Creating the Perfect Nursery: 3 Tips for a Cozy and Functional Space


Your baby’s nursery is more than a place where they’ll sleep — or try to sleep — through the night. It’s a safe space for them to grow and learn. It’s up to parents to create this safe space by bringing their design vision to life.

Designing a nursery can be just as nuanced as any other room in the home. There are many things to consider, ranging from the color scheme to including convenient and functional storage for all of those baby clothes, toys and more.

Creating the perfect nursery doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. These simple design tips can help create a cozy and functional space for your little one.

Start with the Basics

Before you start purchasing your crib, change table, and other nursery furniture, it’s important to have a design in mind — starting with colors and themes. Your job is to decide if you will keep your walls neutral and accent with colors or patterns in your rugs, blankets, and other decor items; or if you’re keen on a specific theme, such as a jungle or under-the-sea theme.

The next part of this step is the floor plan. You want to ensure you have specific zones for sleeping, playing, changing, and nursing. This step involves measuring your nursery space so that you can purchase furniture that fits the room nicely and allows you to function in the space — this will also help ensure your baby has room to grow and develop in their new room comfortably.

Keep the Space Flexible

As your little one develops, their needs will begin to change, and it’s important that their nursery allows them (and you) to adapt to those changes. This space will not only be theirs when they’re sound asleep in their crib, but it will also be the room where they learn about tummy time on their Wunderkids by ALZiP mat, where they learn to crawl, walk, and experience more important milestones in their childhood.

This means choosing lighting fixtures, window treatments, and other decor pieces that are neutral enough to transition with your child as they age.

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Choose Versatile Furniture

Nursery furniture can fall on the expensive side, but there are ways to maximize your spending and ensure longevity in the pieces you select.

Start with the basics. When it comes to choosing a crib, there are models available that can be converted into toddler beds which is a great way to get more use out of this milestone purchase. The same method can be applied to change tables. In many cases, you can find dressers that come with removable change tables on top and, once taken off, can simply act as a dresser for your child’s clothes and other garments.

Versatility is key when it comes to creating the perfect nursery. By combining design and functionality, you can make the most out of this precious space and give your child everything they need to continue to grow and develop.

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