Evil eye jewelry: Everything you need to know

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If you pay any attention to jewelry trends, you’ve probably noticed the “evil eye” appearing on bracelets, earrings, pendants, and more.

What is the evil eye?

The name itself is somewhat misleading, as the evil eye does not represent evil — rather, it’s worn as a protection against evil. The evil eye is also called the Turkish Eye, the Blue Eye or the Eye of Medusa.

Evil eye charms usually come in one of two designs. One is round with an iris-like design at the center. The other has an oblong shape that looks more like an actual eye. But both are designed for the same purpose!

The evil eye is a mysterious concept with thousands of history, serving as an important inspiration for multiple cultures for a long time. “For thousands of years the eye has maintained its steady hold on the human imagination,” writes Quinn Hargitai.

Here’s what you need to know about this fascinating symbol, its history, and how to wear it.

Evil eye origin

When it comes to symbolism in jewelry, the evil eye may be one of the most ancient symbols around. The belief in an “evil eye” curse dates back to 3000 B.C.

In ancient history, if someone was envious of someone else, their envious gaze alone was believed to be able to cause misfortune or even ruin.

That’s where the evil eye amulet comes in. Wearing an evil eye in the form of jewelry was believed to reflect the envious gaze (“evil eye”) right back to the person giving it, protecting the wearer.

Many people are most familiar with the Greek story of the evil eye. In Greek and Roman culture, it was believed that someone could accidentally give someone else the evil eye curse.

That meant if you were jealous of someone, you might curse them without trying to. The evil eye charm was known as “mati” in Greek, and plenty of people wore evil eyes to protect against accidental or deliberate curses.

The evil eye is also commonplace in Turkish culture. In Turkey, the evil eye charm is called “Nazar Boncuk.” Though the evil eye can come in a whole host of colors (more on that in a moment), the traditional Turkish evil eye is blue for good luck.

Evil eye charms usually come in one of two designs. One is round with an iris-like design at the center. The other has an oblong shape that looks more like an actual eye. But both are designed for the same purpose!

Evil eye meaning: guardianship, peace and good luck

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Swarovski Symbolic earrings Evil eye, Blue, Rose gold-tone plated $79, SHOP NOW.

What does the evil eye mean? The evil eye is a symbol of guardianship and peace. It is believed that they are able to resist the evils and bring good luck.

Such mysterious eyes were made into various forms of keepsakes to keep away evil spirits and protect themselves.

Ancient people also thought that the most vulnerable group to the evil were children, pretty women, and literally anyone who stood out, since kids are vulnerable and beauty and success spell jealousy easily.

Fortunately, the evil eye is able to attract and trap the jealous eye. And if finally the evil eye gets broken, it means that the disaster has been resolved.

The evil eye and the hamsa hand

If you’ve already been looking for evil eye jewelry, you may have found the eye on what looks like a hand. That would be a “hamsa hand,” a symbol with a similar meaning. It’s best known as a symbol in Islam and Judaism, although it is also sometimes used as a symbol in Christianity.

Regardless of the religion of the wearer, the hamsa hand is believed to deliver good health, happiness, and good fortune. The word “hamsa” translates to “five,” referencing the five fingers on the hand.

In these different religions, the hamsa hand tends to be associated with a female entity. In Islam, the hand is known as the Hand of Fatima, Mohammed’s daughter. In Christianity, it’s the Hand of Mary.

In Judaism, it is often simply known as the Hand of God. It also can be called the Hand of Miriam, who is the sister of Moses.

Because both the evil eye and the hamsa hand offer protection and luck, they are often depicted together. The evil eye commonly appears on the palm of the hamsa hand.

The turkish evil eye: A symbol of Turkish culture

Ancient locals in Turkey believed that if they were stared at by the evil god, there would be a doom; therefore they always wore a blue eye-shaped amulet that mimics the eye of the devil to attract its attention and avoid bad luck.

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Handmade Evil Eye Necklace $11, SHOP NOW.

Thus the blue eye or Nazar Boncuğu is a traditional evil avoidance in Turkey and their favorite amulet and mascot.

Turkish evil eyes are composed of several (usually four) circles that resemble concentric circles.

In terms of color matching, the traditional blue-and-white design has been adopted, with a small black point in the middle, and therefore they are also called the blue eye;

In addition, evil eyes are usually made of fragile materials, such as glass.

This is because the locals believe that evil eyes can absorb the terrible magic brought about by the demon and it is supposed to break, which means that the amulet has played a role in eliminate bad luck. Once it breaks, people put on new ones instead.

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In Turkey, Nazar Boncuğu is often hung or painted on the walls and in the vehicles. People also wear evil eye necklaces, bracelets and other accessories in order to escape doom and maintain peace.

Since it is so common and local, Turkey evil eye has also become one of the symbols of the country.

In Cappadocia, you can often see tall bare trees covered with blue eyes. Most of these are hung by locals, expressing their awe of the unknown world, which makes a scenic landscape.

Evil eye color meaning

Though Turkish evil eyes are often blue, this charm comes in many different colors. These colors are for more than just coordinating with an outfit, though — each color has its own meaning. Here are the colors you can choose from, along with the meaning of each:

  • Deep Blue – Protection, calm, and healthy communication
  • Light Blue – Protection, peace, broadening of perspective
  • Brown – Protection, orderliness, connection with nature
  • Black – Protection, prosperity, preparation for the unknown
  • Light Green – Protection, personal power, relaxation, good health
  • Dark Green – Protection, balance, good health, freedom from anxieties
  • Pink – Protection, calm, acceptance, settling of disorder
  • Orange – Protection, happiness, energy, creativity
  • Purple – Protection, relief from depression, imagination, balance
  • Violet – Protection, love, intuition, perspective, problem solving
  • Red – Protection, courage, enthusiasm, confidence
  • White – Protection, purity, new beginnings
  • Yellow – Protection, health, decision-making, relief from burnout and depression
  • Transparent – Protection, clarity, neutrality
  • Grey – Protection, willingness, security

Is it bad luck to buy yourself evil eye jewelry?

The evil eye was designed to fight a powerful curse, so it’s no wonder that you should exercise caution when handling it. But is it bad luck to buy an evil eye bracelet for yourself?

The answer is no, but with a caveat: many people believe that the protective power of the evil eye is enhanced if it’s bought for you by someone who thinks you need protection.

If possible, wait for someone to gift you an evil eye. But if they don’t, it’s ok to get one for yourself!

Which hand to wear evil eye bracelet?

Bracelets are one of the most common ways people choose to wear the evil eye. But how should you wear it?

You can wear the evil eye on either wrist, but consider why you’re wearing it before you do so. Since the left side of your body contains the left or more creative part of your brain, wearing it on the left is best if you want protection in the emotional or interpersonal realm.

Lots of people are looking out for protection in their careers or with their finances. If this is your situation, be sure to wear the evil eye on the right. That’s because the right side of the brain is more linked to productivity, business, etc.

What does it mean when your evil eye bracelet breaks?

Many pieces of jewelry — even high-quality ones — will break after some time. But since the evil eye is highly symbolic, what does it mean if it breaks?

You might be relieved to hear that a broken evil eye doesn’t mean instant misfortune. If your bracelet breaks, it means that the amulet has absorbed a huge amount of negative energy and will no longer be effective.

On one hand, this is a good thing. It means that the bracelet has protected you from a staggering amount of negative energy! On the other hand, it means that you might still be surrounded by bad energy, so getting another evil eye amulet is a good idea.

Evil eye jewelry

Now the evil eye has become a fashion choice fascinated by people who want to add a mystic touch to their look. Here are a few selected pieces of evil eye jewelry.

1. Evil eye jewelry with a minimalist design will never be outdated

The magic is that minimalist jewelry makes us feel refreshed and cleaned for a moment. It has simple lines and colors and unpretentious is the core idea.

Popularity of minimalist jewellery is a successful practice of the “less is more” philosophy in jewelry, which helps us to meet the true demands of returning to the original simplicity and purity.

Therefore, this type of jewelry is especially suitable for women who have clear goals, strong power and leadership.

Staya Jewelry Watchful Eye Blue Topaz Choker $69, SHOP NOW.

You are safe and supported by positive energy as you move about the world. This 18kt gold plate choker necklace shimmers in the light, a watchful evil eye offering protection, peace of mind and deflecting negativity with a brilliant blue topaz, stone of wisdom, communication and love.

Looking for something else? There are a few more recommended pieces that are of high quality yet not so pricy. Remember minimalism is a long lasting trend in fashion as well as in jewelry and that you will not make a bad decision if you stick to this rule.

Evil eye jewelry: Everything you need to know

Dogeared protect me evil eye tablet necklace $78, SHOP NOW.

With the “Protect Me” Evil Eye Tablet Necklace you can take a deep breath, and then exhale. So wear your necklace as a reminder that all will be well.

Ecom DivineProtection RS034

Satya Jewelry Keeper of Positivity Eye Silver Ring $49, SHOP NOW.

Shielded from nefarious forces, you walk bathed in positivity and protection. A sterling silver ring is anchored by a stunning evil eye—symbol of intuition and protection—that gleams with blue topaz, stone of wisdom and communication.


Satya Jewelry Intuitive Strength Eye Rhodonite Gemstone Bracelet $59, SHOP NOW.

You have the power to heal your heart and the strength to live your truth. Beads of rhodonite—stone of inner growth and healing—create a stretch bracelet adorned with an evil eye, symbol of protection and intuition. A sparkling white topaz accent symbolizes individuality, creativity and awareness.

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Kendra Scott Evil Eye Coin Charm In Sterling Silver $120, SHOP NOW.

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Kismet By Milka 14kt white gold Evil Eye diamond piercing stud earring $277, SHOP NOW.

il 1588xN.3187970293 37iq e1640431644313

Gelin Diamond Evil Eye Necklace 14k Solid Gold And Diamond $172, SHOP NOW.

2. Sparkly and shining is really popular now

This trend is mostly promoted by SWAROVSKI with its icon evil eye jewelry collection. Compared to other styles, this sparkle group serves a real versatile eye candy, suitable for specific events, business occasions as well as casual looks.

Yet remember that SWAROVSKI uses artificial crystals only, so if you prefer to wear natural gemstones, gold or silver, it is better to turn to other high end brands such as Ross Simons, as recommended below.

You can see clearly that this brand is using authentic high- quality crystals and sterling silver as main materials, well, keep it real baby.

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Swarovski Symbolic pendant Evil eye, Blue, Mixed metal finish $99, SHOP NOW.

This crystal embellished evil eye necklace has a strong symbolic and mystical history from SWAROVSKI.

It adds a mystic touch to any look, featuring one eye motif in blue, black, and clear crystal pavé and one in rose gold-plated metal.

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Swarovski Symbolic necklace Moon, infinity, hand, evil eye and horseshoe, Blue, Rose-gold tone plated $119, SHOP NOW.

The rose-gold tone plated design has a choker-style silhouette and features seven different symbols, including a lucky horseshoe, an infinity sign, a hamsa hand, and an evil eye. It is a statement piece, which will add fashionable flair to your look, day and night.

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Gorjana Evil Eye Charm Stud $20, SHOP NOW.

Satya Jewelry All-Seeing Eye 14kt Solid Gold Diamond Necklace $499, SHOP NOW.

Under the protective gaze of the all-seeing eye, we are guarded against negative energy; we are enveloped in positivity. A 14kt solid gold necklace is graced with an evil eye charm that sparkles with pave diamonds— creating a unique heirloom-worthy necklace to be cherished forever.

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16113204 32463241 1000 e1640430950712

David Yurman 18kt yellow gold diamond 1mm evil eye charm enhancer pendant $725, SHOP NOW.

Your extra dose of protection. This 18kt yellow gold diamond 1mm evil eye charm enhancer pendant from David Yurman is here to ward off the power of evil forces.

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Astley Clarke ‘Evil Eye Biography’ bracelet $192, SHOP NOW.


Staya Jewelry Keeper of Positivity Eye Blue Topaz Ring $59, SHOP NOW.

An 18k gold plate ring is anchored by a stunning evil eye—symbol of intuition and protection—that gleams with blue topaz, stone of wisdom and communication.

3. The exotic Turkish blue evil eye is for interesting and mysterious you

This is how traditional evil eyes look like: little round blue and white cuties.

hulki okan tabak GZI6ZtXpx14 unsplash 1

In fact, they are so unique and exotic, especially if you manage to find some delicate high quality pieces, that they naturally catch people’s attention and establish you as a real interesting and fun person.

A nice trick is to match traditional evil eye jewelry with formal wear. Trust me, this unusual ensemble will create real surprising results!


Gelin Diamond 14K Yellow Gold Mini Evil Eye Bracelet $195, SHOP NOW.

This evil eye bracelet is a great choice for those who are looking for elegance and want to give a sparkling touch to their waist. It is a stylish product that you can also wear to special events such as weddings, parties and prom. Classic dressing or casual looks, as you wich.

This gorgeous evil eye bracelet combines 14k solid gold with a simple stationed evil eye beads is the protective amulet you need.

MG2104 4 3000x e1640432092194

Dogeared small pearl & evil eye bead necklace $28, SHOP NOW.

948065 1

Ross Simons Multicolored Enamel Evil Eye Disc Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold $180, SHOP NOW.

15680019 29598097 1000 e1640432552771

Nialaya Jewelry evil eye braided bracelet $110, SHOP NOW.

17008612 35308866 1000 e1640432698866

Monan 18kt rose gold Evil Eye enamel and diamond necklace $1490, SHOP NOW.

How to get rid of evil eye?

The evil eye amulet will often do a good job of protecting you from evil. However, in some cases, you may still suspect you have the curse. In this case, there are a few things that you can do. Here are six great ways to quickly get the evil eye curse out of your life:

1. Amulet

Wear evil eye jewelry, especially an evil eye bracelet is the easist way to get rid of evil eye. It works as an amulet to deflect the unwanted negative gaze cast by others.

You can also hang an evil eye in your house or your car. It serves the same purpose.

2. The Salt Bowl

For this method, you will need a few common household items. Take a bowl, fill it with water, and stir in two handfuls of salt.

Place a candle on top of the bowl and wait for it to burn out. Once this has happened, you’ll know that you’re free of the evil eye!

3. The Touch Method

This one is simple, but it may not work in every single circumstance; you’ll need to know who cursed you. Simply have the person who cursed you touch you on the forehead.

This method may sound strange, but remember that most evil eye curses are accidental! With this simple action, you can be saved from the potentially deleterious effects of a curse.

4. The Charcoal Method

Historically, water has been viewed as purifying. It plays a pretty big role in this highly symbolic cleansing ritual, too.

If you believe you have the evil eye curse, take a few pieces of charcoal and place them in a container of water — rainwater is preferable.

Place the container behind your home’s front door. Wait for the water to dissolve the charcoal. Once it’s dissolved, you’ll notice that the negative energy around you has dissolved too.

5. The Simpler Salt Method

This is one of the quickest and easiest methods on the list. And like the first one, it also relies on salt. For this method, take a handful of salt and carefully spread it all over your back as you’re showering.

This method may take a bit of patience. Once you’ve done it religiously for a week, you will probably notice a sense of peace.

6. The Mirror Method

We mentioned earlier that people of all cultures believe in the evil eye curse. A Chinese method to fight the curse is designed to work a lot like the reflective powers of the evil eye.

The Chinese believe in finding a six-sided mirror and then hanging it on a door or in a window. That way, a curse or bad energy will be reflected away from you.

Thank you for reading this article on evil eye jewelry, feel to share your thoughts below or check other articles on jewelry that we have published.

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