8 Sure-Fire Ways To Get More Followers On Instagram

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If you’re trying to get more followers on Instagram, you probably already know one thing: Finding real Instagram followers can be hard, and it takes a lot of elbow grease! 

One way to make the process of growing your account easier? Research different growth tactics that can help. Use the ideas you find to help your number of Instagram followers increase.

Here are eight surefire ways to market yourself on Instagram and get more followers.

Use An Instagram Growth Tool

Attracting the right audience to your account can be a time-consuming process. Work smarter by letting an Instagram growth tool do the work for you.

When you’re looking for a growth tool, it’s essential to pick a service that helps you attract real followers. Many Instagram growth services promise to help you see explosive follower growth. But if that growth isn’t made up of real followers, it won’t actually do anything helpful for your account. 

It’s a red flag if a growth service asks you to buy followers or guarantees you a specific number of followers. These accounts are most likely going to fill up your followers with bots or fake accounts. It’s not enough to simply have a large number of followers. To succeed on Instagram, you need to have quality followers as well. 

Schedule Your Content Ahead Of Time

Using scheduling tools to organize your content is a great way to gain more followers on Instagram. In order to get as many followers as possible, it’s important to post consistently on social media. By pre-scheduling each week’s posts using a scheduling tool, you can ensure that you never miss a post.

Using a scheduling tool can also help you post at the best times. The best time to post on Instagram will vary depending on your industry and audience. But if it’s in the middle of the night, don’t worry — just schedule the post ahead of time and it will automatically go up. 

You can also use a scheduling tool to plan out the visuals of your account. Many Instagram scheduling tools have a drag-and-drop calendar where you can preview how certain photos will look on your feed. Having a strong visual theme is a good way to get more Instagram followers, so by planning out your feed in advance, you can optimize your visuals on Instagram.

Planoly is a popular Instagram scheduling tool. This platform is well known for its visual features, such as the ability to lay out your grid in advance. Planoly provides helpful templates for you to create social content and lets you easily schedule posts with the Planoly calendar. 

Hootsuite is another good scheduling tool for Instagram. This option has similar features to Planoly: Manage your social media content in a collaborative calendar, create engaging posts for multiple social media platforms, and schedule those posts ahead of time to help grow your Instagram following. 

Partner With Influencers And Brands Within Your Niche

Influencer marketing is the perfect method of building a community on Instagram and exposing your account to more people. A 2019 survey revealed that for every $1 spent on influencer marketing, businesses are making $5.20

Search the Instagram app to find an influencer in your industry or niche. Then reach out to them to see if they’d be open to posting about your product. This can help expose your brand to a whole new audience, driving more followers, website traffic, and eventually more sales back your way.

ONE Brands, a company that creates protein bars and other products, works with influencer Jasmine Blocker. Jasmine is a professional track and field athlete and a personal trainer. Her followers are probably athletes or weekend warriors, too. So for ONE, partnering with Jasmine is a smart choice. 

Get creative when it comes to how you work with influencers. You might choose to run a contest, hold a giveaway, or let the influencer do a takeover of your account. These are all excellent ways to get more followers on Instagram. 

Cross-Promote Your Instagram

If you’re a business marketing yourself on Instagram, chances are, you’re probably present on other social media platforms as well. Bring people over from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube by telling them about your Instagram. It’s simple to plug your Instagram in a social media post. 

If you want to really get serious about upping your Instagram followers, try hosting a contest or giveaway. For an extra entry, ask people to follow your Instagram account.

If you have an email newsletter, this is another great place to promote your IG. Make sure to create an email footer that has all of your social media icons. You can also embed your recent Instagram posts directly into your newsletter. This tactic works with your website, too. Share some of your IG posts on your blog or website homepage to move traffic from one site to another.

Use Effective Hashtags

Hashtags can be a great way to help potential followers discover your content. Using hashtags on an Instagram post is a method of categorizing that post so people who are interested in your industry or niche can find your account. 

As you choose which hashtags to use, it’s important to mix up different size hashtags. If you use hashtags that are too broad, your post might get lost in the shuffle — but hashtags that are too small might not be worth it. Use mid-sized hashtags for best results. Here, RXBAR uses a few unique hashtags and a few hashtags that are relevant to this particular post.

If you’re having trouble finding hashtags, try using a hashtag generator. An Instagram hashtag generator can help you strategically pick the best hashtags for Instagram growth. To use a hashtag generator, type in a broader keyword, such as “fitness.” Then the generator will give you a list of hashtags related to that keyword. 

It’s also important to follow hashtag best practices for Instagram. Best practices include avoiding banned or spammy hashtags; check hashtags before you use them to make sure they aren’t banned. 

Another best practice is to use Instagram Insights and analytics. You can see how many people found your post from a certain hashtag, helping you figure out which hashtags are working and which ones aren’t. And remember, you can use hashtags on Instagram Stories, too. These are all great ways to help new followers find your account — and to ensure they stick around. 

Take Advantage Of Analytics Tools

To gain and keep more Instagram followers, make sure the content you’re posting is what they want to see. Instagram analytics are important because they can help you make decisions about what to post. If you post on Instagram but don’t track analytics, there’s really no point in even posting — it’s like banging your head against a brick wall. Engagement rate, reach, and website traffic are a few examples of good metrics to track. 

You can use Instagram analytics tools to learn the information you need to know. Sprout Social is one well-known analytics tool that many marketers choose to use. This platform makes it easy for you to see your analytics at a glance, providing a comprehensive dashboard you can use to track Instagram analytics. Another popular tool is Iconosquare. Iconosquare’s customized dashboard and scheduled reports provide valuable information about the performance of your account. 

Use these tools to see which posts get the most traffic and engagement, and which ones don’t. Then change your approach to Instagram marketing based on what you learn.

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Be Personable

People want to follow accounts that they can relate to. Humanize your profile by being real with your followers, helping them get a glimpse of the personality and the real people behind a brand. 

You could do this in a few different ways. Some companies share behind-the-scenes posts of what happens in the “back room.” Others post tutorials on their IGTV channels. Still other brands run unpolished Instagram Lives where they simply talk about themselves and their brands. 

Interior design studio Bone + Blanc posted this photo of co-owner Riss, sharing a few casual questions and answers in the caption to help followers get to know her:

GoMacro is another company that does a good job of making itself personable and relating to customers. This mother-daughter owned business has an Instagram Story highlight titled “BTS” for behind-the-scenes clips, and another called “Our Farm” to share videos from the family farm.

Sharing posts and Stories that humanize your brand can be a fun way to connect with your customers on Instagram. 

Create High-Quality Content

With so many accounts on Instagram, it’s important to make yours stand out. Creating high-quality content is key. From your images to your captions, everything you share on Instagram needs to be polished and engaging — in other words, the type of content that will make people hit that “Follow” button on your profile.

A simple but hugely effective way to optimize your photos is by using editing or photoshop apps.

This product photo from Kodiak Cakes is a great shot — and the company most likely used a simple photo editing app to help adjust the contrast and exposure until the image was perfect.

GIFs are another fun way to spice up your feed and get your followers engaged. This cute animated GIF from Cosmic Molecule stands out as you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed.

Finally, don’t forget to create captions that tell a story and bring your photos to life. This post from the Ronald McDonald House in Atlanta, Georgia shares a touching story about a cancer patient who stayed at the House.

Creating high-quality content will help you get more followers on Instagram.

Get More Followers on Instagram

Getting more followers on Instagram might seem like a pipe dream. But with these tried-and-true tips, growing your Instagram followers becomes easier than ever. Implement these ideas into your Instagram marketing strategy to help your account see true growth! 

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