Luxury and Your Smile: 5 High Quality Approaches to Oral Care

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It’s likely that taking care of your smile is so baked into your daily tasks that it doesn’t even occur to you to innovate your routine. But the oral care industry has evolved tremendously, and it’s possible that your lifelong habits could use an upgrade. Here, we’ll outline five ways you can transform your oral care routine into a luxurious act of self-care. 

#1 Upgrade Your Toothbrush

You no longer need to commit to putting a behemoth piece of plastic on display in order to experience the benefits of an electric toothbrush. High quality electric toothbrushes are designed with every taste in mind. From space saving options to aesthetically pleasing models, there is an electric toothbrush that will suit your specific needs.  

However, you don’t have to go electric to have a luxurious toothbrush — even manual options have come a long way. Say goodbye to garish primary colored toothbrushes polluting your countertops, and say hello to sleek designs in muted tones that’ll blend into any bathroom design.

#2 Modernize Your Flossing

Let’s face it: no one likes flossing. It used to be difficult to imagine this daily nuisance becoming an aspect of self-care. Enter: the water flosser, the 21st century approach to flossing. These sleek devices release a gentle stream of water that clean food particles and bacteria from hard to reach areas. 

Water flossers can attach to the faucet of your sink or even to your shower head as a lush addition to your daily routine. Manual options include a water reservoir into the product design, so you can floss without being directly attached to a water source. 

#3 Relax While You Whiten 

The introduction of Crest Whitestrips in the early 2000’s made home whitening the norm, so much so that it doesn’t even occur to most adults to schedule a whitening treatment with their dentist. Sure, home whitening is affordable; but these options require a fair amount of patience and focus on your part. 

Professional whitening options can deliver dramatic results. The best part? All you need to do is show up. You can relax in the exam chair while your dentist delivers you a bright new smile. Even better? Most professional options just require one session; so you won’t need to think about whitening for months — even years. 

#4 Protect Your Mouth’s Microbiome

Health conscious adults no longer need to choose between their values and effective oral hygiene. Thanks to emerging science showcasing the benefits of the body’s microbiome, the oral care industry now offers products that effectively clean without the harsh chemicals that can wipe out your mouth’s good bacteria. 

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These products run the gamut — from toothpaste and mouthwash to whitening treatments, you can maintain excellent oral health without sacrificing what’s important to you.

#5 Consider Subscription-Based Care

Between the fluorescent lighting and sprawling aisles, stocking up on necessities at the drugstore can be draining. You can eliminate this frequent drudge by opting for subscription-based oral care. 

Companies like Quip and BURST offer convenient oral care subscriptions on products from electric toothbrush heads, floss, and whitening treatments. You can sign up for delivery at a frequency of your choosing, and easily pause if you are traveling or need to work through your existing products. 


Oral care may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “luxury”, but there are plenty of ways to take your routine to the next level and enjoy a bit of lavishness while protecting your pearly whites. 

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