When Is It Appropriate to Gift Jewelry?

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Jewelry can be an amazing gift for someone special in your life. Gifting jewelry is a great way to preserve a memory or show you care. High-quality jewelry can last for a very long time and can be a constant reminder of the person that gifted it to you as well as the special event they wanted it to signify. 

However, you might be wondering, when is it appropriate to gift jewelry? Because of its longevity, expense, and special significance, there are instances when gifting jewelry might not be appropriate. Let’s talk more about who’s giving the gift, the occasion you’re celebrating, and the message you want to get across.

Who is Giving the Gift?

This might seem silly, but who you are and your relationship with the person you’re giving jewelry to makes a huge difference. If for example, you don’t really know the person you’re gifting the jewelry to, it might come across as a bit creepy. As we talked about, jewelry signifies a gift that will last for a while and can be a bit of an investment. It’s definitely not something you give to an acquaintance. You also might not know them well enough to pick out something that fits their taste. 

While there are exceptions to every rule, generally the following people are people that can gift jewelry in an appropriate way:

  • Immediate family member
  • Significant other
  • Close friends
  • If it’s part of a group gift (office, sorority, wedding party, etc.)

Essentially, jewelry makes the best gift when the person giving it is someone who knows you really well. It’s not something you give an acquaintance or someone you don’t know well. The connotations can be bad, and the gift might not be well received, otherwise.

What’s the Occasion?

Another thing to consider when gifting jewelry is what’s the occasion. While you don’t have to have a huge life event to commemorate, it can be helpful. Here are a few reasons people might gift jewelry: 

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  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • Congratulations gift (graduation, anniversary, accomplishing a goal, etc.)
  • Remembrance (if someone passes away, retirement, etc.)
  • Just because

You don’t have to have a significant life event to gift jewelry, but it can be a lovely token to give someone when they want to remember an event. You can also gift a close friend or family member jewelry just because too. Again, keep in mind that this is best received when you have a close relationship with the person you are gifting the jewelry to.

The Intention of the Gift

You also need to think about the intention of your gift. Are you giving it to help someone remember a special event? To think of you? Maybe they just really like jewelry? No matter the reason, the intention behind your gift also plays into whether or not jewelry is an appropriate gift.

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