How to plan the perfect luxury vacation

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With the festive season in full swing, the January blues aren’t too far away. To help perk you up during the month after Christmas, you may be considering booking a holiday for 2023. If this is the case then we have a few tips to help you plan a perfectly luxurious vacation for the year ahead.


If you really want to have a luxurious vacation then you should consider renting a private jet to get you to your destination. Private jets are the epitome of luxury travel and are an experience in themselves. You can experience fine dining at 45,000 feet, with specially curated menus and wine tasting so you can say goodbye to the microwaved commercial flight meals. You will also be able to bring along your furry friends so if you are planning a trip away with your pets, flying private is the perfect way to do this in comfort. 

Research the best time to visit 

No matter what type of vacation you prefer, be it an eco-stay at a luxury reserve in South Africa or a beach break in the Maldives, you will want to research the best time of year to visit your chosen destination. In some places, adverse weather conditions during the off-season may ruin your trip so it is key to be aware of the best time to visit. This is particularly important for tropical islands like Hawaii, as bad weather may result in you being stuck in your hotel for the duration of your stay.

Consider a travel package 

Planning every aspect of your vacation can result in added stress – which is the exact opposite of what vacationing is all about. As such, you may want to consider a travel package or an all-inclusive resort so that you can leave the planning to someone else.

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The Mukara Suite at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is one of the most unique, luxurious stays that you can think of, so if you are looking to go all out, this could be the vacation spot for you!  The main bedroom in this suite is submerged 16 feet below the ocean so you can sleep in your own personal aquarium and watch sharks, rays and tropical fish float by at your leisure. You will also find a private hot tub and swimming pool out on the deck. Included with your package stay is a personal chef, a film crew to document all of your adventures and speedboats and jet skis that you can play with.


Vacations can last from a couple of nights away to a few weeks, but to experience a luxurious break you need to ensure that your trip lasts long enough for you to disconnect from the ‘real world’. Of course, each person is different but to really feel like you have had time away, you should book a vacation for a least a week

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