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Luxury 4.0: A new concept that is secretly reshaping luxury marketing!

Luxury 4.0 is primarily associated with the technological shifts of Industry 4.0, especially the disruption sparked by digitalization.

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How to start a lifestyle blog, promote and monetize? Everything about lifestyle blogging.

Lifestyle blogging is a complex process that may prove extremely rewarding, when done right. To help you get the most of your efforts and guide you through this, I have created this go-to guide that offers tips to first-time bloggers.

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How Can New Jersey Employment Lawyers Help You With Legal Services?

An employment lawyer is well-experienced in handling all employment-related legal issues for both employers and employees. Whether you are an employee or employer, standing in the midst of any legal problem, getting in touch with New Jersey employment lawyers can help.

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Winning Battle of the Suitcase! How To Be an Effective Traveling Entrepreneur

A traveling entrepreneur can be an incredibly romantic notion sometimes. It can be you, a car, a suitcase, and the open road. But if you are spending a lot of time away from home, you’ve got to have a sense of grounding, especially when you are so far away from everything that is rooted in normality.

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Great Teeth May Just Be The Luxury You Needed In Life

Social wealth and status are the harbingers of luxury. People want to live in luxury but they focus more on good clothes, shoes, and houses. But their teeth can actually pose a different picture. No matter how much money one has, if the teeth are not white and shiny, the ‘’luxury’’ sheen they want may well be missing.

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8 Ways to Strengthen Patient Relationship Management

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, so does the importance of Strengthening Patient Relationship Management. To maintain a successful dental practice, it’s crucial to keep up with the latest trends and technologies that can help you better manage your patient relationships.

Direct to consumer: Everything to know as a luxury marketer

Direct to consumer: Everything to know as a luxury marketer

Direct to consumer, also known as DTC or D2C, is an eCommerce strategy which enables manufacturers and brands to sell directly to consumers, without passing through the reseller or retailer.

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Easy SEO Growth Hacks

SEO can skyrocket the reach of your website and let you sell your products or services to more people than ever before. The thing with SEO is that it increases your brand’s visibility by placing you on the first pages of the search results.

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Responding to the rise of sneaker culture: customization, virtual try on, and influencer marketing

Behind the rise of sneaker culture stands a billion dollar industry. In this article we will talk about what you can do as a marketer to take advantage of this opportunity.

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Are consumers really embracing AI in the luxury industry?

To conclude, it is suggested to provide AI based services firstly in the physical stores in order to solve this trust issue for clients and then expand to other channels like official websites or social media if it applies.

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Two Proven Methods To Attract Traffic! No Special Skills Needed!

The techniques I am going to share with you, not only work for people with zero marketing skills but also for those with a tight budget. According to my own experience, it costs from 80 to 2000+ USD, all as you wish.

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Startups: Where to Begin Your Online Marketing Strategy?

From my own experience, I understand that most startups, especially engineer-oriented ones, tend to feel confused about how to attract traffic or reach out to educate potential clients.

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Three Surprising Link Building Techniques: Let’s Get Intimate!

Many digital marketers, including me, are reluctant to reach out and bent over for backlinks, which, unfortunately happens to be the very core of search engine optimization.