How to Make Money on YouTube: Amazing Ways

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Earning money on YouTube mightn’t be the main motive behind you opening a YouTube channel, but there are many chances to start earning. You will be surprised at the multiple means available to make money on this trendy video-sharing space. As a content creator, lots of creative avenues exist for you to utilize to begin earning revenue on this popular platform. One’s audience can open up the earning potential of his channel. Wondering how to make money on YouTube? Read on to find out!

Multiple Ways to Make Money on the YouTube Platform

There are various ways to earn revenue from YouTube and boost your income stream. If you are wondering how to make money on YouTube, you should utilize these methods below;

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

This is a program through which normal YouTube users are able to start accessing unique features from this platform. It isn’t a must to become a partner in order to begin generating revenue because you can just open AdSense and earn whenever you get views after creating videos. However, when you’re a YouTube Partner, it will make earning more money easy.

YouTube Partners are able to access various income streams apart from video ads, such as Premium subscription fees, Super Chats, Super Stickers, channel memberships, merchandise shelf, revenue sharing, etc. You must abide by all the YouTube monetization policies and then reside at a place where this Partner Program is allowed.

After these, you can monetize your channel depending on how many subscribers you have. You’re free to opt in for monetization immediately after hitting 1,000 subscribers with 4,000 watch time in the previous year, or 1,000 subscribers and 10 million public YouTube Shorts views in the last 90 days. If you want to join the program follow these steps to enable monetization:

1. Log into your YouTube account.

2. Proceed to your top right corner and select your account’s icon.

3. Press YouTube Studio.

4. Go to your left menu and press Other Features > Monetization.

5. Go through YouTube’s Partner Program terms and requirements to agree.

6. Open a Google AdSense account or link a previous one to the channel. You’re required to have an AdSense account to get payment.

7. Start setting the monetization preferences.

8. Afterward, go to your dashboard, select the Analytics tab, and select Revenue from your top tabs. Afterward, proceed to your chart Monthly Estimated Revenue for a glimpse of the predicted YouTube revenue. All monetization channels have various eligibility requirements. They include;

Ad Revenue:

To start earning from YouTube ads, you must be 18 years and above, and then you must create long-form videos and advertiser-friendly content.

YouTube Premium Revenue:

Whenever Premium members view more videos from you, you’ll receive a part of their subscription fees.

Channel Memberships:

For one to be able to start selling channel memberships to his subscribers, he must be 18 years old and own 30,000 plus subscribers.

Merchandise Shelf:

To start selling merch from the YouTube merchandise shelf, he has to be 18 years and above and own 10,000 plus subscribers.

Super Chat Payment:

If one wants his fans to be able to pay for any of their messages to get highlighted in live chats and live streams, he has to be 18 and above and then reside in any region offering this feature.

2. Start Selling Your Own Merchandise

You may be a content creator and also be an entrepreneur. You might have a brand and your own line of products. Therefore, you want to design a YouTube marketing strategy for selling them. Selling merchandise serves as an amazing means of making money on various social media platforms such as YouTube.

You can sell your own products and also be promoting them in your YouTube videos. You have to be skillful and apply great styles whenever you upload videos and write video descriptions promoting your goods. Start wearing or using your merchandise in your YouTube video.

You can also start featuring viewers who purchased or made use of it. Also, remember to include the link to your store in the video description, then add a card and a captivating call to action.

3. Make Sponsored Content

It isn’t only on Instagram that you can become an influencer. Uploading videos on sponsored content and carrying out branded content campaigns is great because you wouldn’t start giving YouTube some part of your earnings. You only have to talk with a company; then they’ll pay you directly.

This is the reason why this method of making money is popular among YouTubers. If you’re able to start creating content that is relevant for businesses and you have a wide audience that is engaging, they’ll surely meet you for brand deals and liaise with you to boost their sales.

4. Try Affiliate Marketing

If you have an engaging and dedicated YouTube audience, you can search for businesses that utilize affiliate marketing. YouTube users who affiliate with brands propel their audience to pay for the company’s store and product page a visit through their videos.

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You will receive percentages from sales achieved with your affiliate link. An affiliate partnership is almost the same as sponsored content; therefore, you can utilize its steps to begin. Create YouTube shorts and share your custom links to start making money.

5. Let Fans Pay You

This is a method of earning from YouTube that involves various income streams. However, they’re all common because they make it simple for fans to show appreciation using cards. You can start hosting a live chat where users can utilize Super Chats. Earlier, the YouTube platform changed its former Fan Funding with Super Chat.

However, it’s just available to Partners whenever they’re livestreaming. Basically, viewers are free to enable their comments to be seen better. They can highlight and pin them for some time, depending on the amount they’re paying during the livestreaming. Be encouraging fans to be channel-paying members.

YouTube lets viewers pay creators to become members of their channels. Then, these viewers receive emojis, badges, exclusive perks, etc. Also, they can start accessing member-only exclusive content. You can even start encouraging your fans to be YouTube Premium subscribers because whenever these members view your channel, YouTube takes a share from their subscription fees and gives it to you.

6. Utilize Crowdfunding

You can solicit for donations, and this is so common nowadays. Even if you aim to start building revenue from little recurring monthly payments or you want to start funding private creative projects related to your account, crowdfunding is how lots of YouTube users earn money.

7. Start Licensing Your Content to Media Outlets

Whenever a video becomes viral, all the media houses will want access to it to replay it for their audiences. Also, these renowned news outlets know they must pay for whatever they’re using.

Therefore, this is another amazing means of making money. For content creators, licensing their popular works to the media is easy and a great way of making them even more popular.

What Amount of Money Can One Earn on YouTube?

The revenue from YouTube is gotten mainly from AdSense. YouTube users earn ad revenue through every ad viewed on their channels. However, how much YouTubers earn varies and depends on the geography, demography, industry, etc. Influencer Marketing Hub says that an average YouTube channel makes from $18 to $25 per 1,000 video views.

In a case where one’s channel reaches many audiences, the earnings will be much bigger. It is common for top-paid YouTubers to make more than $200,000 per month through just AdSense revenue. To know how much money you can earn from this popular platform, you should utilize the YouTube Money Calculator tool of Views4You.

Views4You YouTube Money Calculator - How to make money on YouTube

It’s a great tool that tells the money YouTubers can earn from their channels. This free tool will aid you in calculating your earnings from your monetized videos. With only a click or two, Views4You’s tool will show the amount of money your YouTube videos can make.


Earning money on YouTube mightn’t be the reason you opened your account, but there are many opportunities to start earning a steady income, and you’ll surely enjoy all the benefits you will get. Even when your content trends and advertising revenue upgrade your bank account, don’t forget that YouTube fame depends on many factors.

Some of these factors are not within your control, such as YouTube’s algorithm, which changes from time to time, as well as the needs of one’s target audience. If you are wondering how to make money on YouTube, you should use these methods to boost your income stream and achieve financial freedom.

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