10 green gemstones to upgrade your jewelry box

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Gemstones are classified into species and varieties, with some being more valuable than others. And green gemstones have been a very popular choice as of late.

It presents some of the most choices when it comes to types of gems and ranges in color from blue-green to yellow-green, which is due to traces of chromium, vanadium, and iron in the mineral makeup of the gemstones.

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Outlined below are 10 of the most popular and precious green gemstones, as well as their properties and powers that make them so special and desired.

1. Agate Green

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Green agate is formed from microscopic quartz crystals and is a semi-precious stone. It is found as a tonsil agate in eruptive rocks and is named after the Achates River, now known as the Dirillo River, in southern Sicily, Italy.

Green agate is commonly found in Mexico and Botswana and has a variety of names depending on its physical characteristics. The hardness of green agate is a 7.0 on the Mohs scale and has what is known as a “waxy” luster. Agate is found in volcanic rocks and is characterized by a series of concentric bands of similar colors.

Green agate, although the most valuable of the agate family, is fairly inexpensive. It can usually be found for less than $10.00 USD, however, more intricate pieces can go for hundreds of dollars.

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Meanings of green agate

Many people believe green agate enhances the balance between emotions and the physical body. For this reason, a lot of people wear agate rings and pendants. Green agate is also carved into good luck charms that many people carry with them on a daily basis.

2. Amazonite

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Amazonite, also known as Amazonstone, is a green tectosilicate mineral, which is a variety of potassium feldspar. It is named after the Amazon river, where these gemstones were first found. Amazonite is rated as a 6.0-6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness and is commonly described as having a vitreous luster.

It is common in Brazil, Russia, China, Libya, Mongolia, the United States, Egypt, and what used to be Ancient Mesopotamia, although no medieval authorities have any records regarding it.

The blue-green color of amazonite is thought to be due to the high quantities of lead and water found in feldspar. Amazonite is fairly cheap, often going for about $25.00 USD per carat, sometimes less.

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Meanings of Amazonite

It has been long believed that amazonite is a soothing stone, calming the brain and nervous system. It is thought to aid in bringing good health and helps in balancing masculine and feminine energies.

For this reason, amazonite is used in crystal therapies, although it is also used in jewelry such as necklaces.

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3. Aventurine

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Aventurine is a type of quartz characterized by its platy mineral inclusions which give it a glistening effect known as aventuresence. The most common color of aventurine is green, however, it can also be found in orange, yellow, blue, brown, and grey.

The majority of green aventurine is found in India, however, some are also found in Chile, Spain, and Russia. The hardness of aventurine is around 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness and it has a vitreous, or glass like, luster.

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The name aventurine is derived from the Italian “a ventura,” which means “by chance.” Because of its abundance, aventurine is normally fairly inexpensive and can usually be found for under $10.00 USD.

Meanings of Aventurine

Aventurine is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, especially when it comes to manifesting prosperity and increasing favor in games of chance. For this reason, it is often referred to as the “stone of opportunity.”

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4. Bloodstone

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Bloodstones are a dark green variety of chalcedony which is characterized by the dark red splatters seen throughout it. This gem is a cryptocrystalline quartz and has a hardness of approximately 6.5-7.0 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Inclusions, of amphibole and chlorite contribute to the green part of this gemstone, however, the splashes of red are due to concentrations of iron. Normally, bloodstone have a vitreous to glassy luster.

Most bloodstones are mined and cut in India, however, they can be found in other countries such as Australia, Brazil, China, and Madagascar. There have also been small deposits of bloodstones found in the northwestern United States.

Bloodstones are typically very expensive, often going for between $1,000.00 and $10,000 USD depending on the size and quality of the stone.

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Meanings of Bloodstones

It has long been thought that bloodstones carry the energy of life, birth, vitality, strength, passion, and courage. It is often used as a talisman for protection and its nurturing properties. Because of this, bloodstones are normally used in crystal therapies to promote purity and to detoxify the body. It is thought to be great at grounding negative energy and cleansing the body. For this reason, bloodstone is often worn as a pendant around one’s neck but is also popular in rings.

5. Emerald

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Emerald is a gemstone derived from the mineral beryl. It is colored by traces of chromium and vanadium and is one of the most valuable gemstones on the market. Emeralds have a hardness of 7.5-8.0 on the Mohs scale of hardness and usually come with a high amount of natural inclusions. This makes emeralds very fragile so their toughness is generally considered as very poor.

Emeralds possess a vitreous luster, which refers to a glass like appearance.

Emeralds have been mined in Egypt since 1500 BCE as well as India and Austria since the 14th century. Colombia, however, is by far the world’s largest producer of Emeralds, supplying up to 95% of the world’s emeralds. Emeralds can be found all over the world with varying characteristics.

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People have also produced synthetic emeralds, with both hydrothermal and flux-growth synthetics being produced today. This type of emerald is generally much cheaper than naturally forming ones. Emeralds are fairly expensive, averaging about $500.00 USD per carat.

Meanings of Emerald

Emeralds are highly regarded since they are often referred to as the “stone of successful love.” It is believed that emerald nurtures the heart and brings freshness and vitality to the spirit. In general, emeralds are used jewelry with emerald pendants being all the rage nowadays.

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6. Jade

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Source: Guo Pei The silk road collection.

Jade is an ornamental mineral known for its beautiful green hue. Jade can be formed from one of two minerals, nephrite and jadeite. Jade has been used for centuries in China, as it is thought to bring good fortune. Jade has a hardness of 6.0-7.0 on the Mohs scale of hardness while nephrite is slightly softer, ranging between 6.0-6.5.

Jade is most prized gem in its green variety, however, it can be also found in red, pink, black, white, brown, and violet. The gemstone has a luster that most would describe as “greasy,” which is not normally found in other gems.

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This gemstone is common in China, New Zealand, Russia, Switzerland and North America, normally speaking, in metamorphic rocks which are associated with subduction zones.

Although jade is used in a lot of jewelry, it is more commonly used in cultural and spiritual art pieces.

Jade is approximately worth over $3000.00 USD per ounce, making it far more valuable than gold.

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Meanings of Jade

It has been long believed that jade provides its wearer with enhanced clarity, wisdom, and intuition. For this reason, jade pendants have long been worn as protective talismans.

7. Malachite

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Source: Van Cleef Arpels Vintage Alhambra pendant Yellow gold and Malachite.

Malachite is a green copper carbonate hydroxide mineral which often forms in botryoidal, fibrous, or stalagmitic masses. It is a very rare crystal, often occurring in deep underground spaces where the hydrothermal fluids provide the necessities for chemical precipitation. Malachite is rated between 3.5-4.0 on the Mohs scale of hardness and has varying luster based on the type.

Usually, malachite is adamantine to vitreous, however, if it is fibrous, the luster is considered silky. If the malachite is classified as massive, the luster is normally described as dull to earthy.

Malachite is found worldwide, but most commonly in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Zambia, Tsumeb, Mexico, France, Israel, and the Southwestern United States.

Malachite can be very inexpensive, often being sold for less than $50.00 USD. However, some quality specimens have gone for tens of thousands of dollars.

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Meanings of Malachite

An ancient superstition has led many people to believe that malachite helps babies sleep and keeps evil spirits at bay. For this reason, many parents place a lozenge of malachite on their babies.

In addition to this, malachite is normally used for decorative purposes. Some notable pieces include “The Tazza,” a large malachite vase, and “The Malachite Room” in the Hermitage Museum.

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8. Peridot

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Peridot is a variety of olivine and is a semi-precious metal. It can be found in the Canary Islands, China, Brazil, Norway, Hawaii, Australia, Pakistan, and South Africa, as well as several other places. Smaller peridots (under 5 carats) can be found in the southwestern United States, which are mainly used for production purposes.

The price of peridot can vary a lot, with one being able to find beautiful peridot rings for under $30.00 USD. Other varieties can go for as much as $900.00 USD, depending on the quality of the stone.

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Meanings of peridot

It has long been thought that peridot is a crystal of positive power and is a talisman for honoring love, the source of abundance. When used with the right intent, peridot is known to expand one’s ability to receive from energy the Universe. Peridot is often used in fine jewelry, with popular options being necklaces and rings.

9. Tourmaline

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Green and yellow tourmalines are the most common of all color variants and are therefore less valuable than blue and red ones. Green tourmalines are mostly produced in Brazil, Tanzania and Namibia, while yellow ones are found in Sri Lanka.

Among all the Brazilian mining sites, Paraiba state produces a tourmaline with a special green-blue tone. It is very expensive and scarce and in extremely large demands. It is therefore named Paraiba Tourmaline.

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Green tourmaline represents freshness, health, and hope. It is a symbol of life. It has a sense of safety, calm, and comfort. It is like when you see trees and green leaves in spring and you get a sense of rebirth.

Green tourmaline is also a gem that attracts wealth.

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10. Tsavorites- known as green garnet

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Garnet is a calcium aluminum silicate and belongs to the Grossular and Andradite type. Green garnets are normally found in countries such as Kenya, Switzerland, and Italy. The hardness of garnet is 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness and has a luster which is normally described as “vitreous.”

Prices for green garnet range between $500.00 to $3,000.00 USD per carat, depending on size, color, and quality.

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Meanings of green garnet

Many people wear green garnet because it symbolizes prosperity and abundance. It is also thought to fill one’s body with energy and confirm the happiness of life. Although garnet is often used in jewelry, it is also used in water jet cutting, sandpaper, and water filtration.

Conclusion on green gemstones

Green gemstones have been all the rage these days, often fetching a high price for their desirable colors and spiritual meanings.

Gemologists assess gems by hue, tone, and saturation, therefore, gems with a pure green hue are often considered more valuable. This breakdown has provided a brief synopsis on 10 different precious green gems and has outlined things such as production, value, uses, and other physical features.

Thank you for reading this article on green gemstones, feel to share your thoughts below or check other articles on gemstones that we have published:

Featured image: Guo Pei Silk Road Collection; Indonesiatatler.

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