Everything about eyebrow piercing: Types, jewelry, risks, healing, costs

eyebrow piercing

Eyebrows tend to frame an individual’s eyes, and that’s why you need to take care of them from a young age. An eyebrow piercing is a piercing technique done on any part of the eyebrow as a kind of body modification.

It can be horizontal or vertical depending on your preference. The majority of eyebrow piercing lovers prefer to have the piercing just above the arch of their eyebrows.

Why get an eyebrow piercing?

Eyebrow piercing is frequently considered a bold fashion statement and one can occasionally notice the piercing on supermodels in Vogue magazine.

Although it was initially popular with women, eyebrow piercing has proved that it is not only a bold fashion statement but also a unisex fashion for both men and women. Nowadays, you can spot a guy rocking the eyebrow piercing and looking good with it.

While there are several reasons for getting an eyebrow piercing: personal expression, fashion statement, religious or spiritual beliefs, it is widely believed that eyebrow piercing attracts the opposite sex.

Also, having this piercing denotes that one has a tough demeanor. However, being tough, on the other hand, can be viewed favorably or negatively. Whatever may be the case, eyebrow piercings are becoming more and more common in today’s world.

Eyebrow piercing types

Everything about eyebrow piercing: Types, jewelry, risks, healing, costs

There are many different eyebrow piercing types. It can be horizontal or vertical depending on your preference. The majority of eyebrow piercing lovers prefer to have the piercing just above the arch of their eyebrows.

Vertical eyebrow piercing

vertical eyebrow piercing big

Vertical eyebrow piercings are a common form of eyebrow piercing and have been popular for a few years. They are one of the trickiest eyebrow piercings to do but can be extremely rewarding.

It is carried out on any part of the eyebrow’s ridge. Most people prefer to have a single vertical piercing on their eyebrows. However, there are others that prefer multiple vertical piercings, up to 10. This type of piercing is determined by the kind of jewelry you desire to wear on your eyebrow.

If you desire to have a piece of jewelry looped through your eyebrow, then vertical eyebrow piercing may be the style you’re looking for. The jewelry used for this type of piercing is usually a standard Barbell but can also be a curved Barbell or even a captive bead ring.

Since the piercing takes place on the surface of the skin the wound does not cause as much pain and may take about 7 weeks to heal.

Vertical piercings are prone to migration, whereby the piercing may shift from its original position over time as the skin adjusts.

Horizontal eyebrow piercing

Horizontal eyebrow piercing

Horizontal piercing is another common eyebrow piercing technique where the eyebrow is pierced horizontally. Horizontal eyebrow piercing can be placed right above the eyeliner. The most preferred location for the horizontal piercing is towards the corner of the eye on the outer area of the eyebrow.

It’s a speedy and straightforward procedure, and it has become a popular new beauty fashion presently.

The horizontal and vertical piercing can be complemented by some jewelry choices that are most preferable to an individual. You can dress up the horizontal piercing with curved Barbell jewelry types.

Horizontal piercings can be more painful than vertical since it is done on the bony areas of the eyebrow. The horizontal piercing takes around 7 weeks to heal completely.

Anti-eyebrow piercing

Anti eyebrow piercing

The anti-eyebrow piercing is also known as butterfly kiss anti-eyebrow piercing, tears, teardrops, and upper cheek piercings.

It is the opposite of eyebrow piercing. Instead of piercing along any part of your eyebrow, it is carried out beneath the eye. The eyebrow technician will measure the distance between your eye and your eyebrow, then measure the same distance below your eye and carry out the piercing there.

The recommended eyebrow jewelry for anti-brow piercing is a Surface Bar instead of a Barbell. Anti-brow piercing takes at most 7 weeks to heal.

Spiral eyebrow piercing

Spiral eyebrow piercing

The spiral eyebrow piercing is an eyebrow piercing that is curved and looks like a small screw. The eyebrow ring is bent in half, with the two ends joining together to form a spiral shape.

This type of piercing allows you to wear uniquely shaped eyebrow jewelry such as a twister ring. You will simply loop the spiral jewelry through each of the holes so that it fits perfectly. One can also have rings, Barbells, and even plugs for this piercing.

This eyebrow ring allows for movement and flexibility, making it comfortable to wear, and allowing a person to wear makeup over the area without worrying about smudges or lines from your eyebrow ring.

The pain level varies depending on the person and how much they take in general; however, it is pretty painful. Spiral piercing takes 7 weeks to heal.

Bridge piercing

Bridge piercing

Bridge eyebrow piercing has been done for thousands of years. It is a fantastic piece of body modification and an excellent choice for those that want to bring balance to the face.

This is the only type of eyebrow piercing that does not take place on the eyebrow. Bridge piercing is carried out on the ridge of the nose between the eyebrows. To find the best spot for the bridge piercing, find the spot where the bridge of the nose meets the ridge of the eyebrow.

The bridge piercing is usually horizontal in nature because of its location. This means that the jewelry will be visible on each side of the nose, between the eyes.

Bridge piercing is not suitable for everyone. For you to pull off the bridge piercing, the location of the piercing needs to be fleshy enough to hold the piercing in place. For most people, the area of the ridge of their eyebrows down to their noses’ ridges does not have enough flesh to sustain the piercing.

It is also essential to know that removing this type of facial piercing isn’t as easy as other types.

If you get the piercing without the required facial characteristics, the jewelry may shift about easily, causing a lot of discomforts. It may also take the piercing area twice as much time to heal.

Due to the nature of the bridge piercing, the best type of eyebrow jewelry is the straight Barbell, which will fit easily and stay in place. The bridge piercing takes around 10 weeks to heal.

Double eyebrow piercing

Double eyebrow piercing

Double eyebrow piercing is a popular option. Whether you want to create an elegant look or something different, a double eyebrow piercing could be exactly it.

The double eyebrow piercing technique involves getting two piercings on the eyebrow instead of one. Depending on your fashion sense, you can go for two consecutive vertical piercings or horizontal piercings. The most preferred location for double eyebrow piercings is the outer end of the eyebrow near the arch.

If you prefer double vertical eyebrow piercings, you can use straight or curved Barbells. In case you would rather go for double horizontal piercings you can use Surface Bar jewelry.

The double eyebrow piercing takes about 7 weeks to heal. The pain depends on the piercing location and the jewel’s quality that would pierce it for you.

There are many blood vessels and nerves in the brow, infection can occur if any one of them is damaged during the process. However, before getting that delicately placed barbell in both your eyebrows, one should consider the measures to take while having this piercing.

Double eyebrow piercing horizontal

Multiple eyebrow piercings

The most unique eyebrow piercing style right now is the multiple eyebrow piercing techniques. Depending on your preference, you can have multiple vertical piercings, horizontal piercings, or a combination of both vertical and horizontal piercings along your eyebrows.

It is an eye-catching look when you have multiple piercings on your eyebrow. It makes your eyes stand out, and it makes you look very cool.

However, having more than one piercing in the eyebrow is risky because if you do it wrong, it will lead to infection, damaging the eyes and face. Also, if your eyebrow grows back, the piercing may not be lined up with it anymore. It is nevertheless advisable to get one piercing at a time since it speeds up the healing process.

The recommended eyebrow jewelry for multiple horizontal piercings is curved Barbells or loops. If you prefer multiple vertical piercings, you can opt for several straight or curved Barbells along your eyebrow. Multiple eyebrow piercing takes around 7 weeks to heal.

T eyebrow piercing

Multiple eyebrow piercing T shape

The most popular type of multiple piercing is the T eyebrow piercing, which involves both the horizontal and vertical piercing overlapping, creating a T shape.

It can be done on either side of the brow, towards the temple, or even through the center. It is a trendy piercing and does not require any experience with other kinds of piercings to get. Piercing is a great way of making a statement.

It can be excruciating if not done correctly, which is why it’s essential to choose an experienced and qualified piercer. When done correctly, the needle pierces through your skin, it can be mildly uncomfortable, but it is certainly not painful.

Middle eyebrow piercing

Just as the name suggests, the middle eyebrow piercing takes place at the middle of the eyebrow. The T shape piercing would really stand out at the middle of the eyebrow if you prefer a unique type of piercing.

Middle eyebrow piercings are often used to correct a distorted or non-existent space. This piercing can also be done for alternative purposes such as decoration, fashion, or art. It is not the same as the cartilage top or bottom eyebrow piercings.

Additionally, you can also have double piercings at the middle of your eyebrow to add an edgy look to your face. Vertical piercing is the most recommended style of middle eyebrow piercing.

Standard straight Barbell jewelry compliments this type of eyebrow piercing. Middle eyebrow piercing may take up to 7 weeks to heal.

Eyebrow piercing jewelry

There are various types of eyebrow piercing jewelry that you can opt for depending on your sense of style and personality. They include:

1. Curved Barbell

The curved Barbell is a slightly curved bar that has two end pieces that resemble gemstones, balls, or any other unique shape. The end pieces are screwed onto the end of each side of the bar to prevent the piercing from slipping off the eyebrow.

The bar is curved to resemble a banana, which makes people refer to the curved barbell as the banana barbell as well.

This is ideal for those who want an attractive and feminine look. The curved Barbell can help achieve a perfectly arched brow; however, in most cases, the initial effect will wear off in anywhere from 12 months to three years.


  • It fits well and steadily on your eyebrow without falling out
  • Recommended for first-time users because it heals quickly


  • Can cause bruising after the initial piercing

2. Straight Barbell

Unlike the curved Barbell, a straight Barbell usually consists of a thick tube and rings of balls on either side with a ball in the center to hold the jewelry in place.

It can be worn without problems in almost any situation and adjusted as you wish from one side of the eyebrow to the other. It is certainly inconvenient for those who wear glasses as often one can see the barbell below your glasses.


  • They are versatile and can be worn in other areas of the body as well such as the tongue, nipples, and ears.


  • The straight Barbell does not fit well on the arch of the eyebrow in most cases. This may cause the piercing to be rejected by the skin.

3. Captive bead ring

The captive bead ring is known as universal jewelry because it can be worn in any type of piercing in the body whether tongue, eyebrow, ears, and genitals. This jewelry consists of a circular rod with a bead or ball that fits in an opening in the ring’s circle.


  • Captive bead rings fit well on the eyebrow, therefore, do not cause discomfort
  • They are convenient and easy to manage


  • May cause swelling after the initial piercing

4. Twister ring

The twister ring is an eyebrow-piercing variation that twists through the entire eyebrow. It’s a unique piercing and distracting, which most people love. However, it should be appropriately sterilized to stay safe and is more likely to be irritated if you sleep on your side and are even prone.

The twister ring consists of a spiral rod with beads, balls, or gemstones at the end. The beads come in colorful versions to allow you to choose the best style that suits you.


  • Twister rings are unique and bold and are best suited for people who are fashion-savvy.
  • Their twisted rods add a twist to your look making you stand out


  • Twister ring may cause discomfort and take longer to heal

Recommended materials for eyebrow-piercing jewelry

Surgical steel is the commonly used material for eyebrow piercing because it is hypoallergenic. However, some people who’ve had their eyebrow piercing done with it say that even after cleaning it daily, the jewelry continues to gather dirt and becomes a breeding ground for skin infections like staph, flu, or e-coli. They feel that the reaction is an allergic one and not a result of poor hygienic practices.

Titanium material for eyebrow piercing is very durable and bio-compatible, to a large extent. The downside of this material is that it is pricey, which several people cannot afford therefore going for alternatives.

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Gold is believed to hold the most benefits. You will have a better chance of not having your eyebrow piercing rejected and healing faster. The main downside is that they are quite more expensive than the alternative options.

Potential risks of eyebrow piercing

1. Eyebrow piercing scar

Eyebrow piercing involves breaking the surface of the skin. This will therefore result in minor scarring on the piercing area. In most cases, the scar usually heals and disappears after about 7 weeks.

However, if your skin rejects the piercing or you have an allergic reaction to the material of the eyebrow jewelry, you could develop visible scars in your eyebrow area that may take a longer time to clear off.

This lump can be unsightly and may make it difficult to wear makeup on that area of your face.

To avoid unnecessary scarring and lumpiness around your new eyebrow piercing, it is essential to follow specific care precautions. One should not place excessive pressure on the site of your eyebrow piercing, as this can lead to a buildup of scar tissue around the piercing hole.

2. Infected eyebrow piercing

An infected eyebrow piercing can have severe consequences if not taken care of immediately. It can lead to an inflamed sebaceous gland. This is a condition that can cause a bump in the eyebrow area.

It’s also possible for an infected eyebrow piercing to spread bacteria to the underlying tissues. If your piercing gets infected, you may notice that the surrounding area smells terrible.

Signs of an infection after the piercing procedure include:

  • Brown or green pus
  • Redness around the pierced area
  • Swollen lymph nodes below the jaw
  • Fever

If suspecting the eyebrow piercing is infected, one should consult your doctor as soon as possible.

3. Eyebrow piercing rejection

Did you know that out of all the many piercing options, eyebrow piercing is the most likely to be rejected by your body? This is because eyebrow piercings are likely to be disrupted by day-to-day activities, which increases the risk of rejection.

If you want to have an easy healing time after an eyebrow piercing, avoid playing, rotating, touching, or changing the eyebrow jewelry. Wait until the wound is completely healed.

Signs that your skin is rejecting the piercing include:

  • The jewelry is visible beneath the skin
  • The eyebrow jewelry moves too freely than it should
  • The piercing hole appears to be larger than usual

Hence, it is always advisable to go to a professional for any body art. It takes about 4 weeks for the eyebrow piercing to heal fully, after which you can change your jewelry or add more piercings if you wish.

4. Risk of migration

It is also a good idea to ask your doctor if you have any questions about the risks of migration for eyebrow piercing or other types of piercings. It is one of the major issues people face for an extended period.

When your skin rejects the eyebrow piercing jewelry, it will try to adjust itself to push the jewelry out. When this happens, you will notice that the piercing’s location will change from its initial one.

Eyebrow piercing pain

How bad does an eyebrow piercing hurt? Some people say that eyebrow piercing is not painful, and others say it is excruciating. There are even some people who say that the pain is so intense.

Whatever the case, it has no permanent damage — the initial pain is gone after 2-3 days.

A person’s ability to handle pain varies widely from person to person. The same procedure done on two different individuals can cause very different levels of discomfort in each individual.

Eyebrow piercing healing time

How long does an eyebrow piercing take to heal? The average amount of time it takes to heal from an eyebrow piercing wound is between 6 to 8 weeks. This time allows the wound to close and adjust itself around the jewelry.

Also, it may take between 6 to 12 months to be able to remove the jewelry for a while without the pierced area completely closed off. Eyebrow piercings are not painful compared to other types of piercings. You might feel a mild pinch and a little bit of pressure during the procedure.

Eyebrow piercing cost

How much is an eyebrow piercing? An eyebrow piercing may price between $20 to $70, based on the jewelry used and the piercer. Typically, the horizontal and anti-eyebrow piercings range from $30 to $80, depending on the jewelry price.

When getting an eyebrow piercing, one should ensure to visit a reputable and well-known piercer because a piercing creates a permanent scar on the face and does not risk making a mistake. Therefore, the price should not be an issue if expecting the best.

How to clean eyebrow piercing?

Once the piercing procedure is done, you should take great care of the eyebrow piercing to avoid rejection or infection. Ensure that you clean the wound with a saline solution between 2 to 3 times daily, according to the instructions of the eyebrow technician.

Also, avoid rotating, removing, or messing with the jewelry until the wound is completely healed. If possible, avoid wearing makeup until your wound heals up. The makeup products may get into the wound and trigger an infection.

Additionally, be careful of the material of the eyebrow jewelry. We recommend you use high-quality materials like titanium and gold to avoid causing irritation to the wound. If you wax your eyebrows frequently, you might want to take a break as your wound heals. After about 7 weeks, you can proceed with your normal facial routines like makeup and waxing.

Extra tips:

The use of less expensive metals that are prone to be rejected by one’s body is among the fundamental causes of migration and rejection. As a result, select precious metals like 14k gold for the piercing.

Though it might get tempting to touch and play with the fresh eyebrow piercing, one should do so with caution because it can lead to infections and other issues.

How and when can I change my eyebrow piercing?

It cannot be easy to replace any starter jewelry for the very first time. Before changing the jewelry, one should leave it in for at least 2-3 months. However, the more an individual can wait, the better.

At seven weeks the piercing might still close up if you leave it open for too long. Ensure that you change the jewelry immediately. After about 9 months, you will be able to take off your eyebrow jewelry without worrying the piercing might close up.

It is also advisable to have a piercer help you with the process, even at a small price.

Nevertheless, one can use some simple tools to make changing the jewelry more convenient. One can get a threaded taper similar to new jewelry and fasten it to the edge of the taper. Upon the taper’s tip, one should put a tiny droplet of water-based lubrication and gradually work it through the piercing.

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