Tips for Creating a Stylish yet Sustainable Home

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If you’re concerned about the environment, then you might be looking for modifications to make your home more ecologically sound. But at the same time, you might baulk at the prospect of sacrificing your interior design features in the process.

Fortunately, there are several green measures which can be taken without compromising on style!

Install solar panels

Even in a country that doesn’t receive much sunlight, we can get a surprising amount of benefit from rooftop solar panels for the home. Photovoltaic panels can be installed out of sight, and they’ll tend to pay for themselves within a few decades. There’s government backing for this kind of measure too, thanks to the ECO4 scheme, which runs up to March 2026.

Use sustainable materials

You might find that many of the items you’re using around the home are made from materials which can’t easily be recycled or repaired. Once plastic begins to discolour, or picks up a few scratches, it tends to be destined for the landfill – in spite of our efforts to recycle it. 

Making small switches to glassware and bamboo could mean substantially reducing your overall ecological burden. You could also switch out plastic shopping bags for reusable cloth tote bags, which can be more durable and stylish at the same time.

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If you can squeeze some more use out of an item that would otherwise be thrown away, then the chances are good that you’re helping the environment. If you have the skills, you can upcycle older pieces of furniture, rather than investing in brand-new ones. Another upside to this is that upcycling offers you the chance to put your own personal stamp on your home. What’s more, you’ll get the satisfaction that comes with picking up a new hobby and practicing it!

Organic textiles

Certain kinds of material are naturally more carbon-intensive than others. Textiles which have been heavily processed and dyed would fit into this category. Go for organic ones instead, and you’ll not only reduce your ecological impact, but benefit from that particular green aesthetic. You can apply this principle elsewhere in your home, too. Swap that plastic chopping board for a bamboo butcher’s block, for example, and you might save substantially, while protecting the natural world at the same time.

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