Seven Careers in the Home Improvement Industry to Consider

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For those interested in home improvement, home renovations, and home remodels, there are several career options available. There are jobs that will have you engaging in actual construction on a home, while there are other jobs that are more art-focused and are heavy in the design area. Wherever your interests may lie, here are some examples of careers related to home improvement.

Interior Designers

An interior designer designs the inside of homes and office buildings. Many people may think that the job entails picking out paint samples, curtains, etc., but interior designers also design the entire layout of different rooms. They can work with architects to help determine the layout of a room, or they can determine the layout once the home has been constructed. Interior designers can also specialize in certain rooms of a home, such as bathrooms or kitchens, and in different design styles such as classic or modern. To become an interior designer, you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree in interior design.

Residential Construction

When it comes to construction on homes that have already been constructed, there are renovations and remodels. Renovations are cosmetic changes made to homes, such as new shower installations in the bathroom or new countertops in the kitchen. Home renovations don’t always require the help of a contractor, as many can be D.I.Y. projects. Remodels, on the other hand, change the entire function of a room or add an additional room to a home. Here are six examples of jobs in residential construction.


Bricklayers or brick masons create structures made out of bricks and stones. They can create patios and walkways for the outside of homes, as well as fireplaces and walls for the inside of a home. Bricklayers also repair and refurbish stone fixtures.


Carpenters build cabinets, staircases, door frames, and other wooden structures. They use wood, fiberglass, and drywall to build these structures. Carpenters are usually the subcontractors (among others) who are called when homeowners want to add on another room to their homes. A minimum of vocational training is required to become a contractor, along with apprenticeship programs that can take up to four years to complete.

General Contractors

General contractors are the project managers of an entire home improvement project. When homeowners want to remodel various parts of their homes, they’ll call a general contractor who will then hire subcontractors to help with specialized jobs. General contractors have general knowledge of various construction jobs and they must obtain and hold a valid contractor’s license.


Glaziers work with glass to create windows in a home. They install windows in new homes and other buildings, and they are also called when homeowners need window replacements. Glaziers can specialize in different types of glass products, such as insulated glass and tempered glass. All that’s usually required to become a glazier is a high school diploma and completion of an apprenticeship.

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Painters paint the interior and the exterior of homes and other buildings. Painting may seem like a fairly simple job, but painters need to have a lot of knowledge and skill. Many times, walls and other surfaces have to be prepared to paint, meaning that any holes, chips, and cracks in the wall need to be repaired before they can paint. Painters usually have to have a high school diploma along with experience.


Roofers install roofs on homes, as well as repair and replace them. Roofing, like painting, is technically considered a renovation instead of a remodel because structural changes aren’t usually made. However, painting can be a D.I.Y. project, roofing (even roof repairs) should always be done by professional roofers. Many roofers learn through an apprenticeship.

Most jobs related to home improvement are in the construction industry, and they also pay very well and typically require no more than an Associate’s degree. If you have an interest in home improvement, consider one of these careers to pursue.

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