How to Look Stylish When You’re Driving: 4 Do’s and Don’ts 


Gauging people by what they wear can seem pretty unfair. After all, a book should not be judged by its cover. Unfortunately, while nobody will voice their perception of you based on what you wear, your look can significantly impact your interactions.

So irrespective of what you do, always look the best you can, based on the activity you are engaging in. For example, if you are taking a road trip, you want to look stylish while also ensuring that you stay safe while on the road. 

This post offers tips on how to look stylish when driving, including the dos and don’ts of driving attire.

Go For Clothes That Allow You Sufficient Leg Room

Your legs play a critical part in controlling a vehicle, and you do not want anything that could stand in your way of moving them. So if you must wear trousers, you should go for the right fit to ensure you have sufficient leg room. 

Skinny jeans could be stylish, but you may want to avoid them because they can significantly limit leg movement, putting you in a risky situation on the road. Instead, go for freer jeans if you have to wear one. 

But you could look more stylish if you go for a pair of shorts. A pair of shorts allows for the best leg movement and is always effective at communicating a laid-back personality. 

Driving Shades

Great shades are always a powerful fashion statement. However, they serve a much bigger purpose than helping you look trendy. Wearing shades when you drive can help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. 

Also, if you go for the polarized version, their lenses can filter out glare and improve color contrast allowing you better vision as you drive on a sunny day and at night. Driving glasses come in many shapes and colors, so you have many options to match any statement you wish to make. 

When buying sunglasses, avoid going for cheap options as they may only help with the aesthetics but may not enhance safety.

Wear Closed Shoes

Most people go for long drives during the summer months. With temperatures significantly high in summer, it can feel like a good idea to drive in your flip-flops or barefoot. But driving without shoes is not an option because you will need to apply some pressure on the pedals when driving, which can be problematic if you are barefoot. 

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Flip flops, on the other hand, can easily get entangled with the pedals resulting in an accident. As a good rule of thumb, always ensure you have closed shoes when driving. But you do not have to have closed shoes when you step out of the car. You can change into your open shoes for strolls but be sure to change into your driving shoes when you get back to driving.


You can never go wrong with accessories if you hope to make a fashion statement. So, consider wearing some accessories to help bring out your stylish part. Some of the things you may want to consider are stylish necklaces, bling, and a classy watch. 

Counterfeit accessories are pretty common in the market. While they may promise to give you the same results as authentic products, a person that is familiar with them can easily distinguish between counterfeits and genuine, and you do not want to create an impression of being a fraud. If you wish to buy original accessories, consider getting them from an established jewelry store. 

Final Words

Every person’s fashion sense may differ, so this guide is not the standard for fashion. However, it offers tips on achieving what many people view as stylish while also ensuring that you stay safe. 

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