Essential Tools you need to Renovate your Bedroom

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The bedroom might not strike many homeowners as a priority when it comes to decorating and renovation. But, while we might not spend many of our waking hours here, the space does tend to have a considerable impact on how comfortable we are in our own homes. If your bedroom looks terrible, in other words, you’ll probably end up developing negative feelings about your home more broadly, even if you don’t quite understand why.

If you’re planning to remodel the space, then you’ll need the right tools. There are a few key pieces of equipment that might make it easier. When you’re shopping for power tools, look for a reputable brand like Milwaukee.

Paint sprayer

This is a piece of equipment that will fire pressurised paint at your walls, saving you the trouble of having to break out the brushes and the rollers. The main advantage here is that you’ll get an even coat, with no need to do any sanding. On the other hand, there’s an upfront cost in terms of equipment, and you’ll need to prepare the workspace to avoid spray going everywhere.

Measuring tape

If you’re going to be doing any housework of any kind, then you need a substantial measuring tape. Learn to use it properly, and you’ll wonder how you did without it. This goes especially if you’re going to be putting together bespoke furniture for all of those little nooks and crannies.

Spirit level

You want to be sure that everything you install is level with everything else. For this, a spirit level is a valuable tool. Get several of them in different lengths. If you plan to carry out a lot of renovations, then going for a laser level instead might be helpful. They can save a lot of effort.

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Cordless drill and driver

Ideally, you’ll have access to an impact driver as well as a cordless drill. This will allow you to easily deal with screws and fixings. The difference between the two tools might not be obvious – but your wrists will thank you if you pick up both of them.


Most DIY bedroom projects will involve plenty of woodwork. A sander is therefore an essential acquisition. Sanders come in many different types, but for most home decorators, the best option is a random orbital sander. This will help to prevent streaks from appearing in your work. As ever, make sure that you’re taking ventilation seriously when sanding. Ideally, do it outdoors.

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