4 Reasons Buying A Vehicle Protection Plan Now Will Save You Money In The Future

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Cars are full of moving parts, so wear and tear will inevitably happen. Couple this with the possibility of parts developing unexpected faults; you can reasonably expect you’ll need a mechanic to work on it at some point. However, when these things happen in the first few years of your car’s life, it’s more of a surprise than in an older, higher mileage vehicle. Faults early in a vehicle’s life are often covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and will continue to be covered beyond this period if you have a vehicle protection plan. As such, there are several reasons taking out such a plan can save you money in the long run.

Save On Additional Service Packages

Comprehensive Vehicle Protection Plans often include additional benefits such as breakdown cover and car hire. Rather than paying out for two separate service policies, you’re covered for all eventualities in one monthly payment. You’ll also benefit from the convenience of only dealing with one company rather than chasing two and potentially forgetting something vital. And because it’s all in one policy, you’ll likely find the cost is lower than if you were paying out twice.

Plans For All Budgets

Depending on the type of car you’ve purchased and what your budget allows, there are plans suitable for everybody. If unforeseen happens to your vehicle when on a lower income, the cost of repairs can quickly become insurmountable. Looking at the various plans with Endurance costs will have you quickly realize the small monthly outlay can save you from significant repair bills. If you cannot cover a one-off large payment, a small monthly payment gives the peace of mind that your VPP will cover repairs.

More Choice

Independent Plan providers generally allow you to choose which service company to use. Whereas taking an extended warranty from the manufacturer usually means you have to use their approved providers. This lack of choice can mean traveling a long distance to get to the nearest approved garage, which will cost a lot in gas before adding in mark up on costs. Using a reliable local repairer saves time and money and lets you build a good relationship with them.

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Off-Set High Repair Costs

Highly reliable cars tend to have low predicted annual repairs, whereas other models and brands (typically high-end ones) have a high predicted yearly repair cost. If you’re opting for one of the latter types investing in a vehicle protection plan will significantly reduce your projected annual repair bill. Keeping a luxury vehicle in top condition is essential to maintaining its value should you decide to sell it at any point. So, for expensive cars, it’s not only about looking at the cost of repair bills but also retaining your investment. 

There are various reasons to purchase a vehicle protection plan for your motor vehicle once the manufacturer’s warranty expires. People with any budget can save themselves from large unaffordable repair bills and benefit from additional services like included breakdown cover. 

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