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Hamsa hand meaning: what is hamsa?


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Mood ring colors and meanings: What is a mood ring?

A mood ring is a ring that changes color according to the wearer’s body temperature and emotions. It is a very special and popular pieces of jewelry.

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Snake ring meaning, popularity and our recommended pieces

What does a snake ring symbolize? Today the snake ring symbolizes growth and reborn after a difficult situation. Here we have hand-picked a few snake rings for you.

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Signet ring meaning: What is a signet ring? How to choose, wear and style them?

A signet ring is usually round or oval in shape and is decorated with the wearer’s family crest or initials. As one of the oldest pieces of jewelry and a symbol of royalty, the signet ring is now an essential piece of jewelry for gentlemen.

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Ring size chart: How to measure ring size at home?

In this article we will introduce a ring size chart and 4 practical ways to demonstrate how to measure your size at home.

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A guide to alexandrite rings

Due to its extraordinary color change, the alexandrite stone is considered a very unique and valuable gemstone, which makes alexandrite rings a popular choice for jewelry lovers.