Where to exchange ETH safely? Top crypto exchanges

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The main value of the Ethereum network is not so much the coin, but the capabilities of the platform. The project is a universal tool for launching decentralized applications that work on smart contracts.

Why Ethereum is needed

The Ethereum blockchain gives everyone the opportunity to use all the advantages of distributed ledger technology when performing specific tasks. After the launch of the Ethereum platform, the need to create our own network disappeared. For a relatively small fee, you can launch your own project based on a ready-made solution.

The ability to run your own applications has significantly expanded the scope of blockchain technology. Thus, each qualified programmer can create his own application based on the Ethereum ecosystem that works according to the established algorithm. The system guarantees protection against failures and cybercriminals, no censorship, and no interference from external regulators.

Based on the Ethereum network, it is possible to:

  • Launch smart contracts of any complexity to manage logistics chains.
  • Create decentralized trading platforms.
  • Create applications of any type.
  • Digitize any physical asset.
  • Manage customer identification and document authentication services.

The native Ethereum token has been a success almost since its launch. The coin takes 2nd place in the ranking of the most capitalized cryptocurrencies. It is traded on almost all cryptocurrency exchanges, and on many of them direct conversion of ETH to BTC is available.

Where to buy Ethereum safely

There are many ways to buy Ethereum, but the safest thing is not to experiment with your own wallet, but to choose a reliable platform with a good reputation. The numerous platforms that support Ethereum can be classified according to different criteria. Among them are decentralized and centralized, with and without fiat support, spot and derivatives, with verification and anonymous.


Not a single rating of cryptocurrency exchanges is complete without mentioning Binance. This platform is leading in terms of trading volumes and liquidity. Ethereum trading pairs with many fiat and digital currencies are supported, as well as staking and other ways to earn money.

Of the significant disadvantages of the site, it is worth noting the mandatory verification.


It is one of the most popular and liquid derivatives exchanges with spot trading support. Verification for trading is not required. The platform is beginner-friendly, with a large amount of learning materials available and a demo account feature. It supports the purchase of cryptocurrencies with bank cards.


Uniswap is one of the leading decentralized exchanges and one of the first platforms to gain huge popularity in the crypto market. The platform is an automatic market maker, that is, it is responsible for the interaction of buyers and sellers to create a liquid market.

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The Uniswap protocol enables the direct exchange of tokens using smart contracts. Commissions depend on the asset and vary from 1% to 0.05%.

To work with decentralized platforms, you only need a wallet that is compatible with them.


Decentralized crypto exchange SpookySwap is based on the Fantom Opera blockchain. The exchange offers users fast and secure trading of Fantom-based tokens and other ERC-20 tokens.

The platform allows users to initiate limit orders along with standard swaps. As a result, users can trade their tokens at the best prices.


The LetsExchange fast cryptocurrency exchange service is a good choice for buying Ethereum and more than 2000 coins for cryptocurrency and fiat. The platform is available without registration and does not provide wallet services. This means that using the services of LetsExchange, you do not risk either your coins or your personal information. The platform interface is extremely simple, there are no commissions and restrictions on the number and volume of transactions.

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