How to Make Content for Business: Insights from Experts

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Businesses need content to attract and engage customers. But how do you make sure your content is effective? We asked experts from company for their tips on creating content that works.

Content is a trend, everyone is doing it. Should companies continue to invest in this trend?

People are tired of advertising, but content is being consumed more and more, which means the audience is growing. If you do it well, along with content you can sneak your messages, values, calls to action, solve business problems.

With brands (and people) creating more and more content, the competition for attention has increased because of this. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do content marketing. You need to do it better, to compete for attention. Then content marketing definitely works.

Should businesses focus on cases?

Cases are the sickest genre. In the B2B market, in companies where the product is complex and you have to show value, they help a lot to sell. Very few people know how to make them, there are many reasons: experts have no time and do not want to share details on projects, it is difficult to use storytelling if you write about IT, for example, about automation. And without conflict and drama you can’t keep a reader’s attention.

3 things a case will not entice the reader to read it

  1. Strong texture: details, background data for the text.
  2. Storytelling: the case needs a hero, a goal, and twists and turns on the way to that goal.
  3. Structure: you need a clear structure so that a logical, consistent movement from point A to point B comes out.

Who does and doesn’t need content marketing 

Everyone who sells a complex product needs itю It is the sphere of digital and IT, any B2B with design, those who work with legal entities and those who consult much with clients before and after the sale.

Those who provide marketing and advertising services, consulting in any industry, education and training, and new products with no analogues should focus separately on expert content.

6 rules for creating high-quality business content

By creating your product (or service) at the right time, you create demand for it. But how will people learn about your new product? Only by studying the content you create. Different content. Good content.

Content marketing isn’t just informational content that brings your product to market. It’s a tool to increase your brand awareness, the best way to educate and even nurture your current and future customers. It’s content, not anything else, that brings visitors to your website.

To get the most out of your content marketing efforts, make sure your content meets the following six criteria for true business content. These tips were prepared by the experts at, who know a little something about creating content of different type.

It’s not advertising

Promotional materials can never inspire and motivate your target audience to take action the way interesting and timely content (an article or infographic) can.

The information corresponds to the needs of the audience

General materials, which, moreover, are not very relevant to your audience, are not able to help you achieve your goals. When writing materials, you need to make sure that the information will be useful to the reader, regardless of whether he is a client of your company.

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Every post on the site should fill a gap in the customer’s education or understanding of your product

Professional content marketing means that every post you make on your site answers some question your readers have or solves a problem your customers have.

Anything written is written well

A poorly worded or incorrectly pitched piece of content can not only fail to produce the results you want, it can also damage the reputation of the company or its professionals. Take the time to make sure your content is written by a thinking person and does not contain egregious errors. The cheap editing service will help you fix those little details that can make a big difference.

Content is relevant to business goals

If the content you create is in no way relevant to your business goals, it’s a waste of resources. When creating an infographic, coming up with text for a landing page, or simply drafting a thesis statement for a future article on a website, think about how it will help achieve your goals.

Only verified facts

Since everything you do in content marketing is geared toward business goals, you can inadvertently start creating biased content. Users don’t like it any more than they like advertising. Be sure to take the time to check the veracity and relevance of the data you use in your content.

Every business is unique. Therefore, the content topics for each business should also be unique.  

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