The Rise Of  Resin Jewellery: Imbue Your Look With a Sense of Glamour

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The fashion industry has undergone some drastic changes in the last few decades. From the ascension of fast fashion to the increasing popularity of athleisure, trends are constantly shifting and evolving. How we complete our outfits has also changed, with several industry crazes coming and going in the blink of an eye.

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It’s safe to say that the number of fashion accessories that never go out of style is few and far between – with the fickle nature of fashion being what it is. But one particularly versatile, timeless and stylish pick is the charming and often underrated resin jewellery.

The History of Resin Jewellery

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This particular material was originally a manufacturing response to the rising cost of amber. Scandinavian Baltic cultures were searching for a cheaper alternative, with the traditional material being too expensive for many.

Back then, it was developed through a labour-intensive process and was primarily used to make buttons and small decorative objects. Its inherent durability and striking appearance were undeniably attractive factors, often making it a fan-favourite and a go-to material in both functional, everyday pieces and luxurious items.

In more recent times, intricate and stylish resin jewellery is popular globally. The material is now used worldwide to create magnificent pieces and beautiful designs, with the manufacturing process becoming increasingly refined and eco-friendly as time goes by.

Why Is Resin So Popular?

Despite the ever-changing nature of fashion, resin is one of those materials that remain widely sought-after, year after year. Not only does it outshine its counterparts in terms of price, but it also has several incredible advantages that make it unique.

Stunning Appearance and Design Choice

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While many accessories boast a modern, clean look – resin pieces take it up a notch with their intricate and quaint design. It can mimic the texture and translucency of semi-precious stones, with its colourful and versatile textures adding a unique visual flair to any ensemble.

Plus, the simple yet timeless patterns that often decorate these pieces create a visually captivating aesthetic with the potential to enhance any outfit. Its aesthetic appeal is one of the primary reasons for its widespread popularity and why it continues to be a wardrobe staple.

Great Versatility and Customisation Options

Many handcrafted designer resin items can be customised to fit your style. With designers producing a variety of forms and colours that can be incorporated into your wardrobe in various ways, it’s one of the most adaptable materials out there. Whether you like understated everyday pieces or statement-making accessories, you will find plenty of choices. 

The manufacturability of this material also allows for complex and intricate designs that often feature multi-faceted elements. This includes the use of gemstone-like materials, which can be embedded in the resin to give it an even more luxurious feel.

Lightweight and Durable Solution

Let’s face it – heavy jewellery can be inconvenient and uncomfortable to wear, especially when you’re trying to get through a busy day. Not only can this weigh you down and disrupt the balance of your clothing, but it can also cause unnecessary strain on the neck and shoulder areas.

As they say, modern problems require modern solutions – and that’s exactly what resin jewellery offers. Weighing significantly less than other materials, this material is often light and comfortable to wear for extended periods. It’s also surprisingly durable, so it won’t show visible signs of wear and tear even after being worn regularly.

Eco-Friendly Production Processes

Many of us buy particular materials and accessories without giving the implications of doing so much thought. Traditional jewellery production methods frequently harm the environment since they use hazardous materials and techniques.

Due to its water-based nature, resin pieces are a much more eco-friendly option. The production process requires minimal energy and includes biodegradable and sustainable components, resulting in a material that has a significantly lower environmental impact.

But that’s not where sustainability in jewellery ends – the people involved in the production process are also considered. Many companies supporting this type of design make sure that their manufacturers are paid fairly and have access to safe working conditions.

Easy Care and Maintenance

As much as we’d like it to be otherwise, no jewellery is immune from dirt and grime. Some of the more delicate pieces, however, require extra care and attention when it comes to cleaning. In fact, some pieces even need professional polishing services.

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Fortunately, this material has proven to be a literal breeze to take care of. All it takes is a little soap and water, and you can easily clean the resin without damaging it in any way. Simply give it a good rinse and pat dry with a soft cloth, and you’re all set for your next outing.

How Can You Style Resin Jewellery?

With the features of this incredibly diverse material out of the way, let’s take a look at how you can use it to your advantage when putting together an outfit. Of course, we all have different tastes and preferences, so there’s no right or wrong way of doing things. But certain trends and techniques can be helpful when it comes to making a statement with the latest accessories.

Layering Chains and Charms

This is a fairly recent and straightforward way of incorporating multiple pieces into a single look. While different lengths of chains can be mixed and matched to create visual depth, adding charms is also an option that can level up an outfit. Depending on the occasion and personal preference, you can also add subtle symbols or playful animations to convey a particular message.

Mismatching Colours and Shapes

While we’ve all been told to match our jewellery pieces in terms of colour and shape, this is not always a necessity. Some of the most interesting combinations involve a bit of contrast, with asymmetrical shapes and bright hues adding a modern twist to any look.

For instance, a minimalistic white top can be easily spiced up with the addition of an unexpected colour, such as a blue or yellow pendant. When done correctly, all of these elements can come together harmoniously, instantly drawing attention.

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Playing with Textures

Naturally, the texture is an important aspect of the style game since it’s impactful even just at a glance. Smooth surfaces are often chosen for their calming effect, while rougher surfaces provide more of an edgy feel.

If you’re feeling especially daring, combining different textures can create an interesting contrast of light and dark elements in the same look. Use different types of chains or combine polished surfaces with matte elements to create an eye-catching effect.

Creating Statement Piece Combos

Of course, you don’t have to stick to subtlety if it’s not your thing. Bold pieces are certainly still in style, with their striking designs making it almost impossible to go unnoticed. In this case, you could focus all of your accompanying jewellery on a single piece, such as a statement necklace or bracelet.

With this look, it’s important to remember that less is more. A few carefully selected items will be more than enough to make a lasting impression – and getting the right combination of colours and shapes is the key to success.

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