7 Tips for Taking Care of Contact Lenses

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Contact lenses provide a convenient, safe, and comfortable way to get the visual clarity you need. They are also less expensive than traditional eyeglasses and can be worn more easily in certain activities, such as swimming. Aside from providing a great level of vision and comfort, contact lenses also offer additional benefits, such as UV protection.

Though contact lenses are a safe and comfortable way to improve your vision, they come with potential risks when not taken care of properly. Neglecting proper and regular cleaning can result in eye infections, irritation, inflammation, and corneal ulcerations. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s initial study, roughly a million doctor visits for eye infections occur annually in Americans, costing the country $175 million in direct medical expenses. Visit https://www.contactlenses.co.uk if you’re looking for a reliable contact lens provider.

Tips for Taking Care of Contact Lenses

Using contact lenses daily can be a lot of work if you don’t take the necessary steps to keep your lenses clean and safe. Here are seven tips for taking care of contact lenses:

1. Wash Your Hands Before Handling Contacts

It is very important to wash your hands with soap and water before handling contact lenses. This is because germs, oils, and dirt on your hands can easily transfer to the lenses and cause infections or discomfort.

2. Rub and Rinse Contact Lenses When Cleaning Them

When cleaning your contact lenses, use a proper contact lens solution and rub them with your fingers for 20 seconds on both sides. This will help remove any debris that may have built up on the lenses during the day. Make sure to rinse them off thoroughly before storing them in their case.

3. Replace Your Contact Lens Solution Regularly

Contact lens solutions are designed to clean, disinfect, and store contact lenses. To ensure your solution is effective, it’s important to replace the bottle every three months or as often as your eye care professional directed.

4. Store Contact Lenses in a Clean Case

It’s also important to store contact lenses in a clean case. Clean your case every night by rinsing with a fresh contact lens solution and allowing it to air dry. Change out the case every three months as you do with your contact lens solution.

5. Follow an Effective Cleaning and Wearing Schedule

Develop a routine of cleaning and wearing your contact lenses. Follow the instructions provided by your eye care professional, such as removing them before going to bed or when swimming. Sometimes it may be necessary to wear a new pair of lenses each day or only to wear them for a short time.

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6. Wear the Correct Type of Contact for Your Eyesight

Make sure you wear the correct contact lenses for your eyesight. Different types of contacts can cause various levels of discomfort and irritation, so it’s important to choose a lens that is right for your vision needs.

7. Visit Your Eye Care Professional Annually

Regardless of how often you wear your contact lenses, you must visit your eye care professional annually for a comprehensive eye exam. This will help detect any potential problems with the contact lenses and ensure that they fit properly.

Following these tips can help keep your eyes healthy and happy when wearing contact lenses. Contact your eye care specialist for advice if you have any questions or concerns. Remember to keep a pair of glasses on hand in case your eyes need a break from wearing contact lenses. You can also look into contacts with additional benefits, such as UV protection, which provide extra eye protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

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