An introduction to Cancer birthstones and their properties, meanings and powers

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Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. It is said that each of the signs has its own corresponding birthstones and that the birthstones can bring in good luck! So what are Cancer birthstones? Let’s find out!
  • Birth date: June 22 – July 22
  • Zodiac symbol: Crab
  • Sign Ruler: Moon
  • Element: Water
  • Quality: Cardinal
  • Cancer Personality: Free, optimistic and cheerful, warm, friendly, outgoing, straightforward.
  • Cancer Birthstones: Ruby, Pearl, Moonstone, Rose quartz, Carnelian, Emerald, Sardonyx.

What is a Cancer?

Cancer is kind and sensitive. They are innocent, have faith in love and can sometimes be picky.

Cancerians tend to be loving and have a strong maternal nature. The most important thing to them is family. They are like the crab, with a soft heart beneath a hard shell. Cancer is also the most persistent sign of the zodiac, they are very loyal to their friends and family.

Born in the hot summer, Cancer also has a rich imagination and creativity. They are naturally a sensitive creature, but you can’t easily spot a hysterical crab. Because Cancer is a sign of deep secrecy and lives a low profile. They feel slightly uncomfortable around strangers and have a detachment that is difficult to improve.

Cancer birthstones: Ruby, Pearl, Moonstone, Rose quartz, Carnelian, Emerald, Sardonyx.


Ruby is one of the five internationally recognized precious stones (diamonds, rubis, sapphires, emeralds and opals).

The durability of ruby is mainly due to its excellent hardness and high temperature resistance. Ruby has a Mohs hardness of 9, second only to diamonds, and is the second hardest substance in nature.

The hot red color of ruby makes people always associate it with passion and love, known as the stone of love, symbolizing the passion, the beauty, eternity and steadfastness of love. At European royal weddings, rubies are still seen as a witness to marriage.

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Pearls known as the “Queen of Jewels” are listed as a birthstone for June and a memorial gemstone for the thirteenth and thirtieth anniversary of marriage.

As the most popular gemstone ever, pearls come in a variety of colors, among which we are most familiar with are white and cream (light tan). Black, gray, and silver are also quite common. As a matter of fact, we can find almost every color in pearls.

It symbolizes health, peace, wealth, and longevity. Pearl jewelry has been loved by people since ancient times and bring good wishes to people who are born in this month.

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Moonstones are very beautiful gems. They have always been considered as a gift from the goddess of the moon, i.e. Selene to humankind, with its mysterious and irresistible power.

Moonstones are usually white or colorless, either transparent or translucent with a light yellow, orange, brown, gray or green, and have a special moonlight effect, hence its name.

It is said that wearing moonstones when the moon is full, improves our consciousness and the power to feel supernatural forces and, very importantly, helps us meet good lovers.

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Rose quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most typical and popular pink gemstones. This gem is so beautiful and soft that it is named after a rose-like pink color, ranginng from pale pink to medium or deep pink.

Rose quartz is an ideal gem for Valentine’s Day, and is regarded as the “love stone” because it is thought to be able to balance emotions and heal anger or disappointment. It gives a sense of reassuring and reinforces self-confidence to the point of allowing the wearer to accept themselves as they are.


Carnelian, the name is originated from Carne, which means “flesh and blood” in Latin, as the stone is in bright red that looks like human flesh. Its hardness is high, and sounds crisp and mellow when tapped lightly.

Carnelian is a precious gem with affordable prices and a large quantity in nature. Production sites of high quality carnelian include Uruguay, Brazil, and Madagascar.

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Carnelian representes the symbol of the life with its blood red color. It is bound to the rites and religious ceremonies.


They’re green, they’re gorgeous, and they stand in a class of their own. That being said, emeralds are extremely rare. Every stone is from a finite source. It’s like a fingerprint. Each is unique, has a character and quality of its own, and represents ultimate luxury.

The emerald is a May birthstone that symbolizes new beginnings, hopes, and budding spring. It has soothed souls and sparked the imagination since the first century AD. Pliny the Elder, a famous Roman, described emeralds as having a soft green color that comforts and relieves weariness and lassitude.

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Sardonyx is believed to be one of the most holy stones, often appearing in breastplates of high priests and priestesses.

This unique gem can appear in colors anywhere from dark orange or red to black. It is formed through the layering of sard and onyx over thousands of years, from which it gets its unique name. This stone can appear with defined bands or even as a mix of different colors.

Sardonyxes have been used as a stone of protection and strength since ancient times, leading to it being associated with courage, happiness, and clear communication. It is also thought to bring stability to marriage and lasting happiness to those who don it.

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Conclusion on Cancer birthstones

Thank you for reading this article on Cancer birthstones, I hope it helps you get the information needed. Feel to share your thoughts below or check other articles on gemstones that we have published: What are zodiac birthstones and their meanings? Here is a complete list that you need.

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