How To Save Money On Electric With Proper AC Repairs

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The national average for electricity went from 0.144 cents per kWh in September 2021 to 0.167 in September 2022. In cities like Miami, the increase has led to homeowners feeling even more of a pinch with the average prizes going from 0.127 cents per kWh to 0.163. Everyone is looking for ways to save money, and a faulty or older AC system can drastically increase your utility bills.

As everyone looks for ways to reduce household expenses, you may be overlooking one of the best ways to save. If your AC system isn’t in prime condition, you’re wasting money. Here are the top reasons your AC system is driving up your utility bills.

Failing and Older Parts Decrease Efficiency

When an AC’s parts like capacitors and motors are old and starting to fail, the central air system has to work more to keep the rooms cool enough. This decreases efficiency and drives up electricity bills.

As the system works together to meet the setting on the thermostat, when that’s not happening, the motor keeps going. With the motor constantly running to try to cool the room enough, electricity is being drawn 24/7 and driving up your bills.

Clogged AC Filters

Here is an AC repair that’s easy for any homeowner or renter to take care of. AC filters should be replaced every few months at a minimum. In a home that has a lot of pets or dust, monthly changes may be necessary.

When a filter is dirty, it takes more effort to push air through them and around the home. Rooms don’t get as cool because it’s harder for the air to move around, so your system works harder.

Cracks and Holes In the Duct Work

When air is flowing from room to room, are you losing any of that cooled air to the attic, basement, or space between the wall? If there are cracks or holes in the ducts, you are and it wastes money.

Older ducts may start to deteriorate due to the moisture in the ducts. If a rodent gets into them, damage is possible. If it’s been several years since you’ve had the ducts cleaned or inspected, it’s a good time to consider that. If there are holes or cracks, ducts can be sealed or restored. If sections need to be replaced, a professional AC technician can do that for you.

Oversized or Undersized Systems

Some people think that a system that’s too powerful for the space will cool the home faster and save money. Others go for the smallest possible size thinking it will cost less to run. This isn’t what happens. A system that’s too large or too small for the space wears out faster and costs more in the process.

When a system is oversized, it will cool the home quickly, but then it turns off fast. The constant on-and-off cycles wear out motors quickly. Plus, each time it powers up, you’re using more electricity. An undersized system runs constantly to try to keep rooms cool enough.

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Improper Coolant Levels

An AC system is charged with refrigerant. If this coolant is running low, there’s no way for it to remove enough warmth from the air inside the home. The system works harder to try to do its job. Low coolant can be an indicator of a leak and has to be addressed by a professional AC technician.

Lack of Maintenance

Every season, you should address the care and maintenance your AC system requires. Leaves and debris need to be removed from the outdoor unit’s cover. Coils should be cleaned of any dust or dirt. Vent covers inside the home need to be vacuumed to remove pet hair and dust. Filters need to be replaced.

Some of the yearly maintenance tasks are things you can do on your own. When it comes to checking the electricals, taking components apart to clean them, and inspecting the ducts, you need a professional who has the right tools and equipment for proper cleaning and assessment.

DIY Repairs Cost More in the Long Run

While you may save money on a DIY AC repair, you have to carefully weigh the pros and cons. If anything goes wrong, you could damage your air conditioning system beyond repair. Now, you’re out the cost of the parts you bought, the time you spent, and have to pay for a new system. Worse, you may try to repair an electrical component and create a fire hazard. Is it worth the risk?

With All Year Cooling’s free estimates, you can learn what’s wrong and get expert advice on what it will cost and take to repair your system. If your AC repairs aren’t going to keep your system running for long, we’ll tell you and help you weigh your options. You’re not under any obligation, but we will help you find ways to save money on your electricity bills so that you have all you need to make a decision.

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