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Luxury jewelry brands: A list of the top 16 in the world

Here is a list of top 16 luxury jewelry brands in the world, which are known for their perfectly beautiful products as well as exquisite craftsmanship.

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What does a carnelian necklace do? 12 recommended looks

Carnelian is affordable and one of the most powerful gemstones with outstanding healing properties. A carnelian necklace is a must-have for your collection!

What is an anxiety ring? Where can I get an anxiety ring?

Anxiety rings are the new craze taking TikTok (and the world) by storm. These rings fit onto your finger but have an attached spinning charm or spinning band. Any time you get stressed or anxious, you can simply spin it with your finger.

Minimalist jewelry: 12 hand picked pieces all affordable and delicate

Last year’s jewelry industry was dazzling. From shells to letters, each had its own audience. Will they still be popular in 2021? I have no answer, but I do know that there is a style which will never be outdated, and will be showcased in fashion magazines in another 10 years: minimalist jewelry.

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