The Queen’s Jewelry: What Now?

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Post the demise of the queen, on 8th September 2022, one of the most asked questions was: What happens to her jewelry? All the magnificent gems in the Royal assemblage of jewels are separated into two groups: those owned exclusively by Queen Elizabeth II and those kept in care by the monarch of the moment. 

The assortment of crowns, tiaras, and gems that Queen Elizabeth II left behind after her demise is one of the world’s most extensive and expensive, with some of them being priceless. In some cases, even more massive than those jewelry collections you can find online today. In addition, some of her royal rings, crowns, brooches, and gauntlets are valuable and are part of the Crown Jewels.

Rumors suggest that Queen Elizabeth might already have given her loved ones treasures from her own collections. However, if that’s not the case, then King Charles will receive most of the collection, followed by Camilla, who was the queen’s consort, and then the queen’s offspring.

One of Queen Elizabeth’s most notable successors, Queen Victoria, was buried with every piece of jewelry as would fit on her corpse. It is said that she had expensive necklaces wrapped around her neck, bracelets packed over her wrists, and rings on each finger as she was placed to rest.

The queen will only be laid to rest with a few emotional diamonds. Her wedding band, a pearl necklace, pair of earrings, and the office wand are among these valuables. In addition, the queen owned the wedding band she wore every day when she wed the late Duke of Edinburgh.

Some of the Most Memorable and Appealing Jewels

Since Queen Mary gifted one of her most recognizable tiaras to the then-Duchess of York as a token of love at her wedding, it was close to the queen’s heart. It is formally known as Ireland Tiara. The queen had consistently referred to it with affection as “Granny’s Tiara.”

Another beautiful Art Deco jewelry, Queen Mary’s ‘Diamond Bandeau,’ features a diamond brooch in its center that was given to her as a wedding gift in 1893. In a typical Queen Mary manner, she turned the brooch into a tiara. Though rarely seen, Meghan recently gave it some attention when she wore it to her wedding with Prince Harry in 2018.

One of the most worn pieces of jewelry was the queen’s maiden pearl necklace, a trio of chains given to her by her father, King George VI. The queen enhanced the pair of pearls she got from her father every year for her birthday and bore it with her for the rest of her life as a reminder of their close bond.

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It’s a known fact that the queen would wear emblems in her jewelry when she met foreign officials, traveled as a monarch to Commonwealth countries, or celebrated important occasions. The famous Maple Leaf Brooch, which George VI gave to his spouse in 1939 to commemorate their official visit to Canada, is a beautiful illustration.

Seeking Answers from the Past 

Queen Mary had more formal arrangements for her jewelry collection when she passed away in 1953. With the exception of a few specific bequests, the majority of her treasure was left for her grandchild, Queen Elizabeth II.

When the Queen Mother passed away in 2002, she followed Queen Mary’s lead and gave her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, the entirety of her jewelry collection. Mary and Elizabeth’s instructions helped preserve the collection of historically significant jewels.

Wrapping Up

The traditions have been passed on from one generation to the other by the successors of Queen Elizabeth II. Learning from her mother and grandmother would have for sure had an impact on her, and maybe even the case of passing on jewels to the next generation, she would have planned it all out.

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