How to feel safe when travelling after covid

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The travel industry came to a standstill during the pandemic. Flights were grounded as countries closed their borders to visitors. As the world starts to reopen, many people still feel nervous about travelling abroad. After over a year at home, travelling far away feels unsettling and frightening for many. 

Here are a few ways you can feel safer travelling after covid.

Wear your mask

Masks are still mandatory in some airports and on planes. Face masks can protect you from coronavirus to some extent. You might feel safer wearing a mask in an enclosed environment. We have been wearing face masks for a year and a half now. The simple act of wearing one can put your anxiety at ease when travelling. 

Take hand sanitiser

Take a small bottle of hand sanitiser with you through airport security. You can put it in a clear bag along with your other liquids. Sanitise your hands when you touch anything in the airport or plane. You can reduce your chance of picking up other people’s germs and make yourself feel cleaner. 

Book a transfer from the airport

It’s very difficult to social distance on public transport, especially at rush hour. There are many people pushed into a small space with little ventilation. Ask your hotel about airport transfers, and they might be able to pick you up from the airport. You can avoid the stress of public transport and arrive at your accommodation safe and sound. 


You need to look after your mental wellbeing and stay calm while travelling. Your mental state can have a huge impact on your worries about the pandemic. Download a guided meditation session on your phone to listen to when you get anxious. You can put on your noise-cancelling headphones and feel at ease. 

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Think logically

A mask and hand sanitiser can help to prevent coronavirus. But they can also soothe your travel anxiety and make you feel safer travelling through a crowded place. If you start to feel panicked, remind yourself that the plane is thoroughly sanitised between each flight. Everyone is likely to be wearing masks, and the crew is following the coronavirus regulations. You can’t control what everyone is doing on the plane, but you can control your thoughts about it. Meditate, read a book or put your headphones on. 

Travel safely to your destination, and enjoy your holiday.

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