Five New Trends in Digital Marketing

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When was the last time you thought about the effectiveness of digital marketing in your business? If it’s not been for some time, chances are you have missed some important changes that are likely to enhance your business and make it more future-ready. Here are five trends.  

AI Marketing 

AI marketing is no longer a thing of the future; it is here now and growing fast. AI marketing includes chatbots, social media analytics, digital ads, and search engine optimization. Without the features of AI technologies, marketing efforts would be slower and less effective, and customers would have an inferior experience: ask anyone who has interacted with chatbots. 

AI marketing uses data and trends to make predictions about the future and improve the quality of marketing efforts along with improving the customer experience. Chances are you are already using some AI in your busines without realizing it, but if you aren’t aware of this current technology, it is time to research what AI marketing and automation can do for your business. Marketing automation is available for almost every type of business. For example, if you own a company with multiple locations, you can look for the best franchise marketing automation software on the market to manage each location. To automate all aspects of your marketing processes, you can even use all-in-one marketing automation software.

Mass Texting 

The first mobile technology emerged in the nineties, but it was quickly outpaced by the technology of desktop and laptop computers, especially when social media came along in the early two thousands. Still, mobile technology continued to grow in the background, and then internet chats became a thing. Chats are where mobile technology meets the internet. 

Nowadays, most people have a chat app on their phone that is used instead of both text messaging and social media communication. The most popular internet chat app is WhatsApp which is sometimes considered to be a social media platform. Now, there is an emerging trend in digital marketing – a texting service – that lets you send mass-market texts more easily. 


Over the last few years, the Metaverse has been emerging as a potential future technology; then, in 2021, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg changed the leading social media channel to a metaverse company bringing the concept to mainstream attention. A metaverse is a series of interconnected digital spaces, a combination of digital technologies and augmented realities. 

Countless science fiction stories have played with these ideas, see The Matrix, among others, but that doesn’t mean it can’t become a reality. Think of satellites, space stations, and solar power; they were all sci-fi concepts at first. But digital marketing has not missed the boat on this one; savvy marketers are front and center of the latest developments in the digital spaces.        

Augmented Reality 

It might not be possible to create a powerful metaverse experience without augmented reality. For decades, virtual reality was viewed as a curiosity, it was clearly a powerful technology, but no one had any real use for it, then augmented reality came only. Augmented reality blends authentic physical environments with computer-generated features for new interactive spaces. 

Augmented reality is already proving to be a powerful new trend in digital marketing. Pokemon Go is the perfect example. Using the popular game format, players interact with computer-generated characters in the real world as they navigate a local area. The game allows a retail outlet to buy a spot for a pokemon, thereby attracting more business to the store.   

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Instagram Reels 

In recent years, social media platforms diversified like never before, and new brands became popular; one of these was TikTok which focused on video content instead of text-based posts. However, TikTok is Chinese-owned and was banned in some countries; as a result, Instagram reels and Facebook reels emerged as a replacement or in direct competition with TikTok.

People love social media reels; they offer a fast and effective way for people and businesses to convey a message about a product, brand, sale, or event. Simply put, video is easier to digest than text-based content, making it perfect for social media in small doses. Now, social media reels have enhanced features that allow users to track their performance and optimize them.

Final Thoughts 

The digital marketing landscape is always moving, changing, and shifting, but we can still make predictions about what direction it will take in the future. If you want to stay ahead of the game, it’s best to study the trends emerging in digital marketing and adapt your brand where possible. 

In this article, you can find five of the most noticeable changes in digital marketing in recent years. There’s no doubt that adapting to them will increase engagement levels in your business and maintain relevance for you in the years to come. Still, you need to stay sharp in this game.  

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