9 most common types of nose rings, studs and chains with pictures

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The world of nose piercings is far more complex than most people realize. Different types of nose rings and studs tend to be better suited to some piercings than others.

There are many unconventional ways to express oneself: unique choices of clothing, eye-catching jewelry, extravagant makeup, and so on. One of the most counterculture ways is nose piercing.

What does a nose ring mean sexually?

Ancient North African tribes used golden nose rings to signify wealth.

And in India, nose rings are related to sexual health, fertility, and childbirth. Therefore, women often wore nose rings in the left nostril, believing that it would ease menstrual cramping and make childbirth easier.

Nowadays, however, nose piercings are often viewed as being somewhat counterculture. Therefore, it is said that a nose ring does not have any sexual context.

Now, here’s a bit about some of the more common types of nose rings and studs:

1. Nose piercing stud types

1.1 Nose bone studs

Different types of nose rings, studs and chains with pictures

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A nose bone stud looks like a straight stick with a decorative piece on one end, which stays on the outside of the nose, and a small ball on the other end which has to be pushed into the piercing and stays in the nostril.

Many people like nose bone studs because they are easy to insert into your nose piercing.

1.2 L-shaped nose studs


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The L-shape nose stud is bent and shaped like an L, hence the name. Thanks to its shape, once inserted, it firmly sits against your nostril.

1.3 Twist/Corkscrew nose rings


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A corkscrew nose ring is made of a metal wire that is twisted into an odd shape, unlike normal nose studs or rings. The combination of straight and circular wire needs specific care to insert without getting hurt.

Pros and cons of nose studs

These are commonly used for nostril piercings. Much like stud earrings, they have a straight bar. There is usually a small gem at the top. There are also curved versions that add a bit more security.


  • They heal relatively quickly
  • They don’t cause much discomfort when resting your head
  • They aren’t extremely noticeable


  • They can come out more easily than rings
  • If not cleaned regularly, they can get infected

2. Types of nose rings or hoops

2.1 Plain nose rings or hoops


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Some rings are just loops of thin metal. And in some cases, plain “hoop” nose rings may have a small gem on the side.

2.2 Captive bead rings


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Others are what’s called “captive bead rings.” These are rings that are “sealed” with a bead. Sometimes, the bead is inlaid with a gem to add some visual interest.

2.3 Septum clickers


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Septum clickers are rings with a hinged segment that can be opened and shut. Septum clickers are easy to put in and look amazing!

Pros and cons of nose rings


  • They’re less likely to become crooked like curved barbells
  • There are lots of options ranging from simple metal hoops to ornately jeweled rings
  • They usually remain securely in place


  • Captive bead rings can be very hard to close
  • Thin hoops can be bent very easily

3. Barbells

Barbells aren’t really seen a lot in nostril piercings, but they are often used for more complex piercings. A barbell is just a long metal bar with two ball ends.


  • They heal faster than curved barbells
  • The barbell ends hold them in place securely
  • The piercing itself is fairly easy to clean


  • Since barbells go through fleshier parts of the nose, they are more prone to infection
  • Barbell piercings tend to be more painful than other piercing types

4. Curved Barbells


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These Barbells are sometimes called “Horseshoe Barbells” because they look like horseshoes. Their curves make them especially suitable for septum piercings.


  • The curved shape can make bridge piercings more comfortable
  • Curved barbell piercings don’t go through bone or cartilage
  • They are available in a very wide variety of designs


  • They heal more slowly than straight barbells
  • They tend to be prone to migration or rejection

5. Nose piercing chain

nose chain

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Chains can be an eye-catching embellishment to nose piercings. Often, a chain will connect a nose ring to an earring. Some chains will connect each end of a Nasallang piercing across the bridge of the nose.


  • They have a distinctive look that can really make you stand out
  • They’re a great way to highlight piercings you already have
  • You can easily alternate chains for a different look every day


  • They can easily snag on clothes, hair, etc.
  • Heavier chains can pull on piercings and cause discomfort

Recommended materials for nose piercing jewelry

Regardless of jewelry type, make sure to choose a high-quality material to avoid infections or adverse reactions. Here are some good materials to choose from:

1. Implant-grade titanium

Examples of materials suitable for nose piercing include implant-grade titanium; Which is highly preferred and safe from contamination, hypo-allergic and adaptable to the body.

2. 14K/18K gold

The 14K/18K gold is also another material that comes in highly recommended by piercing not only experts but also doctors. Its excellent qualities of being inert thus suitable for first piercings.

3. Medical-grade and surgical stainless steel

In addition, medical-grade and surgical stainless steel are highly endorsed due to its easy adaptability to the human body, and it also stops infections.

4. Niobium

Niobium is another material that could be useful to make jewelry as it is non-reactive, polymeric, and has a wide range of colors.

Nose ring sizes

What gauge is a nose ring? The most common nose ring gauge sizes are 18G and 20G.

However, piercers will often use a slightly larger needle (about 16G) to make healing easier. The larger hole allows for some swelling and prevents the healing from getting too tight as it heals.

That said, make sure to listen to your piercer! Experienced piercers will be able to recommend the right nose ring sizes to avoid rejection or unnecessary complications.

When can I change my nose piercing?

On average, you can replace your piercing jewelry in 4-6 months. This can vary depending on the piercing type, so be sure to check in with your piercer.


The world of nose piercings is far more complex than most people realize. We need to understand the most common types of nose rings, studs, and their pros and cons so that we can choose the ones that suit us the best.

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