5 amazing gifts that are perfect for stationery lovers

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Are you on the hunt for a great gift for a stationery lover? Want to buy them something they’ll truly love and get lots of use out of? We’re here to help! Take a look at our gift ideas below that will give you plenty of inspiration for any stationery fans in your life. Whether you’re celebrating their birthday, or getting them a Christmas gift, there’s something suitable for all occasions.

A special notebook

There are tonnes of beautifully decorated notebooks on the market to explore, so you really will be spoiled for choice! Many have fun, witty or inspirational slogans on the front, so why not pick one that suits their personality? Or if slogans aren’t their thing, you could get one with a beautiful pattern, their favourite animal on the front, or made from a luxurious material.

Premium pens

If they journal, write lots of notes or simply like to doodle, they’re sure to love a selection of premium pens. You could go all out and buy them a calligraphy set, with a fountain pen and ink cartridges, to make them feel like they’ve transported back in time.

A journal

A new journal is the perfect present for those who like to get all their thoughts and feelings out onto paper. There are a huge range of journals focussing on different aspects of life, from mindfulness journals to health and fitness planners, travel journals to pregnancy diaries, and much more in between!

A desk planner

If like many people they are now spending their days working from their make-shift home office, help them get organised with a desk planner. Most can sit neatly to the side of their monitor and offer a great way to keep track of the days and weeks ahead.

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A desktop organiser

Whether they’re a neat freak or their desk is a permanent bombsite, a desktop organiser is sure to be a big hit. They come in all shapes and sizes to suit the space available, as well as a range of styles to complement their décor. From traditional wooden designs to modern copper and industrial wires organisers, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re looking for great gifts for a stationery fanatic, Card Factory has a wide selection of fantastic presents for fantastic prices. From desk planners to stationery kits and much more, there’s plenty of options that won’t break the bank. The question is, which gift will you choose?

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