Where and how best to hold a wedding during the cold season?

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The seasons are inexorably changing, and if only recently the question of a summer celebration was on the agenda, now it’s time to think about where and how to organize a wedding in the cold season. Undoubtedly, one of the most magical times of the year is winter. It is not always generous with good weather, but no one will deny that the snow-covered trees and the bottomless blue sky, which can be seen only in winter, will leave few people indifferent. The cold season has many advantages, so you only need to consider all the nuances to make your wedding flawless and turn into a real winter fairy tale with JA wedding dresses.

About the benefits of the season

Before learning the ins and outs of organizing a winter wedding, you probably want to decide if it’s even worth celebrating your wedding this season, and why we insist on a positive answer to this question. First and foremost, it is an unusual decision for a wedding because most couples prefer the summer season. Of course, the time of flowering is a very beautiful time, but the snowy winter is not inferior to this. A skillfully organized wedding in a snowy season is sure to be remembered by guests and newlyweds alike. In addition, many restaurants and banquet halls lower prices during this period or organize advantageous actions. Much more accessible and prices in wedding salons. Winter is a great time of year for weddings! Even though you cannot hold a wedding in a tent in the countryside, under the open sky or at the pond, among the clear advantages – all the best and interesting venues that are not as busy as in the warm season.

Accents and notes of a winter wedding can be reflected in many details, for example, in the exit registration, which can be organized in a separate room near the fireplace, with additional decoration, according to the preferences of the newlyweds. Or in a buffet, where in addition to light drinks, you can serve hot mulled wine, which will be just right. These nuances will give the holiday a family atmosphere. Also, if you compliment the first dance of the newlyweds with special effects in winter style, such as smoke or snow machine, it will be remembered by all the guests for a long time


When organizing a wedding in winter, choosing a location is not much more difficult than in the warm season, but there are still nuances. In winter, it is best to give preference to one location. You can save time on moving through snow drifts, hence catching most of the daylight hours. In addition, it is much easier to organize an offsite registration at a restaurant. You will find it easier to think over the organization of hot mulled wine and tea at the valley without which you cannot do in winter, and the system of additional heating: heat mushrooms, plaids. Even the coldest guest will not catch a cold, if after a touching ceremony he will immediately find himself in a warm room, and not the bus, taking him to the banquet. Of course, there are also difficulties at this time of year, but all of them can be easily solved with the help of a competent organizer. In winter the logistics become even more difficult and more important, for all the obvious reasons, so ask the organizers how much time you need to save for the road. This way you can mark for yourself the sites that suit you best, and you can move on to the next stages of planning.


One of the main benefits of winter is its aesthetic appeal, namely the perfect backdrop for any decorating ideas. The white snow can act as a canvas for what you will “paint” for your wedding. In winter, you can safely use the brightest hues, playing on the contrast. Decorations and materials for a winter wedding can be different, depending on the style. For cozy wedding dinners, candles and lights, wood and natural fabrics, wool and fur, natural materials, spruce branches, cones, which, of course, will be most appropriate. Also, the venue where the wedding reception will be organized must be in harmony with the decor. For winter weddings perfectly suit wooden halls, great if there is a fireplace, panoramic windows, ceilings with beams, or country hotels surrounded by snow-covered landscapes

For more solemn, status weddings will look harmonious: glass, glossy materials, sequins, candles of different formats, candelabra. In terms of style, I would choose such a wedding light or completely white space, lofts, halls with panoramic windows, and high ceilings. The street, as well, can be decorated in the style of the event and complemented by various figures of ice, which will make a custom for your celebration. These ice decorations can be a photo area, an ice bar, or just a monogram of the couple or the date of the wedding. In the evening, they should be illuminated for a special, magical atmosphere.

Or you can go the other way and add a shimmer of silver, noble spruce greenery, and bet on a milky white. In this case, for a winter wedding, you can safely use Christmas and Christmas paraphernalia, garlands, candles, and everything that we used to associate with these holidays.

Thanks to the additional light sources, which you can’t do without during a short day of light, winter weddings are filled with a special atmosphere of magic. Candles, garlands, and sparklers will give you a real festive atmosphere without much expense. Also, we advise you to be sure to order additional professional lighting. Thus, not only the celebration itself but also the memories will be quality, because the light is the main key to perfect photos.

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Flowers are delicate creatures, so of course not every flower can be used in the cold season. For bridal bouquets during the cold season, it is great to use dried flowers, which will give coziness and emphasize the season of the bouquet, and still look perfect in all weather conditions. These include cotton, cones of various shapes and sizes, lotus, dried fruit, spices, for example. From fresh flowers, it is better to choose frost-resistant varieties – dianthus, roses, various berries: brunia, eucalyptus berries, and others, as well as greenery, and for winter bouquets I would advise using more needles – conifers, nabilis, pinus, in a mix with eucalyptus, salal, asparagus. The scent of pine will give even more charm to the bouquet. The main thing is to avoid heavy frosts and flowers with delicate petals, such as ranunculus, tulips, and anemones, if possible.

Images of the newlyweds

The main difficulty, of course, is the creation of images of the couple, because in addition to beauty and style you need to consider the weather conditions. Headwear is a masthead for any bride in the winter season, and thanks to the variety and variety of options today, you can choose exactly the one that will not only keep you warm but also perfectly complement your image. The images of the newlyweds, of course, should complement each other, so consider options with the same gloves or scarves, or bet on the same color of different accessories.


Makeup is one of the most important components of the bride’s image, and the most important point is to prepare for it because in the cold season the skin is subjected to great stress. The skin of the face in winter becomes dehydrated, often peeling. Of course, an experienced master will use a moisturizing base for the tone and foundation with caring components, but still, facilitate the work of the master and take care of the skin. First, I advise removing flakiness using a facial scrub. At home or the cosmetologist’s office,you decide. If you are a sensitive skin owner, then I advise you to use a gentle cream peeling, it will cope with its task gently, without harming the skin. Secondly, after the scrub is necessary to nourish the skin with a moisturizing face mask. Also, do not forget about your lips – they often get chapped in the winter season.

A wedding in the cold season is beautiful, original, amazing, and not at all difficult if you provide a few important points.

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