The Definitive Guide to Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

Eva Longoria. Carrie Underwood. Kate Middleton. Priyanka Chopra. Ashley Tisdale. They are just a few of the celebrities that sported halo diamond rings when they became engaged.

This type of engagement ring never fails to catch the eye of anyone who sees it, which is one of the reasons why it is recommended for men looking for this piece of jewelry for their beloved.

Although this engagement ring style is attention-grabbing, it is classy and chic, giving men a higher chance of getting a resounding “Yes!” when they pop the question.

If you are shopping for a diamond engagement ring, read this article to understand the reasons why the halo setting is a great option, and to get some tips to choose the best one for your special someone.

What Is a Halo Ring Setting?

A halo ring has a setting with a traditional diamond in the center surrounded by small accent stones, usually round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds.

These smaller gems create a “halo” around the center diamond.

In particular, pavé stones are beautiful and stand out because they flash with light. They also highlight the center diamond.

This particular style creates interest and draws attention to the engagement ring and other jewelry with lab-grown diamonds.

You can also choose to have a halo of other gemstones instead of diamonds. Doing so ensures the diamond center remains the focus of the ring.

Types of Halo Engagement Rings

There are two main types of halo engagement rings. These are:


As its name implies, this type has no metal directly below the halo and is supported only on either side.

This means that the center diamond is above your finger and both sides of the ring are completely straight.

Suspended diamond engagement rings have a beautiful, eye-catching look, especially when seen from above and when they have a large center diamond.

Another benefit of getting a suspended halo ring is that it allows a straight wedding band to slide right underneath the center diamond.

If you want your partner to continue wearing her engagement ring with her wedding ring, opt for this type.


This type of ring has metal and multiple supports under the halo.

Whether the center diamond is high or low, there is metal, smaller diamonds or other gems, and engraving under it.

This type offers numerous possibilities for a halo engagement ring design. If you want to give your partner a unique ring, you won’t go wrong with this style.

The downside of a supported halo ring is that, unlike the suspended type, a straight wedding band will not fit snuggly up against it.

As such, the engagement and wedding ring may clash when worn together.

What Makes Halo Diamond Engagement Rings Stand Out?

The biggest allure of a halo setting is that it makes the center stone stand out, making the ring look larger.

If you are gravitating towards a diamond ring, a halo design will accentuate the beauty of the center stone by adding size and brilliance.

If you choose a center and accent stones with two different colors, the halo setting will draw more focus towards the center stone. The contrast of colors and brilliance makes this possible.

Since the halo engagement ring can make the center stone look bigger, you will be able to save money on it.

This is particularly true if you want to get a diamond engagement ring: a halo setting can make the center stone appear up to one-half carat bigger. This means you won’t have to pay for a larger, more expensive gem.

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What Are Some Tips for Buying a Halo Engagement Ring?

Here are some tips for shopping for the perfect halo diamond engagement ring:

1. Know the popular styles.

Halo engagement rings are further divided into different styles, which are:

  • Pavé halo. As mentioned, pavé diamonds are the top choice for the halo around the center diamond. Additionally, under this style, the stones only extend partway down the ring’s shank, giving the trinket an extra sparkle and timeless elegance.
  • Double halo.This style features additional accent diamonds that surround the center stone. Although this style is more expensive than a single halo setting, the extra stones can make the center stone earn up to a whole carat increase.
  • Plain shank halo. This style features stylish polished bands that arc gently up to the diamond and its halo, guaranteeing that the center stone is the highlight of the jewelry.
  • Split shank halo.With this design, the metal band of the engagement ring splits as it reaches the center stone and halo. The split shank halo style is popular because it creates more space for the accent diamonds or other gems.

2. Decide which style fits your partner best.

Although halo engagement rings are eye-catching jewelry pieces by themselves, you need to ensure you get one that appeals to your partner so that she will accept your proposal.

Thinking about what your loved one will want to wear forever can take you a step closer to choosing the right engagement ring. This means considering your partner’s personal style and preference.

Don’t forget to consider your partner’s work and lifestyle as well. If her job calls for her to look professional most of the time, you will have to stay away from flashy halo engagement rings and choose a classic or simpler style that matches her outfits.

3. Think about how the center stone will match the diamond halo.

Whether you are leaning towards a single or a double, the halo will add size to the center diamond.

If you think your partner’s finger will be overwhelmed by a three-carat center diamond, you will do well to opt for a smaller stone since the halo will exceed the original size.

Also, avoid selecting a center diamond and accent stones with a big difference in terms of grades since the variance will become so noticeable that it will make the ring less appealing. 

Halos add glitz and brilliance to an engagement ring. However, since this type of ring features more gems, it can be pretty expensive.

If you don’t have a huge budget for an engagement ring, choose one with lab-grown diamonds.

Halo engagement rings with lab-grown diamonds are a more affordable option. The stones are less expensive than mined ones even if they look the same and share similar qualities.

Also, in a contest between lab-grown diamonds vs. natural stones, the first option allows you to be a more sustainable shopper because lab-created gems do not come from mining, a process that contributes to climate change.

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