8 jobs you can do while travelling the world

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Being able to mix travelling with work means that you can explore interesting places whilst still earning and maintaining a career. Not having to sacrifice your job in order to travel has been made easier with digital careers becoming increasingly remote, so you can perform your role from practically anywhere with an internet connection. 

Here are a few of the more traditional globe-trotting jobs along with some digital roles you can do while travelling in different countries.

Traditional jobs

Hotel worker

There are plenty of seasonal jobs working at hotels, resorts, and chalets across various countries. In summer, you’ll likely find roles working in warmer climes where holidaymakers go to enjoy the sun, whilst ski resorts and chalets will warmly welcome new staff during winter.

Flight attendant

Becoming a steward or stewardess means becoming an essential part of the aircrew onboard commercial flights. While much of your time will be spent up in the air looking after passengers, you’ll get a fair amount of time to explore new destinations in between flights.

Truck driver

Getting involved with long-haul freight and logistics can mean driving goods across Europe. Rather than giving you the chance to travel to one location, driving a truck across many countries can give you an entirely different perspective. This can be an option is you prefer to work solo – but you may need extra equipment like an air compressor hose and tire inflator for your truck while on the road.

Au pair

Being an au pair means becoming living as part of a host family in a foreign country. This can be a great opportunity to get closer to the local ways of living and practice your language skills if you are considering learning another language. Typically, you will be taking care of housework and looking after young children.

Digital jobs


Blogging isn’t confined to a desk – you can blog from practically anywhere in the world. It can serve as a way of gaining inspiration and discovering new topics to write about, as well as engaging with travel brands that may want to be featured on your blog. You might even decide to become a travel blogger instead if you feel it suits your audience.

Freelance copywriter

Whether you have an established client base or simply pick up jobs via freelancing website, copywriting is flexible in terms of where you work from. You’ll need to be mindful of how your deadlines translate over time zones and ensure you don’t fall behind on your schedule whilst exploring new locations.

See Also

Ecommerce manager

If you’re managing an ecommerce site for a client or multiple clients, you can gather that data no matter where you are in the world. You can monitor performance and conversion regardless of your location, feeding back to your clients on a regular basis – just make sure you have a steady Wi-Fi connection for any video calls.

Community manager

For both community managers and social media managers, you’re able to moderate the relationships between your clients and their customers via online platforms. You can do this from your sofa or you can do it from a café halfway across the world, provided your clients know where you are and can reach you when needed.

These are just a handful of the jobs which you can take you around the world, or be done from almost anywhere you may want to go. For freelance digital roles, it’s about being your own boss and being in charge of maintaining your relationships while out of the country – or forging new client relationship at your destination. Whatever you’re looking to do, you can likely find an opportunity that suits your wanderlust and career aspirations.

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