Visual Marketing Tactics to Make Your Proposal Stand Out

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Reading proposal after proposal isn’t an easy task. With that in mind, it’s important to know that most readers have short attention spans. This means some of the thoughtful words within your proposal might be skimmed or skipped.

One of the most important aspects for freelancers is finding a way to make themselves stand out. This starts right off the bat with an engaging and well-planned proposal.

How do you do this? One way to ensure a proposal stands out among others is to use a visual marketing strategy. Not only do visual elements provide a much-needed visual flair, but it also helps draw the reader’s attention to the most important elements of your proposal by making the data stand out.

But before you embark on your visual journey, keep reading this article. You’ll learn everything you need to know about visual representation.

And when you create proposals that stand out, clients will be more apt to say yes!

The Importance of Strong Proposals

If you’ve found your way to this article, you’re most likely a freelancer. You’re probably also very excited about a new lead; congrats! It’s never easy to score a lead. As exciting as it is, now you have to step your game up. Get ready to win that lead with a strong proposal.

Throughout your freelancing career, creating a new proposal will become a constant. After all, this is how you’ll continuously gain new clients. And, well, isn’t gaining new clients the best part about freelancing? 

We’re here to get you to a place where creating proposals feels like second nature. And visual marketing is one of the best ways to market yourself and your skills. Here are all the visual elements you need to know about when creating your next proposal. These tips will give you a long-standing way to prep your proposals for new clients every time.

Visual Marketing and Freelancing

Marketing companies need constant changes in content marketing to stay relevant. This is due to the ever-evolving trends in content marketing. Readers desire content that is attractive and dynamic. The only way to fulfill expectations is to provide compelling pictures and videos.

Trends are evolving, and it’s vital that marketing companies can keep up with all the changes. Visual content is on the rise and in high demand. Clients are looking for freelancers that can provide attractive and dynamic work.

To fulfill clients’ expectations, freelancers must show everything they’ve got. At the same time, it’s important to provide a visually engaging consumer journey. This needs to happen before your client even signs on the dotted line. Using compelling pictures and videos is a great way to grab their attention. This will give clients a better understanding of all your skills and—most importantly—why they should hire you.

Develop a visual marketing strategy before creating your proposal and selling yourself. After all, that’s what freelancers do, isn’t it? Sell the skills, make money, and move on to the next job. It all starts with profitable visual marketing strategies.

Types of Visual Content

There can be many types of visual marketing content. Here are a few of the most important visual marketing materials that should be included in the design proposal:

  • Infographics
  • Video Content
  • Data-Backed Illustrations
  • CTAs


Did you know that 65% of the general population are visual learners? Visual learners must be provided with relevant visuals containing all the information presented. This is why visual marketing is important for a proposal to stand out. If a client is a visual learner, a proposal filled with text likely won’t engage and grab their attention. Making use of visual marketing techniques can greatly enhance the chance of that client reading more of the proposal.

More than half the population are visual learners, so it’s important to provide anyone reviewing the proposal with enough visual elements. This will help readers absorb all the information.

Infographics are vital for exactly that! A marketing campaign set up with infographics allows for the information to be visually portrayed through:

  • Charts
  • Visual Statistics
  • Visual Data

These are much easier to understand in a visual form rather than in a written form. Therefore, set yourself up with a strong visual content marketing plan. This can be done by creating an attractive infographic for your clients. Creating a free infographic has never been easier. It’s also never been more helpful in reaching your target audience.

Freelancers may already have visual marketing experience. For instance, social media posts are often done through infographics. On various social media platforms, this is an engaging visual marketing strategy. In most cases, it’s used to gain a larger following. It’s essentially the same when creating visual marketing inside of a proposal.

Video Content

In this day and age, video content isn’t much of a stranger to anyone. From binging content on mobile phones to watching how-to videos on YouTube, there’s plenty to see. Most people know how much easier creating content through videos has become.

Creating a visual marketing platform through videos is vital. And there are many ways to use visual material to grab the attention of anyone reviewing or looking through your proposal. Use video content to:

  • Demonstrate a Solution
  • Provide Q&As
  • Tell Your Brand Story
  • Share Client Testimonials

Data-Backed Illustrations

There’s no doubt that storytelling has been a huge part of our world for generations. Those aspects of humanity still hold strong—even in today’s modern world. Telling a story with data is a great way to provide clients with all the necessary information.

Using data-backed illustrations to tell that story is a great way to incorporate visuals into your proposal. The human brain processes images much faster and easier. Bring in some storytelling aspects, and your data will be processed quickly by the reader. Don’t forget; a picture speaks a thousand words.

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Including data-backed illustrations in your marketing strategy doesn’t have to stop with proposals. These illustrations can be used in a marketing strategy throughout your freelancing network. From social media posts to your website, visual content that expresses freelancer skills can be used over and over.

CTAs | Call to Action

CTAs are a vital aspect of marketing channels. They’re used in various marketing strategies and are vital to successfully engaging an audience. Build a brand identity that ensures your client will continue to learn more or reach out.

A call to action can entice readers to do various things. In this case, it could be to sign a contract or to learn more about your services. Whatever the reason, including CTAs in your visual content is key to a strong proposal.

Graphic Content Strategy for a Freelancer Proposal

Graphics should never be used as just a space-filler. Instead, graphics should be used strategically to enhance the information presented throughout the proposal. Don’t waste that space. Rather, plan a way to work it into the information seamlessly. The best way to do this is to include a visual marketing strategy in the overall planning of the proposal.

Design and Placement of Visual Content

Graphics are definitely important for a strong proposal, but it does take a little bit of planning to perfect the way you incorporate graphics. The main idea of graphics is to provide readers with a visual break. They can also give a better understanding of the information being presented. This means the visual content connects directly to the information.

The next step is the placement of the content. Whether the content is images, videos, or CTAs, it’s important to plan the placement. There are various aspects to take into consideration:

  • How text will wrap around the visual content
  • Text that will be pushed off the page
  • Flow interruption

It’s important to include plans for visual content marketing directly in the drafts for each section of the proposal. This will help to avoid frustrations later.

Photos or Graphics?

Of course, there’s a difference between a personal photo and an infographic. It’s important to address this in the visual content marketing strategy. A credible brand image will help to show off past work. Branding can also help convince readers to go forward with the proposal.

Provide Readers with a Visual Break

Overall, visual marketing helps to give readers a break. Too many words can not only be overwhelming, but it also doesn’t help make your proposals stand out. Along with providing a much-needed visual flair, infographics help draw the reader’s attention to the most important elements of your proposal by making the data stand out.  

Creating a visual marketing strategy is a way to lay the groundwork for the finished product. It’s important to ensure the placement and design fit directly into the proposal’s text. If the graphics or photos don’t compliment the rest of the proposal, their existence doesn’t serve much of a purpose.

Give readers some time to breathe with an infographic stating your services or past accomplishments. Use video content to share your customer testimonials. These are all simple visual marketing strategies that can be used repeatedly.

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