7 Best Crystals for Beauty That You Can Include In Your Routine

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Retail stores and social media are now flushed with many options that bring promise to beauty. Whichever vow it makes, whether it focuses on meditation, infused bottles, or your overall beauty routine, there’s no doubt that crystals have already marched their way into the spotlight, one that has quite the longevity. If there’s one thing — the best crystals for beauty — aren’t going anywhere!

But just how beneficial are crystals and gemstones to your beauty routine? Some of the most established beauty experts have already sworn by their benefits.

According to these proponents, some crystals come with properties that can ward users off negative energies, give your spirit a boost, and facilitate healing in both the mind and the body. For these same believers, they reap the rewards by either holding on to a gemstone, wearing one around their necks, or even applying and massaging a crystal-filled cream onto their faces.

The history and benefits of crystals on beauty

While the use of crystals for beauty, skin health, and overall well-being has already permeated the mainstream, crystal healing in this regard isn’t something new. These same crystals have already been used by many cultures around the world for ages. 

For instance, renowned healers have been using the power that emanates from crystal energy to conjure balance to numerous energy points of the body, known today as “chakras,” since time immemorial. There’s a belief in most circles that for you to navigate specific skin issues, you must also address the importance of the physical and energetic body.

Queen of Egypt Cleopatra, beloved as one of the most iconic beauties in history, is said to have made glow-boosting crystals, noted for their intense healing and, ultimately, anti-aging qualities.

The amethyst crystal, known to alleviate stress and anxiety, also boasts a benefit that soothes highly-sensitized skin. As it is, some of these crystals offer an “integrated approach” that harmonizes both the users’ physical and mental needs.

Now, while there aren’t any critical scientific studies that back these crystals’ healing benefits, it is thought that “vibrational healing” still serves as a potent modality, one that has been popular in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. 

Today and the future of crystals in beauty

Today, there are beauty collections that apply these beliefs by infusing crystals such as ruby, tourmaline, and amethyst, right into each of their formulations. They say these gemstones provide balance and promote well-being while resolving some skin needs down the line.

The enamoring of these companies on these crystals couldn’t have come at a better time when people are already finding just how powerful natural and organic products are, right when they are incorporated into their beauty routine.

Crystals are at the core of this movement, with their all-organic, naturally-occurring healing energies. The power that comes from them doesn’t only enhance beauty but also goes beyond physical health. Likewise, it aids in balancing your chakras and mood while establishing a holistic feeling.

Best crystals for beauty

3.1 Amethyst


At the top of my list is amethyst. 

The amethyst crystal is especially beneficial in the winter as it can provide some extra TLC your skin badly needs. It has this healing, calming, and empowering properties that transfer from your mind to your body.

When amethyst crystals are used regularly, expect your skin to be oxygenated, brightened, and soothed. This is largely due to their boosting collagen production and ability to reduce puffiness, redness, and swelling.

How to use amethyst

Amethyst crystals are best used during evening hours, especially when the day before was a busy, stressed-out one. You may either keep the crystal close to your hand or benefit from it by spritzing a face mist made of amethyst — this encourages regeneration and detoxification; the latter can soothe inflamed skin that helps brighten your complexion.

3.2 Tourmaline

Some enthusiasts of the tourmaline crystals widely believe the tourmaline crystal’s propensity to benefit those with oily skin.

This is especially true when you make use of the crystal’s pink variety. Oily skin is quite the hotbed for dust and irritants, making you experience sensitivity and acne. The pink tourmaline brings harmony to your skin, helping it maintain appropriate moisture levels and ultimately preventing excessive sebum secretion.

Meanwhile, the black tourmaline is noted as a “mystical talisman of luck” that brings about a powerful psychic shield from destructive elements. As it is, it has skin-pampering benefits as well.

How to use tourmaline

Tourmaline crystals are thought to heat up when rubbed on your skin as they are charged positively on one end while the other is charged negatively. With this reaction, they are quite a commodity for those who use them as exfoliants or moisturizers. 

Tourmaline crystals are also suggested to be used as an anti-aging ingredient.

3.3 Emerald

And while we are on the topic of anti-aging, look no further than the emerald crystal. 

The emerald crystal is recommended for those who like to replenish their aging skin. This shouldn’t surprise many as the famed green gem has always been associated with the promise of “evergreen” beauty.

Emerald also represents health rejuvenation, exuding a balance of energies; it doesn’t only nourish your skin from deep, but it also gives it that firmer appearance. It also diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Apart from emerald’s anti-aging properties, it also boosts collagen production, prevents loss of moisture and pigmentation, repairs skin damage, and evens out skin tone.

How to use emerald

For more youthful skin, it is revealed that the emerald ash-infused cream that is soaked without the need to boil it can help users rejuvenate and tone their skin. The exact manner can also reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

3.4 Ruby

Are you looking for that extra glow to finally give you that confidence boost? Ruby can come to your rescue. 

Obscure crystal aficionados swear by the powers of ruby on skin. The red ruby, known as the sun’s gem, provides fresh energy as it carries all the necessary components just to give its bearers that much-needed glow.

The ruby crystal is also an excellent moisturizer as it strengthens your skin. That’s not the best part as it also suits women of all ages. Dare I say get a ruby as early as now? You be the judge.

Finally, rubies are laden with Vitamin A, one of the few sought-after skin health nutrients.

How to use ruby

One of the easiest ways to get the best out of a ruby crystal is to wear it against your skin. Alternatively, you may use one smooth, tumbled stone to massage your skin. This can help you reduce inflammation, puffiness, and wrinkles.

Many beauty fans also swear by just how effective their jade skincare rollers are. You can also incorporate a ritual of infusing your daily water with jade as this can help you reduce inflammation. The same approach can increase circulation and relieve tension.

3.5 Rose quartz and clear quartz

Has stress and pollution finally made your skin a bit on the dull and tired side? You can be sitting on the power of the quartz crystal if you have one.

According to the crystal’s crazed users, quartz can stimulate blood circulation. It is also considered a source of regenerative powers that allow cellular renewal. Consequently, this gives you an even brighter complexion. And like emerald crystals, it also enables you to combat signs of premature aging.

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One of the most popular quartz in the bunch is rose quartz. The crystal, which has long been known as the stone of self-love, is also associated with confidence and beauty. No surprise there. In terms of healing, it is believed that this stone can boost your circulation, allowing you to receive more oxygen, for a healthier look.

How to use quartz

There’s no doubt that quartz in facial rollers is the thing. To use one, you can start by making sure you have clean skin that is already patted dry. Then, begin applying a quality, all-natural serum or face oil. 

Next, roll the wide end of your face roller in outward and upward strokes on the neck, face, and sore muscles. Roll your skin until your chosen product is absorbed. 

3.6 Sapphire

Could there be anything more promising than hydrated skin? Well, one is consistency. And you can achieve that if you have sapphire for nourishment.

Sapphire, known as a water element, can provide intense hydration. It also acts as a cooling agent, so it shouldn’t surprise you if you have already included this crystal in your beauty routine.

Sapphire crystals are also noted for their ability to balance their users’ pH levels, giving you that perfect plump you’ve been looking for.

Meanwhile, sapphire is associated with skin healing, radiance, rejuvenation, and calming inflammation.

How to use sapphire

Sapphire is known for its frequency vibrations, making it a must-have for your skin. Perhaps the most popular approach many users have found effective is concocting a sapphire infusion, which allows your skin to clear and relax while promoting a youthful glow in the process.

3.7 Amber

Dark spots can be particularly troublesome if you’re one of the field girls who spend more time under the sun. But not without amber.

Amber, which features deep hues of yellow and orange, boasts sunscreen properties. This “energy” stone is likewise known to protect its bearers from any form of negativity as it openly lends positivity.

When included in your beauty regime, amber helps with skin detoxification while protecting you from harmful radiation.

How to use amber

To get the most of its sunscreen and healing properties, the amber stone is best used when embedded in jewelry and worn. The stone features an electromagnetic quality, which develops an electrical charge.

When this jewelry sits on your skin, expect healing in the process.

Final thoughts

With the lure of crystals on beauty now exploding with great popularity, it isn’t that difficult to be lured into many traps, such as one that enables you to get numerous stones all at once. Thankfully, this exclusive list I’ve come up with will not only guide you but also help you on how to receive the very best of their benefits.

You can start your journey by looking into these crystals in our store.

About Author – Leah Jensen

A crystal enthusiast (and a cat person). Exposed to the healing properties of crystals for years, she loves writing, sharing about the usage of crystals, and helping people find more appropriate ways to use healing gemstones. 

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