10 Modern Additions to an Upscale Dining Room

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An upscale dining room is a place for connection, but it doesn’t have to be bland. Formal dining rooms are still in many homes but can feel boring or intimidating without the right style.

Adding modern details can breathe new life into the space, making it the perfect spot for you, your family and your guests to enjoy. Here are 10 modern additions to consider for your dining room.

1. Pendant Lighting 

Once considered vintage, pendant lights worked their way back into modern design and seem here to stay. While the previously wanted version was curved and ornate, modern versions of these lights have sharper lines and simpler looks, adding a unique piece that can blend into the rest of the room. 

You can use a stylized pendant light as a fixture above the table or smaller, simpler lights above a bar or china cabinet.

2. Mix Colors

Gone are the days of a monotone neutral, as pops of color are a great way to make your modern dining room inviting. From bright furniture and neutral walls to mixed earth tones or fun patterns, a modern dining room isn’t afraid of a little pizazz.

Just because a dining room is upscale doesn’t mean it needs to look classically formal. Adding a mix of colors creates visual interest and allows you to express yourself in your dining room.

3. Dark Colors

A modern trend that gives your dining room an intimate yet luxurious feel is to make the walls and furniture dark. These colors are associated with chicness, even for smaller spaces.

Add some gentle lighting or crystal glasses and it turns into a glamorous escape. Dark colors can be very relaxing, which is excellent for an evening meal and welcomed on a stressful morning. You can add plush neutrals to lighten and accent the room to create an interesting and tasteful dining room.

4. Mix Textures

Mixing patterns is a way to have fun in your dining room. Varying textures throughout the room creates a more attractive space while making your dining room even more of a sensory experience.

An example is a wooden table with upholstered chairs or a marble bar on top of tile flooring. The freedom to mix textures also lets you get creative with your dining room design. From glass vases to clay pots to ceramic plates and metallic cutlery, your upscale dining room has a lot of possibilities.

5. Add a Bar Cabinet

A bar in your dining room is a convenient way to lay out more items without cluttering your table. Often combined with a sideboard, these modern bar cabinets often have windows in the bottom to show wine or glass selections. Others utilize metallic or pattered exteriors to add discreet storage with a classy shine.

The best part about these cabinets is their versatility. Depending on your collection’s size and any accessories, it can serve as a quick-access full-service bar. When not in use, it then acts as an elegant furniture piece.

You can place appetizers and drinks on the tabletop or lay the main course out for people to serve themselves easily. Depending on its size, there are many arrangements you can create with a bar, from just food to decor displays.

6. Luxury Vinyl Floors

Luxury vinyl flooring is an excellent option for an upscale dining room. It’s waterproof, making cleaning up inevitable skills a breeze. One of the most considerable benefits of having luxury vinyl is its appearance and texture — it’s smoother than wood but has enough traction to handle walking in with a food tray. Luxury vinyl practically mimics wood, with its appearance able to fool guests into thinking you have hardwood at first glance.

These floors are also highly durable, able to handle the impact of a moved table or the crash of a plate. Luxury vinyl floors are a fraction of the cost of the materials they mimic, making them even easier to love.

7. Incorporate Curves

Curves are present in many modern-day rooms, including dining rooms. They are easier on the eye and can give your furniture a pleasing, funky appearance in the present-day design.

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Softer lines help you destress, as sharp angles stress your mind more than relaxed ones. Curved chairs and tables are an easy way to add softness to the room, but curved buffets and light fixtures are also great options.

8. Add a Mural 

Subtle artwork is an excellent addition to any room, but don’t be afraid to go big for your upscale dining room — you want exciting things to look at when you sit there to eat a meal. You can easily get bored without them, making your dining less enjoyable. A mural that introduces the theme to your modern dining room is a great way to make the space much more enjoyable. 

Hire someone to paint a mural or give your own art skills a try. For an easy workaround, you can order a wall decal that looks like a painting. When you choose your mural, you want it to coordinate with the other elements in your room or it could be too distracting, though it doesn’t have to match.

9. Embrace Earth Tones

Earth tones are in many modern design practices as they encourage calm and mindfulness. Enjoying a meal at home should be a relaxing experience and incorporating natural colors can help.

You can mix and match greens, reds, tans and browns to help you feel connected to nature while you eat. The warm colors can help with relaxation while inspiring your creativity for the rest of your day. Incorporate natural patterns into your furniture and decor to really bring your dining room to life.

10. Decorate with Plants

While you might not associate plants with dining areas, many modern dining areas embrace greenery — and for a good reason. Being around plants can help you stay grounded, purify the air and serve as a topic of conversation. Pastel succulents are an excellent addition to an upscale look, while larger plants can add fun and sophistication as long as they coordinate with the colors and items around them. Consider incorporating a small herb garden into the design to provide your guests with the freshest garnishes possible.

Modernizing Your Upscale Dining Room

Adding modern touches to your formal dining room can make the space more inviting while keeping a classy feel to it. Using these ideas, you can create an area you and your guests are sure to love.

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