What are Sagittarius birthstones and what do they mean?

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Birthstones are the guardians of destiny, which bless our health, bring us good luck, and can also be made into beautiful jewelry. Do you know what are Sagittarius birthstones? And what are their properties and powers? Let’s find out in this article!

  • Birth date: November 23 – December 21
  • Zodiac symbol: Archer
  • Sign Ruler: Jupiter
  • Element: Fire
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Sagittarius Personality: Free, optimistic and cheerful, warm, friendly, outgoing, straightforward.
  • Sagittarius Birthstones: Topaz, Turquoise, Tanzanite, Zircon, Citrine

What is a Sagittarius?

Sagittarius, the fire sign, is born from November 23 to December 21, in the ninth house of the zodiac.

Sagittarius is the zodiac sign that represents freedom. They are free and unrestrained, optimistic and cheerful, enthusiastic and sincere. They never beat around the bush and hate people who are pretentious, false and insincere. Freedom is their innate nature.

Sagittarius is optimistic, cheerful and generous by nature. They are warm, friendly, outgoing, straightforward, like to make friends and to talk as they wish. They are happy, humorous, and good at socializing with people.

Sagittarius birthstones: Topaz, Turquoise, Tanzanite, Zircon, Citrine


Topaz is a November birthstone and a gemstone for the sixteenth anniversary of marriage. It symbolizes friendship and happiness.

The topaz is hard, has a high degree of transparency, a good reflective effect and really beautiful colors; there it has been popular for a long time.

A typical topaz is yellow or burgundy, other colors including blue, white, gray and green and transparent.

Currently we believe topaz can be worn as an amulet to eliminate sorrow and increase confidence; Wearing it as a pendant is said to help make us emotionally stable, and avoid nightmares.

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La turquoise est l’un des joyaux les plus populaires en raison de sa belle couleur et de ses magnifiques motifs. La turquoise naturelle a principalement une couleur bleu ciel, si typique qu’elle devient une couleur standard – le bleu turquoise. En plus du bleu ciel, on voit aussi du vert, du jaune et du gris.

Utilisée pour décorer les dômes des mosquées en Iran, en Irak, en Égypte, en Asie centrale et en Russie, le clergé pensait que cette pierre représentait les origines du ciel et les dons que Dieu avait envoyés sur terre.

La turquoise s’accompagne d’une promesse de chance et de protection et donne à celui qui la porte la possibilité de prévoir le danger qui l’attend. C’est une pierre de guérison, dont l’énergie puissante et encourageante vous pousse au pardon et à l’acceptation de soi.

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Unlike gemstones mined throughout the globe, Tanzanite comes from a single source that is located in Tanzania, Africa and in close proximity to Mount Kilimanjaro.

Although this birthstone debuted more recently than Zircons and Turquoise, Tanzanite quickly became the “second most popular blue gem stone after Sapphires,” according to gemologists tracking sales.

The reasons are obvious: Tanzanite is not just rarer but chameleon-like: Depending upon the way you hold the stone, shades of blue change dramatically–a phenomenon known as “pleochroic.” Study this jewel from one angle and it’s true blue; look at another facet and you could see purple.

Tanzanite is said to transform, energize and heal wearers and help them develop psychic powers. Mention that in the card accompanying your gift!

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You may feel unlimited choices as you browse Zircons. These gems come in white, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, brown, pink, purple, gray or colorless.

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Whatever the color, you will give a gem that’s an impressive 7.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale (10 is hardest). Colorless zircons can look just like diamonds, but the price tag will probably give the secret away.

The name Zircon originated in Persia where Zircons served all sorts of purposes. Known as the “stone of virtue,” they are still used in the practice of Far Eastern religions and believers say that the right Zircon can impact specific chakras.

Said to help wearers hone their intuition, Zircons are reputed to keep the wearer spiritually grounded and help them hone their psychic communication skills, too.

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Citrine is a popular gem in the market today, with bright colors, a crystal clear texture, and an affordable price. It has a unique warm tone that matches our skins.

Just as its vivid and bright color, citrine provides happiness by adjusting people’s emotions and calming them down. Citrine is also able to help the owners gain self-confidence and make better decisions, which are all sources of happiness.

Since the energy of citrine corresponds very strongly to materialism and wealth, citrine is said to help improve our fortunes, commonly known as the stone of wealth.

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Conclusion on Sagittarius birthstones

Thank you for reading this article on Sagittarius birthstones, I hope it helps you get the information needed. Feel to share your thoughts below or check other articles on gemstones that we have published: What are zodiac birthstones and their meanings? Here is a complete list that you need.

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