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There are lots of great ideas for a short stay in London, from inspiring tours of the city’s hidden gems to indulging in its hundreds of fabulous London restaurants and museums. There is plenty to explore. Indeed, you might argue there’s a little too much to do as you’re unlikely to be able to fit it all into one trip.

That’s why you might want to file your next London trip as a certain kind of city break. This way, you can break up the activities into perfectly curated breaks that all stick to a cohesive theme. This article will explore four different types of city breaks in London. And remember, these are just recommendations so you can always mix and match if you’d fancy, for example, a “romantic cultural break.”

Weekend City Breaks 

Given how easy it is to reach the city centre and navigate London by train, it’s the ideal location for a weekend getaway, regardless of where you live in the UK. Start your weekend break in London’s West End taking in the show of the moment. You could also visit the top attractions like the London Eye and the Tower of London, though note that these attractions are always going to be busier on a weekend.

Romantic City Breaks

While Paris might be the city of love, London has more than a few romantic tricks up its sleeve. For romance that’ll blow your partner’s socks off (figuratively, at least) visit the spectacular gardens of Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace or check out some of London’s best spas for something a little more unique and indulgent. If you really want to experience once-in-a-lifetime romance, however, check out a river dinner cruise across the Thames.

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Family City Breaks 

London is a city made for families. There are dozens of interactive museum exhibits, many of which are free entry, and there are lots of outdoor activities and sightseeing activities for the kids too. It’s also never too early to give your kids the theatre bug and there are loads of great West End musicals for the family like Matilda and Wicked. If you’re willing to take a short train ride outside of the city centre, meanwhile, the kids will love you forever if you take them to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour and let them experience how the Harry Potter films were made.

Cultural City Breaks 

Catch an award-winning play or an opera show if you fancy something with a little cultural depth. There is also lots of colourful street art to check out on the streets of London, particularly in cooler areas like Camden and there are plenty of walking tours to check out if you want a more granular, guided experience. And of course, there are lots of museums to explore such as the Tate Modern, the Design Museum, the V&A and the British Museum. In fact, you could probably spend a whole week just visiting museums and galleries if you were so inclined!

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