Elevating Customer Experiences and Meeting Modern Expectations

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Meeting and exceeding customer expectations has always been a goal in the competitive business landscape. However, the modern customer expectations have evolved, demanding more personalized attention and unique offering. To thrive in this customer-centric era, businesses need to adapt and bring modern thinking in their customer experience. 

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Quality VIP gifts

Gone are the days when mass-produced merchandises sufficed as customer gifts. Customers are not only discerning but they also find no value in the typical merch giveaways, including pens, hand sanitizers, and keyrings. These giveaways will at best be discarded immediately. At worst, they can affect your brand reputation. 

One ideal solution could be to look for a different approach to reward your loyal customers (more on this below). For example, high-spending customers, VIP spenders, could receive high-quality VIP gifts that sets your brand apart and leaves a lasting impression by matching their interests. Indeed, a cheese basket delivery or cheese tool set, for instance, could be perfect gift ideas for cheese lovers. These gifts showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

For smaller spenders, there can be other rewards available, as we’ll explain shortly. 

Online personalization for products

Customers crave products that reflect their individuality. The power of online personalization through mass customization cannot be overstated. Engraving names on items like perfume bottles or tech products, such as Apple earbud cases, not only adds a personal touch but also creates an emotional connection. 

It makes customers feel special, turning a regular purchase into a memorable experience. Personalized products are also more likely to attract repeat sales and recommendations, as customers share their unique finds with friends and family. 

Easy-to-contact customer service

In the digital age, customers expect seamless access to customer service round the clock. Offering 24/7 availability through phone calls, live chats, AI chatbots, and email ensures that customers can reach out at their convenience. In fact, 93% of customers are more likely to buy again from a business that can offer excellent customer service. 

As such, customer responsiveness, which is the action of addressing queries and issues rapidly, does more than demonstrating a brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. It is a crucial factor to driving trust.

One negative customer experience can have a long-lasting impact. According to studies, it takes approximately 12 positive customer experiences to make up for one negative experience. A bad experience can range from delays and difficulties in reaching the customer services, to the lack of resolution for an issue. 

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Rewards for loyalty

Loyal customers are the beating heart of any business. They not only provide consistent revenue, but also serve as brand advocates. These valuable customers expect to be recognised and rewarded. So, how can businesses reward loyalty for small spenders? When VIP gifts are out of the question, there are other options, including:

  • Privileged or early access to goods or services before other customers
  • Exclusive offers, such as exclusive discounts or sets
  • Personalized discounts to mark individual customers’ milestones, such as birthday or anniversary of their transactions

Such gestures are important to increase customer retention and also make loyal customers feel valued, regardless of how much they spend with your business. The cost of skipping loyalty rewards can be much higher, ranging from increasing acquisition costs when loyal customers leave to suffering from poor branding image. 

In conclusion, the new customer experience revolves around catering to the unique desires and expectations of today’s customers, regardless of their transaction values. 

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