The Timelessness of Sapphires: Everything You Need to Know

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Imagine wearing a beautiful royal blue stone that attracts positivity and defends you from harm. Sapphires are precious gemstones primarily composed of an aluminum oxide called corundum. Since 800 BC, this stone has been linked to royalty and mystical powers.

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Did you know that sapphires rank #2 on the hardness scale? It has a rating of nine on the Mohs scale, whereas diamonds have a ten rating. Therefore, it is the perfect alternative to diamonds for engagement rings. 

Reports suggest the sapphire market is expected to grow at a 6.61% CAGR by 2030, amounting to USD 12.7 billion. This precious stone has a unique history and symbolism that everyone should know about. In this blog, we will discuss that and more. 

The Historical Significance of Sapphires

Sapphires have been etched into human history. For instance, the ancient Persians believed the sky’s color was the influence of sapphire stone reflections. Similarly, the Catholics considered these stones to be representations of heavenly spirits. In ancient Greece, petitioners wore sapphire stones to channel their ‘third eye’ for oracle announcements. 

Other cultures believed sapphires to be the stone of the apocalypse. In the 12th century, sapphires became an appropriate stone for ecclesiastical rings. Moreover, Kings and Queens wore it around their necks to signify a mystical defense from harm. They believed sapphires saved the wearer from envy while attracting divine favor. 

In the Middle Ages, most religions and cultures considered sapphires holy stones that brought good luck and wealth. Therefore, King Solomon wore a sapphire ring that was considered to have magical powers for commanding demons. Even Helen of Troy had a large sapphire ring that many believe added to her mystical beauty and appeal. 

Near the Mediterranean region, many believed sapphires could protect them from witchcraft. In the late 1800s, the great traveler Sir Richard Francis Burton wore a star sapphire as a talisman. This large stone brought him good horses and attention on his expeditions. 

During the 1900s, the British royal family was seen wearing sapphire rings. King Charles gifted the most famous engagement ring to Princess Diana in 1981. 

Today, the ‘Star of India’ and the ‘Star of Adam’ are the largest sapphires in the world. The former has 563 carats and is displayed in the Museum of Natural History in New York. However, the latter is privately owned in Sri Lanka and has 1404.49 carats. 

The Symbolism of Sapphires

The term ‘sapphire’ means blue in Latin and is the birthstone of September. For centuries, this stone has symbolized heavenly innocence, truth, and good health. Moreover, Christians believed sapphires could preserve the wearer’s chastity. 

Other cultures associate joy, inner peace, prosperity, and beauty with this gemstone. Similarly, aristocrats wore this stone for protection and fulfillment while traveling. To them, it represented wisdom, justice, and repentance. 

For many years, wearers have claimed to find serenity and understand life’s true meaning after wearing sapphires. During the Middle Ages, people believed sapphires suppressed negative thoughts, cured diseases, and were an antidote to poison. 

Today, sapphires signify romantic love, fidelity, and devotion. Hence, you can give your loved one a sapphire ring to represent hope, faith, and joy. You can find unique and high-quality sapphire stones for sale and pair them with platinum or gold bands. The gemstone comes in various shapes and sizes, including pear, cushion, octagon, oval, etc. 

How to Use and Clean Sapphire Stones?

According to Leibish, sapphires gained popularity in modern culture after being discovered in Madagascar and East Africa. Of course, this gemstone would be a royal, passionate, and exotic gesture for your partner. The sapphire ring will promote social harmony and emotional well-being. 

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Technically, you can put sapphire stones in necklaces, bracelets, or rings. Many believe sapphire necklaces help your throat chakra and clear any blockages in your respiratory system. Others believe sapphire bracelets promote intuitive wisdom and offer healing ripples throughout your body. On the other hand, sapphire rings may ensure everlasting love and fidelity. 

Other than jewelry, you can also place sapphires in your home or office as decorations. It will promote stillness, purification, and divine energy. At your workplace, sapphires can encourage healthy communication and healing. 

Furthermore, sapphire stones have incredible durability and strength, making them easy to clean. Even then, you must use light pressure while cleaning this precious stone. Clean it with a soft-bristled brush under lukewarm or cool water.  

The Bottom Line

People buy sapphires over diamonds because of their enchanting elegance and royal history. Multiple color options are available, like pink, orange, green, and purple. However, blue sapphires are the most popular. 

Additionally, you can spend more money on customizing the engagement ring because sapphires are cheaper than diamonds. For instance, one carat of sapphire can cost anywhere between USD 2250 and USD 10,000. 

Do you want to buy a sapphire stone now? Then, remember to check the clarity and cut of sapphires. In terms of clarity, the gemstone will either be eye-clean or with inclusions. Choose a sapphire cut like oval, round, or cushion that maximizes the stone’s color, sparkle, clarity, and life. 

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