices they’re offering.

What If You Are In Debts?

If you have an overdue debt of more than 28 days, you might not be able to switch energy suppliers until your debt is settled. Plus, you won’t be able to compare energy rates until your current contract enters its switching window. The window period often lasts from one to 6 months before its expiry date.

Disconnecting Your Energy

It’s very difficult for a supplier to disconnect your energy supply. That would be their last resort. They’ll only do that after exhausting other options. Before disconnecting your power supplier, the supplier will do everything in their capacity to contact you.

Aside from having an outstanding balance, your energy provider might also disconnect your electricity supply if you’ve unlawfully changed your building’s energy meter. An illegal alteration might be a reduction of the amount you’re supposed to pay, a modification to the functionality of the meter, or bypassing of the meter.

As long as you don’t have a debt and haven’t made any unlawful alterations to the meter, your supplier won’t disconnect your supply. If your switch gets blocked or your current contract expires, your supply will simply move you to a new energy tariff.

How Long Should It Take?

Most people believe that switching energy suppliers is a long and tedious process. But the truth is that it’s a simple and quick procedure. With so many comparison websites available on the internet, you can swiftly find better energy deals. It can only take you a few minutes to land an affordable energy deal. 

Modern switching schemes have dramatically reduced the time it takes to switch energy providers. Once you identify the best supplier, the switch itself will only take about five working days.

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However, it’s worth noting that you’ll be moved to a new deal once your current contract has expired. Even so, you need to arrange a new contract at the earliest opportunity. Don’t wait until the last minute to shop around for a new supplier. Renewing your contract before the end date can save you up to 20 percent on your energy costs.

Switching times can also be affected by your business needs and objection from your current energy provider. There are several reasons why these objections can happen. And they include having an outstanding balance, having multiple meter points, and having an inaccurate contract start date.

Your energy provider will have 2 weeks to respond to your request. If you’re still having difficulties trying a switch, then you should consider hiring an energy consultant. He or she will help you navigate the process much quicker and more conveniently.

Contacting the Ombudsman

Has the supplier refused to approve your request to make a switch? If that’s the case, you should consider making a complaint to the Energy Ombudsman. They’ll review your supplier’s reasons for blocking your switch and determine if they’re legal or not. After doing this, they’ll declare a ruling for both of you.

Switching Window

Get all the steps right. Thus, before making a switch, check if the switching window is open. Remember, there are specific times during which you can switch energy providers. Your energy consultant can help you navigate the switching process swiftly.

The Bottom-Line             

It’s time to migrate to a better energy supplier. Ditch a supplier with unfavorable terms and conditions. Avoid suppliers with high rates. Select a supplier who offers you invectives. Compare rates. Use an energy comparison site to compare rates from different suppliers. Also, be sure to carry out a background check. Use the above guide to switch to a new supplier without any difficulties. 

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