3 cryptos trending this Christmas SOL, Big Eyes Coin and Tezos

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On the eve of Christmas, investors might loop into tokens that have an appreciable returning capacity. Crypto trends have evaporated due to inflation and its harsh aftermath. The investors in this situation may feel indecisive as there is a further dwindling possibility. The bitcoin trading platform bit iq is a must-check if you are new to cryptocurrency trading and investments.

Besides, the cryptos ever since the crypto crash have picked up quick rebounding potential. They aid their trends and escalate massively. The year 2021 has been traumatic for ts investors and token holders. But the year 2022 has shown contended results in terms of gains. In fact, there are numerous coins that have scaled and skyrocketed.

Some of these are Solana, Big Eyes Coin, and Tezos. These coins are worth an investment as they have outgrown remarkably. The investors who stand out of the crowd and seek profit and enthusiastic about these tokens. Give the season of love and happiness with a perfect investment and lighten your portfolio. Joy is where there is peace and a sense of security.

Let us detail the most pioneering tokens of 2022:

1. Solana (SOL)

Solna is the most welcoming coin in the world of digital assets. Fans and investors are enthusiastic about this token. It has a three-featured concept of addressing 3 problems together. The token is highly decentralized, super safe as well as secure.

The architecture of SOL is built in such a way that it eases the ability to connect to various blockchains. It is the chief of the altcoin family and is given great importance. The token is a fixed fusion of two main classic elements. The proof-of-stake and proof of history.

Its feature of interoperability enables the coin to maintain sets of tokens, trade, and make transactions with ease. It can also maintain NFTS. Solana token generates income-earning opportunities and opens doors to numerous possibilities. One can lend their Solana token and earn interest.

Investors at this stage are advised to buy and hold the SOL token when the prices are dropping. Buying at low prices and selling when the prices tower is the gameplay of crypto.

2. Tezos (XTZ)

Tezos provides expansive opportunities to enable smart contacts facility. If further processes peer-to-peeer payments, DeFi, and the development of decentralized apps including NFTs. The portal is recharged by the native XTZ token known a Tez.

The portal follows a consensus proof-of-stake approach. It enables community voting facility to its token holders. This is to ease holderss to take paet inthe major decisions of the token. The blockchain network platform has a similar functionality to the Ethereum token.

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The underlying wraps of the Tezos are complicated in comparison to the Ethereum blockchain. The portal is open to evolve and adapt to new strategies and technology and apps.   The current number of coins circulating in the venture is 743,000,000.

3. Big Eyes Coin

The purpose behind the creation of this utility token is the development of the base of DeFi apps. It aids the current DeFi structure making it more user-friendly ad adaptable. This meme coin is here to lift up the dropped value of the meme coin family. It operates as a deflationary token unlike other meme coins like dodge or Shiba Inu.

The reason is a finite number of available tokens in the crypto font space. And the total number of tokens will dwindle over time. The portal is trying to improve the value of a token by burning the token. The token-burning process is a voluntary decision of the whole community. If the community votes to burn the token, a specific number of tokens will be eliminated.

The token is an inspiration from the cat species as there was dog domination in the meme community. The venture has an outbursting fan following and is soon gonna pop up its pre-launch model. The project aims to set forth a grand mark for the projects to follow in their footsteps.

Investors who are hesitant from drooling overy cryptos can now be rest assured as the right meme coin is here in the market. The concept of meme coin community is redefined and framed into a wider view via this token.

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