The Wilderness Beckons: A Closer Look at FOUNDO’s WILD HOOP EARRING


Nature has a certain allure that’s hard to put into words. It’s raw, unpredictable, and packed with stories that span millennia. This very allure, that visceral connection to the wild, is what FOUNDO channels into its WILD collection. Today, I’ll share my two cents on a piece that’s making waves in the world of jewelry: the enigmatic WILD HOOP EARRING.

The Panther: Nature’s Mysterious Beauty

Have you ever chanced upon an image of a panther, eyes gleaming, as it moves stealthily through the underbrush? There’s a compelling mix of power, grace, and mystery in that image. They’re not just animals; they’re symbols of a wild untouched by human hands. FOUNDO seems to have tapped into this very essence with their latest earring design.


Artistry That’s Gold

The WILD HOOP EARRING is more than just a piece of jewelry; it’s a narrative. Designed to mimic the powerful jaws of a black panther, the earring showcases a panther’s mouth made out of 18K white gold or yellow gold gently holding a lab-grown diamond. This isn’t a mere stone, by the way. This 0.37-carat brilliant-cut diamond is the embodiment of the panther’s spirit – fierce, elegant, and unmatched. Every glance at it reminds you of the mysteries the wild holds.

FOUNDO’s Ode to the Wild

The entire WILD collection feels like a series of love letters penned to Mother Nature. With each piece, you embark on a new adventure. Sometimes you’re amidst the lush, dense greenery of the Amazon; sometimes, you find yourself navigating the dark, enchanting tales of the Black Forest. On other occasions, you might even stumble upon the quirkiness of Alice’s rabbit hole! That’s the beauty of FOUNDO. They aren’t just crafting jewelry; they’re curating experiences. Each earring, necklace, or ring is a tale waiting to be told, a memory waiting to be made.


An Investment in Timelessness

Alright, let’s talk numbers. Priced at $1280, the WILD HOOP EARRING is definitely an investment. But here’s my take: you’re not just buying an earring. You’re purchasing a fragment of the wild, a wearable piece of art, a timeless keepsake. And given the impeccable craftsmanship and innovative design, it justifies its price tag. It’s a little reminder that you can always carry a piece of the wild, no matter where you are.

Elevating Conversations with FOUNDO’s Creations

Beyond its designs, FOUNDO is setting the stage for broader conversations about nature, sustainability, and art. The WILD collection is a testament to their commitment to pushing boundaries, redefining luxury, and creating conversations around the wild’s relevance in today’s digital age.

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Concluding Thoughts: Embracing the Call of the Wild

The panther’s call is hard to resist. With the WILD HOOP EARRING, you get to carry a piece of its spirit with you. It’s a reminder of the untamed, the beautiful, and the wild tales waiting to be told. To explore more of FOUNDO’s wild inspirations, visit their official website or join the conversation on Twitter.


FOUNDO® is a revolutionary collectible brand rooted in oriental culture, a bold ethos and fusion aesthetics merging traditional materials with contemporary aesthetics across east and west, using the latest in blockchain technology, superior materials and world-class craftsmanship to provide collectible grade customer-centric products and experiences for those who prefer the quietly charming.

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