5 Ways to Enhance Your Team’s Independence


The secret to happy employees is not rocket science. They need a place where they can thrive and feel respected. The more you focus on these elements, the more successful your business will become. But as you watch your employees improve, you want to see them become more independent to take on bigger, more demanding projects. With that in mind, consider these tips to enhance your team’s independence. 

Empower Them

Helping employees become more independent is simple if you give them the tools to empower them. Programs like field service management software can remove the middle person and save them from speaking to other departments (or you) to find out what to do next. Instead, they have all the information they need readily available, so they can provide the best service for customers even when not at the office. 

Stop Micromanaging Them 

While you might like to be in control and ensure everyone follows your vision, too much of this can have the opposite effect. Micromanagement impacts control and trust and makes your employees assume you don’t believe in them. This could also mean they never reach their potential or indulge in their creativity, while also being scared of making a mistake because they feel you breathing down their necks. Taking a step back and allowing them to complete work without being overbearing could yield exceptional results. 

Provide Growth Opportunities 

Professional development is vital for improving skills and becoming more competent within your industry. Therefore, it only makes sense for managers to provide growth opportunities, whether through college courses or on-the-job training to help employees familiarize themselves with responsibilities and expectations as a senior member of the team. However, not everyone is interested in this, so it’s worth identifying the team members with the most potential and willingness to improve to help them succeed. 

Communicate With Them 

Sometimes, effective feedback is enough to help your employees recognize where they have gone wrong or areas for improvement. This does not mean berating them in front of their coworkers, but outlining how they could maximize their potential. Often, it only takes one lesson to ensure your employees do not make mistakes again, and they will feel more comfortable attempting new things because they know you will speak to them like an adult. 

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Celebrate Their Success 

It can be tough to work hard for next to no recognition, which is why celebrating employee successes is a positive approach. It can boost their confidence and encourage them to seek more creative avenues for their projects. Since they know you have supported them, they will feel comfortable in new environments and have the drive to take the lead on projects where necessary. 


Some managers are scared of their team becoming more independent. They worry their best-performing employees will look for better opportunities elsewhere. But as long as you provide a supportive and respectful environment for them, they are more likely to stay. These tips will help you support your team and ensure they grow into the professionals they are destined to be.

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