How To Ensure Your Luxury Beachfront Store Is Successful

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Contrary to popular notions, the UK is in fact home to a wide range of beautiful seaside towns, charming coastal resorts and gorgeous shorelines. With high numbers of tourists visiting the British Isles each year (especially during the summer), the UK could be the perfect location to set up your own luxury beachfront business. But how can you best go about marketing your beachfront store and spreading the word about your new business on the beach?  

Classic banners – Making use of physical banners is a cheap and efficient way of marketing your beachfront business and can be as luxurious as you need. Consider printing custom banners to advertise your business which can be printed on PVC with some options coming with halogen lights which ensure that you will be seen. You will want to make it stand out on the seafront – incorporate plenty of colours and a large typeface to make your sign more eye-catching and visible in poor weather. Remember that outdoor banners will be exposed to the elements, especially when they’re placed close to the beach. Invest in quality banners that are likely to be more hardwearing throughout the colder months and during off-season periods.

Sand sculptures – If you’re starting up a beachfront business, it makes perfect sense to utilise the materials around you in order to make your store stand out. Because you’re likely to have unlimited access to sand, consider getting creative and incorporating this into your marketing campaign. You can use sand sculptures and sand art to create a local buzz, generate discussion and add a unique, luxury twist to your brand. Don’t hesitate to publicise your sand sculptures on social media for maximum impact and encourage your clients to take plenty of pictures!

Events – As a new beachfront business owner, it’s essential that you make your presence known in the community – remember that tourism is likely to slow down in the colder months, so you’ll likely need to partner up with other businesses to generate alternative means of income throughout the year. One of the most effective ways of spreading the word and gaining security for your new business is by sponsoring or running local events in partnership with existing companies in the area – this could include sponsored beach volleyball matches, water sports tournaments, beach parties, talent shows and beachfront BBQ events. You can run events all year round, mixing and matching depending on the weather.    

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Freebies and samples – They say that the best things in life are free, and it’s certainly true that most of us enjoy a freebie now and then. One of the easiest ways to market your new brand is by giving out free samples and tasters to potential customers – this is especially effective if you’re selling food and drink, a potentially profitable niche for beachfront stores. By getting out on the beach and providing potential clients with a free example of your luxury products or services, you’ll be able to make immediate connections with new customers, build brand trust and generate word-of-mouth buzz around the community. 

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