Are Mesh Office Chairs Better?

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Office chairs are very much a factor in work productivity, but that doesn’t mean they’re created equal. Some are more ergonomic than others, such as certain types of mesh chairs and leather chairs. However, there’s been this constant debate among office chair enthusiasts about which reigns supreme in general. After all, a great ergonomic chair can definitely help improve a person’s productivity at work by providing a better posture and greater comfort.

Most of the time, mesh chairs win over leather chairs for improving office productivity. So, yes, it is better than most office chairs generally. Today, we’ll find out why that is so.

Before we get to the reasons for the mesh chair’s superiority over other chair types, we’d like to remind you that, like other chairs, they’re also prone to sinking over time. Here’s what you do when your chair keeps sinking.

Why Mesh Chairs Win

For the most part, mesh chairs edge ahead of leather chairs for the following reasons:

  • Superior ventilation that provides relaxation and comfort
  • Minimalist design for easy maintenance
  • Competitive pricing is great for business start-ups

That said, not everything about these chairs is good, as you’re about to find out in the next sections.

What Is a Mesh Seat?

A full-mesh chair or mesh seat is the most common type of office chair today. The fabric on its back is tightly woven to provide excellent flexibility and support to the user. Then, there’s the strong plastic frame that holds its entire upper structure together to give the chair great durability.

The first mesh seat that burst onto the scene was a Herman Miller. Herman Miller, who the chair itself was named after, had seniors in mind when coming up with its design. The mesh seat eventually proved to be more suited to the office workplace environment than any geriatric care center. 

Among today’s top choices for office chairs are mesh chairs by Nightingale and Eurotech. The former is known for its adjustable gel cushion seat, which delivers superior lumbar support, while the latter is popular for its impeccable back curvature and adjustability features.

If there’s one thing to note about a superior mesh chair is that it shouldn’t keep your body stiff. It should bend and contour with your body’s shape and distribute your weight evenly across its broad space instead. If your mesh chair doesn’t do this, then it isn’t a good model.

Mesh Chair Pros and Cons

There are many things to love and a few things not to love about mesh chairs in general. Let’s start with the good stuff.

Mesh Chair Pros

Mesh chairs aren’t the reigning office chairs of choice for nothing. Here’s all the good they have to offer:


The back of the mesh chair is structured specifically to facilitate circulation between the seat and back. This is where most of its edge over leather chairs come from and why it causes almost no discomfort even after long hours of sitting. 

Easy Maintenance

Have you tried cleaning an expensive leather office chair? It’s such a tedious and careful process you sometimes want to forgo entirely. That’s exactly the opposite of how you’ll feel cleaning a mesh chair. This super-lightweight chair makes the cleaning and maintenance process easier and quicker.

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The fact that these chairs don’t burn a hole through your pocket is one of the best things about them. Leather chairs can have insane price tags because of their genuine and high-quality leather. That’s not to say mesh chairs aren’t made of superior materials; their materials are simply not as highly-priced as leather.


There are very few stores in this day and age that don’t sell mesh chairs. You’ll find these babies easily in department stores, furniture shops, and office supply stores in your area. You can find full-mesh chairs with vinyl, leather, or fabric seats almost anywhere because of their high demand.

Mesh Chair Cons

Of course, there are some things about mesh chairs that could make you scratch your head every once in a while. They include:

Durability Not on Par With the Best Leather Chairs

Let’s get this straight: mesh chairs are durable in general; they’re just not as durable as leather chairs. They might sag and lose their comfort earlier and also strain your back as they lose their firmness.

Comes in Limited Styles

If aesthetics are as important as functionality to you, you might not be too happy with the mesh chair’s limited styles. You could have a unique office setting with no place for the designs your potential mesh chairs come in. That’s definitely bad news.

Mesh Chairs Are Definitely Better

Who works in an office these days anyway? That should remove at least one of the two mesh chair downsides discussed. As for its slightly lower durability than leather chairs, that’s easily remedied with the seat’s generally lower price tag. So, even after all that, it’s still a win for the mesh chair.

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