What You Need To Know About Air Duct Cleaning North York 

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Air Duct Cleaning North York Methods

The air duct cleaning North York method you will go for will depend on factors like the nature of your HVAC system and the amount and type of dirt you are cleaning. When choosing one, your number one factor should be a method that will carefully clean your air duct and not leave any dust and debris. 

Leaving your system unchecked for a long time can accumulate dust and debris. Air condenses and moisture can lead to the growth of mold, which causes allergic reactions to the family members. When you contact a duct cleaning North York company, the technicians first check the system. They then propose the best cleaning methods.

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You Can DIY

Most homeowners prefer to DIY on most home units, like their dryer vents and HVAC systems. If you have the skills and the right tools, cleaning the air duct will save you on the cost of labor. However, if you do not have the skills and proper tools to clean your air duct, you should contact professionals to do it for you. This will save you from any damages you would have done to the system and the dangers of not thoroughly doing duct cleaning North York. 

If you decide to DIY, the following steps will help you with the process. 

  1. Switch off the A/C from the thermostat to stop the power supply.
  2. Use a long brush to loosen the dirt and debris and vacuum it through all the vents in the house. 
  3. Remove and wash all the vent covers. Put them in the sun to dry
  4. Vacuum the interior of the system and ensure all the dust and mold have been removed. 
  5. Check if the vent covers have dried and return them. Return every part as it was and reconnect the system to its source of power. 

DIY might not be as effective as calling a technician. If there was mold in the system, it is likely to return because of failing to be disinfected. Technicians will also use special detergents and UV light to clean dust and debris and kill bacteria and germs. 

The technicians start the process by inspecting your ductwork to see all the possible contaminants and see how the system is built. They inspect all the parts of the duct, including the dark parts under the house. They will then come up with a report showing all the possible red flags. 

Some of the things they can see are dust particles and mold build-up, even in the deepest parts of the system. If there is condensed water in the corners of the air duct, they will also see it. Another thing they will note down is breeding insects and any parts of the system that is damaged. All this is compiled and you get it as a report. 

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Which Cleaning Method Will You Prefer? 

The technicians might have several ducts cleaning North York methods, so they will give you a chance to choose. Ensure they explain what each entails, mentioning its advantages and disadvantages. They should also guide you depending on the nature of your HVAC. So, make sure you choose the one that will work well for the type of your HVAC.

Source Removal

This is the first method you may opt for. The method entails two elements; extraction and agitation. The contractors first loosen the dirt up for easy removal and use extraction to suck it out of the system. It leaves your HVAC clean and it is one of the most effective methods to choose. 

Point Of Contact

The point of contact method of air duct cleaning North York comes with a HEPA vacuum and a long spinning brush that can get to the deepest parts of the house. The vacuum has a high velocity, making it easy to loosen and suck dirt out of the HVAC. This method is adequate and widely used. 

Truck-Mounted Method

Technicians come with the vacuum mounted on the track, and the other opening is attached to the HVAC system. The truck-mounted method has very high velocity and can clean all parts of the system, leaving no dirt behind. The soil is sucked and taken to the truck, so there is no chance of your house getting contaminated. 

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