How much do replacement windows cost?

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The great popularity of plastic windows is due to their high performance properties, durability, and high aesthetics. Today, window replacement projects are popular in residential buildings, offices, kindergartens, schools, industrial buildings, and elite buildings. The ability to choose the size, color, shape of windows makes them more and more in demand every year.

There is a misconception that you can affect the cost of installing PVC windows by ordering cheap components. In reality, the service life of the windows and the creation of comfortable conditions in the room depend on the quality of the components. By giving preference to products from leading manufacturers, you choose reliable plastic windows, the prices of which will correspond to their quality

From what cost of replacing windows depends on?

 The window consists of a profile, glass unit and fittings. The profile is the frame of the structure, therefore its quality has the greatest impact on the durability of the window. What profile parameters affect the replacement windows cost:

  • The quality of the profile is beyond competition. As for cheaper analogs, there may be doubts about compliance with all technological standards and requirements.
  • The more cameras in the profile, the more expensive it will be. Increasing the installation width leads to an increase in material consumption.
  • The standard thickness of the outer wall should be at least 3 mm. If we take a cheaper profile with a wall thickness of 2 mm, it can gradually deform under the influence of, for example, house shrinkage or other natural processes.
  • The profile can be reinforced with different types of steel. If galvanized steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm is used for reinforcement, the cost will be higher.
  • The production of a profile for non-standard windows will cost more.

Before buying windows, the replacement cost can be calculated by specialists of the company.

The average cost of replacement windows is determined by the following factors:

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  • components and materials that make up the plastic window profile system, double-glazed windows, fittings (it is obvious that only those windows in the manufacture of which high-quality components were used will be really high-quality);
  • window dimensions the larger the size and the more complex the configuration, the higher the price (especially for non-standard windows);
  • the presence of additional elements window sill, ebb, mosquito net, lamination of the window with colored film, etc.;
  • type and complexity of window installation, additional work to strengthen the window opening, slopes, etc.

Another significant expense item is the installation of plastic slopes. For reasons of economy, many choose options to plaster the slopes or install plasterboard, but all this, of course, cannot be compared with plastic ones, which will last as long as a window. More expensive sandwich panel slopes will provide additional heat and sound insulation.

So, the quality of the material from which the window is made, its technological features the number of chambers, the number of blind and opening sashes, the quality of the fittings, the installation features these are the main parameters, based on which, you can already calculate the  replacement windows cost.

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